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How to Clean Black Grout in the Shower? (Quick Answers)

Tiles are considered one of the most commonly popular types of flooring solutions that people tend to use. However, sometimes cleaning the tiles in the bathroom can become a little bit difficult as it can accumulate black grout.

In today’s article, we will discuss how to clean black grout in the shower. 

Cleaning black grout in the shower 

Generally, shower floors are made using tiles. In addition to that, they are likely to be made of a porous composition. That is why tiles are prone to accumulate grout as a stain. However, you can easily clean them by applying baking soda paste and then spraying vinegar on them to clean black grout.

Tiles are considered one of the most common flooring solutions that people choose to decorate their kitchen and bathroom floors.

Generally, people prefer to choose tiles over any other flooring solution because it is beautiful, durable, has a variety of designs and colors.

Tiles are a perfect solution for modern homes because they are stylish and will provide your kitchen and washroom or shower floors with a modular look. In addition to that, tiles are easy to maintain.

But sometimes having grout on the shower tiles can become a matter of issue. Grout is a mixture of water, sand, and mud, which accumulate on the tiles and make them look dirty.

If you do not clean accumulated grout for a long time, it can discolor your tiles and can cause significant damage. Generally, tiles are made using a porous composition which helps them to accumulate grout inside them.

That is why it is very frequent for the kitchen and washroom floors to accumulate dirt, grime, and grout. However, it is not that difficult to clean the grout from the shower floor.

You can simply clean grout from the shower floor by using household products and a bit of effort.

Different types of grouts can accumulate on the shower floor, so you need to figure out which type of grout is it and select the materials you need to clean them.

Finally, you can easily clean accumulated grout by using household products and following the steps below:

Scrub the grout using warm water:

The first thing you need to do before you clean the black grout on the shower floor is to scrub the grout using warm water and a medium bristle brush. Using warm water will help to peel off the grout from the surface easily.

That is why pour warm water on the shower floor and scrub the floor, this will hopefully peel off a significant amount of grout. You need to use some household products to remove the stubborn grout.

Spray some vinegar:

If you notice stubborn grout stuck on the floor even after scrubbing it, you can try spraying a mixture of vinegar and warm water. In that case, you need to have equal parts of vinegar and warm water in the mixture. 

Apply a baking soda paste:

Finally, it’s time to add the most powerful cleaning solution to the surface. Now you need to add the paste of baking soda to the shower floor. After that, spray vinegar over the grout lines.

You will notice foaming from the grout lines. It indicates that the grout is coming off. Once the solution stops foaming, scrub the lines with a brush and rinse with water.

You can try using the solution frequently to clean the black grout from the shower floor very easily and maintain the beauty of the shower floor.

Is black grout easy to clean?

Generally, people prefer to use dark grout on the bathroom floor to make it look more decorative and attractive. In most cases, dark grout is chosen to apply on bathroom floors based on the tile shape, color, and texture.

In addition to that, if you prefer to use black or dark grout on the shower floor, it will help to conceal dirt and stains. As a result, dark or black grout is less likely to change its color as quickly as light-colored grout.

That is why it is highly efficient and convenient to use dark-colored grout because it doesn’t require cleaning very frequently and are easy.

However, sometimes the dark or black grout can lose its color and texture if you clean it with products that are too harsh or have harmful chemical compounds that can damage the grout and are too abrasive.

However, in most cases, the dark grout does not require frequent cleaning. That is why you can try to use dark or black grout on the shower floor.

What can I use to clean black grout? 

Black grout is usually a dark-colored grout that helps to conceal dirt and stains on the shower floor. As a result, you do not need to clean the dark grout very frequently.

In addition to that, it is efficient and convenient to use compared to the other light-colored grouts because it is less likely to change colors due to the accumulation of stains and dirt.

However, if you want to clean black grout, you can simply scrub the dirty grout using warm water and a medium bristle brush. In addition to that, you can try adding some vinegar and a warm water mixture.

Make sure that the mixture contains equal parts of vinegar and warm order. Apply baking soda paste to the grout lines and let it sit for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse away the mixture using plain water. This will help you to clean the black grout.

Why does the grout in my shower turn black? 

Tiles are considered one of the most common flooring solutions that people prefer to use to decorate the kitchen and washroom floors. Generally, it is recommended to use grout to install tiles.

Tiles are beautiful, durable, has a variety of designs and colors which makes them the most chosen flooring solution compared to the other flooring solutions available in the market.

Tiles are easy to maintain, but sometimes maintaining the tiles can become an issue as the grout lines can accumulate dirt inside of them. It is very common for the grout to turn black and make the area look dirty and stained.

Dirt is not the only reason that makes your grout turn black. Below are some common reasons that can cause the grout in the shower to turn black: 


One of the common reasons that can cause the grout to turn black is mold. There are some areas on the washroom floor that contains high moisture and humidity. This can cause the mold to develop. 

Stubborn debris: 

Sometimes strong and stubborn debris can cause the buildup of a layer of stain that can accumulate on top of the grout and make it look darker.

In that case, you regularly need to clean the grout lines so that they cannot accumulate stronger debris in them. 

Harmful cleaners: 

You should be very careful when using cleaners to clean the grout lines because some cleaners contain toxic compounds which can cause significant damage to the grout and make them turn black.

What is the best caulk for cracked grout? 

Grouting is considered one of the most essential parts of decorating your shower floors. However, grout does not hold up well in some corners of the shower floor and is highly prone to cracking and falling out.

In that case, it’s essential to use caulk in the corners of the shower floor. Generally, the breakage in grout happens when the two perpendicular floors or walls expand and contract with the temperature changes.

As a result, the grout cannot flex to those changes and cracks in the corners. One of the most commonly used caulks that will provide you with a flexible and waterproof seal on the shower floor is silicone caulk.

Generally, the caulks are recommended to use wherever the tile meets a different surface, such as a wall. Some of the best caulk for cracked grout are mentioned below:

Silicone caulk:

You can try using silicone caulk on the cracked grouts. It is highly efficient and convenient to use silicone caulks on cracked grout lines. In addition to that, it helps to sustain the temperature changes very well.

Acrylic and latex caulk:

If you want to seal and waterproof the cracked grout lines, it is highly recommended and ideal to choose acrylic and latex caulk as they will provide you with maximum sealing efficiency and convenience. 

Sanded caulk:

Sanded caulks are one of the most convenient options to use in case of sealing cracked grouts. It will help to make the corners waterproof and the surface sealed.

Final Thoughts

People prefer to choose black grout in their kitchen and bathrooms when decorating the floor with tiles. However, the grout lines can get dirty if you do not clean them frequently. The general rule to clean black grout is to scrub them using a brush, then apply baking soda and vinegar to it.