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How Much Fabric Material Do I Need for a Tie Blanket?

A tie blanket is essential during winter. Its utmost priorities are warmth and comfort. A tie blanket can be made easily even at home if you are good at sewing.

With the proper amount and quality of material for a tie blanket, you can turn your winter mornings from dull and dreadful to cozy and comfortable.

They can be made with different colors, patterns, and textures. They can enlighten a room with bright colors. If your room feels monotonous, this winter you can change that by adding a pop of colors to your bed.

So, here rises a question. How much fabric do we need for a tie blanket? If you are looking for the perfect tie blanket, following these tips and tricks will help you to get the best results.

How much fabric material do I need for a tie blanket?

Between 1.5-3 yards of fleece is needed for a tie blanket. It depends on the size the user wants. A 1.5 yards blanket will be average whereas 2 yards will be suitable for taller people. 3 yards will be great for a queen-size bed. The fleece material is expensive so needs to be purchased accordingly.

Large and full-size tie blanket:

3 yards of fleece material will be good enough for a large and full-size tie blanket. It will easily accommodate two people.

The full-size blanket can be a bit large for a single person so it is better to purchase the material according to one’s needs. It is the best fit for the queen-sized bed.

Twin-size blanket:

Also for a nice twin-size blanket, you can pick the standard 2.5-3 yards of material. It will easily accommodate two people. You can use variations in color, texture, design, and print of the material. A twin-size blanket is good enough for a queen-size bed as well.

You can sew the materials in different patterns to make a warm, colorful, and cozy twin-size blanket.

Queen size tie blanket:

2 yards of fleece material will be good enough for a queen size tie blanket. It is smaller than a twin and king-size blanket which is why comparatively less material is needed.

But it will be best if used by a single person as it might not comfortably accommodate 2 people. 2 yards will also be good for taller people who struggle to fit in regular-sized blankets.

King-size blanket:

4 yards of fleece is good enough for the king-size blanket. It is huge. However, it can accommodate up to 3 people. It is perfect in size for a small family. The material needed depends on which one of these sizes of tie blanket the user wants to make.

How much do you cut for a tie blanket?

Around 2 inches on each side is good enough. The cuts need to be straight. You do not need to worry about it being flawless; as long as the cuts are straight it will work.

4X4 square can be cut around the 4 corners. However, if you need the fringes to be longer the square needs to increase in size such as 5X5.

The cuts are very important as they determine the shape of the blanket as well as the fringes.

2 pieces of fleece 1 yard each can be used to make the tie blanket with 2 inches cut on each side and 4X4 square cuts on all four corners.

The proportion of cuts is very important while making a tie blanket as it determines the shape of the blanket. You do not want to mess up this part.

How to make a tied fleece blanket?

A tied fleece blanket can be easily made at home if one is determined enough. It provides you with the warmth and comfort that you desire in winter.

To make the perfect blanket for yourself or a gift follow these steps.

Purchasing the material:

The first step would be picking the perfect material and cutting the perfect amount. Around 1.5-3 yards of fleece is required to make a queen-size or king-size blanket.

If you are making the blanket for a single person 2 yards would be enough for the blanket to fit comfortably.


The next step would be spreading out the material and measuring how much is needed to be cut.

Cut out a square of 4X4 or 5X5 from the four corners. After that use a measuring tape to measure around 1-2 inches of the material and start cutting the fringes.

Make sure the cuts are straight even if they are not perfect.

Tying the strips:

The next step would be tying the strips of the corners together and tightening the knots. Follow this step until all the strips of the two types of materials are tied together and the knots are tightened properly.

After that stretch, the material and flatten the fleece with your hands, and then tie the strips down each side for the length of the blanket.

Finishing step:

The last step would be folding the blanket on the tied ends and turning the blanket around. After that, trim the edges of the blanket to give it a perfect finish.

You are done and your handmade fleece tie blanket is ready to protect you this winter.

How to make a tie blanket with one piece of fabric?

You need one fleece material between 1.5-3 yards to make a one-piece fabric fleece blanket. It is not much different than the two pieces fabric blanket and costs less as fleece is not cheap.

The first step would be laying the material and flattening it. After that, you need to cut the squares of area 4X4 or 5X5 depending on the size of the blanket from the four corners.

Once you are done, you need a measuring tape to measure 1-2 inches of the material and start cutting the fringes accordingly.

Once it’s done you are going to select a method of tying the fringes. There are two methods the knot and the braid. The knot method is the most common one.

Since you are using one material you need to turn each fringe into a knot. After that fold the blanket and flatten it and trim the edges. Your blanket is ready.

How to make tie blanket corners?

Cutting the tie blanket corners is a very important step. It enhances the beauty of the blanket and makes the blanket easier to be made.

It can be a bit confusing to decide how much and what shape of the corners is needed to be cut. If you have similar confusion you are in the right place.

Follow these steps to cut the perfect corners for your handmade blanket.


To make this step easier cardboard needs to be cut at an area of 4X4 or 5X5 depending on what size blanket you are making.

If you are making a king-size blanket a 5X5 area of cardboard is ideal. It will help you to cut the corner of the fleece material easily. 

Place the cardboard on corners:

The next step would be flattening the material and placing the cardboard in one corner. Cut out the materials on the corner in the shape of the cardboard.

Repeat this step in the next four corners by placing the cardboard and cutting out the materials in the shape of the cardboard.

Flatten the material:

Once you are done cutting remove the cardboard and flatten the edges. Use a measuring tape to measure the edges you have cut.

You will notice that the length and width are 4X4. It is the easiest way to make the perfect straight corners. You can also do it without the cardboard but then the edges might not be straight.

How big should a tie blanket be?

It depends on the user how big of a tie blanket is needed. If it is for a single person a normal queen-size blanket requiring 1.5-2 yards of material is enough.

However if the blanket needs to accommodate 2 people, the best option would be a king-size blanket requiring 3 yards of material.

There are 4 sizes of the blanket full size, twin size, queen size, and king size. You can make the blanket in your preferred size.

There’s also an exception for a baby blanket for a toddler. It requires only 1 yard of fleece materials and it will provide a small blanket perfect to keep your baby warm.

Final thoughts

To sum up, around 1.5-3 yards of fleece material is required to make a tie blanket depending on the size of the blanket the user requires. It can be made easily at home by following the few steps given above and it provides immense comfort and warmth during winter.