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How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Weigh? (Explained)

The flooring of a house usually reflects the choice of the owner. You can go with tile flooring as it is quite common and adding designed tiles would help to create a variation in the home. On the other hand, hardwood flooring is way more classier and more comfortable to look at. 

Following the below tips and information regarding hardwood flooring and its weight may help you to pick one for yourself. 

How much does hardwood flooring weigh?

The weight of the hardwood flooring varies with the quality of the wood used and also depends on the dimensions. The sizes may vary and so does the weight. A carton of hardwood flooring weighs 30 to 40 pounds depending on the pieces of the flooring boards. When the size varies, weight varies too.

Hardwood flooring is quite popular nowadays. It especially creates a comfort zone in the room and is also durable enough. A classy look can be given by using hardwood flooring throughout the house. The weight holding capacity of the flooring should be considered and also the price. 

A box of hardwood floors: 

Well, the hardwood floors of different woods are of different weights. Even the size of the hardwood floor would determine the weight of the floors. It may vary between 52 to 60 pounds with the varying weight of the hardwood floors. 

A pallet of hardwood floor: 

The range in which the weight of the palate of a hardwood floor exists is about 20 to 80 pounds. Well, less weighing palettes might wear faster due to quality. 

The weight would also vary depending on the quality of the wood. Moreover, the size of the wood also influences the palette weight of the hardwood floor.

A bundle of hardwood floors: 

The weight of the bundle of hardwood floors also varies with the dimension of the wood boards. The dimensions would vary and so would the quality. Usually, a bundle may be in the range of 30 to 36 pounds depending on the number of the boards. 

A carton of hardwood floor: 

Mostly hardwood floors are found in cartons. You can rather buy a carton and keep it for a long time. It would also weigh 30 to 40 pounds depending on the wooden material. The lowest a carton can weigh is 30 pounds if the boards are way too light.

A box of bruce hardwood floor: 

A single board of bruce hardwood floor would weigh almost a1.5 pounds. Acculumatingly, a box may have a weight of 32 pounds or more. The Bruce hardwood floor is solid wood that is usually used in flooring. 

How much does hardwood flooring weight per square foot?

The weight of the hardwood flooring may vary depending on the wooden material and is mostly in the range of 1.5 to 4 pounds. The weight of the hardwood flooring also depends on the size. The variations in sizes would also cause variations in the weight. 

The oak hardwood flooring usually weighs 2.8 pounds per square foot. Well, the sizes would differ. The thickness might be ¾ inches but the width and length can vary. 

Meanwhile, bruce hardwood flooring weighs 2.5 pounds where the thickness is ¾ inches. It is one of the most reliable hardwood floorings. On the other hand, maple and walnut hardwood flooring weighs 2.8 where the thickness is ¾ inches.

Apart from that, cherry hardwood flooring weighs mainly 3 pounds while Douglas fir weighs almost 30 pounds per square foot. It is apparent that the weight of every hardwood flooring is not the same. The weight would differ from each other. 

How much does 2000 square feet of hardwood flooring weigh? 

The hardwood flooring of 2000 square feet can have a weight of 6000 to 8000 pounds. Well, it mainly depends on the wooden material boards. All hardwood flooring does not have the same weight. Some woods are also better in quality and reliable. 

Meanwhile, some woods are too thin in size.

As the size of the hardwood flooring varies, the weight varies as well. Some hardwood flooring weighs only 1.5 pounds per square foot and some may weigh 3 pounds instead. When the term comes in 2000 pounds, the weight varies largely.

Though the weight varies in the range of 6000 to 8000 pounds, the weight including boxes would increase. It can also cross 9000 pounds when you consider the weight of the boxes. In the case of shipping, they would charge you the whole weight including the boxes. 

The weight would be 7000 to 9000 pounds or more than that.

Why does hardwood flooring weigh so much? 

Hardwood flooring usually weighs a lot. Even moving them becomes too tough. Once you set up the furniture, it would be tough to fix the hardwood flooring. Well, hardwood flooring is also strong as it lasts for a long time without getting affected if proper care is taken of it.

Certain reasons why hardwood flooring weighs so much are given below.


Hardwood is the wood derived from trees like oak, and maple. The density of the hardwood is the main reason why it weighs so much. The greater density of the wood makes it heavier than other softwoods and laminate woods. 


Well, the quality of the hardwood is also influenced by weight. The heavier one is likely to carry heavier weights. But they can be a bit too heavy to set up. It necessarily does not mean heavy hardwoods are better. 

Strong structure:

The hardwoods are strong and durable. Mainly, the cell structure is the main cause of why the hardwoods are so strong. The cell structure of the hardwood is complex. The cells are densely situated and also contain vessels.

Even the grains are tightly packed. As a result, the structure creates heavier weight. It is another reason why hardwood is usually heavier. Well, there is also no doubt that it lasts long and is durable due to its structure.  


The size of different hardwoods is different. Some hardwoods used are smaller in size and some are big. Most of the hardwoods are of a thickness of ¾ inches. Or else their thickness can also increase.

Even though rarely the thickness varies, the width and length may vary in different hardwoods. According to the increase and decrease in the width and length, the weight of the hardwood would also differ. 

How big are hardwood flooring boxes?

Most hardwood flooring boxes are 7 feet big. Well, the sizes of the boards also determine the size of the hardwood flooring boxes. Different hardwood flooring boards have different sizes. The size of the box would also vary according to that. 

The capacity of the boxes and the size of the boards should be compatible.

Most boxes are 7 feet in length and 85 to 87 feet in width. The length can be less than 7 inches. The thickness would vary from 3 to 4. Well, the boards are kept in bundles. Most boards are kept in the length of 7 feet but not more than that. 

It is highly appropriate to keep a box of 7 feet in length.

Meanwhile, you can also order small sizes like 1.5 feet or 2 feet. But those are too small. Better to choose larger sizes to cover the area better. 

How to calculate hardwood flooring weight?

Hardwood is solid wood that is mostly used in flooring. Well, flooring becomes safe when you use hardwood and is even classier than using tiles, but the cost may differ. Moreover, the weight of the hardwood flooring varies highly. 

You can calculate the hardwood flooring weight by the following method given below –

Measure the size:

You should first measure the size of the hardwood. The width, length, and thickness should be individually taken. Well, the size varies according to the needs. 


As we know, multiplying density by the volume gives the weight, you can follow this rule to calculate flooring weight. Volume is taken by multiplying the length, width, and thickness. Meanwhile, every wood has a different density. 

If you are using oak wood, it would have a different density than maple wood. 

Final thoughts

Overall, hardwood flooring weighs heavier and it varies with the type of hardwood used. The size of the wood also has a great influence on the weight. Moreover, hardwood flooring may weigh 1.5 to 3.5 pounds per square foot depending on the size and the type of wood that makes up it.