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How Many Curtain Panels for a Sliding Glass Door? (Answered)

Even though sliding glass doors, known as the sliders are now a new favorite in most households due to their little requirement of floor space.

And this obviously doesn’t lessen the need for curtain panels, thus, wanting to know “how many curtain panels for a sliding glass door” indeed would be your query. 

Thereafter, let’s not wait anymore and read ahead to get answers to your all queries regarding this topic. 

How Many Curtain Panels For A Sliding Glass Door?

A standard sliding glass which is about 60”-72” wide requires 2 curtain panels for a basic coverage but if a layered look is desired, then 4 curtain panels are needed. But if the slider is more than 72” wide, for a basic coverage 3 curtain panels and for a pleated look 6 curtain panels are required.

After adding a sliding glass door to the home, covering it perfectly with desired curtain look is necessary as well.

And the perfect coverage with a preferred curtain look relies on the right number of curtain panels one will be needing to cover the sliding glass door. 

Since most typical sliding glass doors have a width between 60-72 inches, so a maximum of two curtain panels are required for a sliding glass door to give it a very basic coverage with curtains.

However, if someone wants to have a pleated and layered curtain look on a standard sliding glass door, then the correct number of curtain panels is four to achieve this look. 

Moreover, know that a sliding door’s width isn’t limited between 60-72 inches, as sliding glass doors can be wider than 72 inches standard sliding glass doors.

Thus, if anyone has a sliding glass door that is more than 72 inches wide, three curtain panels are recommended to use for giving a basic coverage.

And if a nice pleated curtain look is desired, then a total of six curtain panels are needed and suggested for such a wide sliding glass door. 

Remember that sliding glass doors can be wider than 96 inches as well depending on your home’s area and your preferences. In this case, at least four or more curtain panels are recommended to use to get the wanted basic coverage. 

What Size Curtain Panel For Sliding Glass Door?

The correct size of the curtain panel for the sliding glass door is mainly determined by the sliding glass door’s size.

Therefore, knowing the dimensions of your sliding glass door is the most essential thing as it will be determining the curtain panel’s width and height. 

So first measure the sliding glass door and then you can choose curtain panels of the exact same size or two-three times bigger sized if you want plusher-looking curtains on your sliding glass door. 

How To Measure A Sliding Glass Door For Curtain Panels?

Measuring the sliding glass door is the most essential and first thing to do when you are curtain panels for it. Therefore, below an easy step-by guide is added that will direct you and others to measure a sliding glass door correctly. 

Measure The Height Of The Door:

Start measuring a sliding glass door for curtain panels by measuring the height of the door and it’s the first thing you are required to do. 

If you already have a curtain rod installed there, take a measurement tape and measure the upright height from the curtain rod to the floor so that you can get the distance between where you will hang the curtain panels and the floor. 

In this case, you don’t have to add any extra inches to the height of the door. 

However, if you don’t have a curtain rod installed, you will be needing to add an extra 3” from above and 1” below the sliding glass door’s frame.

It’s because probably you will go for an 80” high standard sliding glass door, and adding these extra 4” from above and below will make a total of 84” that will make extra room for the curtain rod to be installed above. 

Measure The Width Of The Door: 

After noting the height, now measure and note the width of a sliding glass door for curtain panels. 

If you are wanting a sliding glass door with a typical width of 60” or 5 feet,  then add an additional 4” to the curtain panel’s width measurement and make it 64”.

And if you want a sliding glass door with 72” or 6 feet width which is also a standard width for slider, increase the width by adding 4” to each side more and make the total width 80”.

Adding an extra 4” to each side will leave a bit of an overhang that will let you push curtains back conveniently from your doorway. 

However, in case you want to have a larger sliding glass door that crosses the standard width which is between 60”-72”, you have to add at least 12” extra (6 inches to each side) so that curtains can be pushed back conveniently.

Combine The Height And Width Of The Door: 

Now that you have gotten the height and width, combine the measurements and there you will get the perfect measurement of a sliding glass door for curtain panels. 

What Kind Of Curtain For Sliding Glass Door?

To help you find your desired concept for your home’s sliding door, some of the popular sliding glass door curtain ideas and tips for selecting the best curtain for sliding glass doors have been shared below. 

Single Panel:

If your sliding glass door is a small one with just 5 feet width or you have any particular rod which doesn’t require any center post, a single panel curtain is the best one in this case. 

Blackout curtains can be one of your options as these curtains are simple and not only will give the room a break from constant bright sunlight, but also will trap cool air in the summer. 

Sheer curtains are the another popular choice if you like natural light to enter your home through the sliding glass door while maintaining your privacy. 

Traditional Two Panel: 

In case you are having a slide glass door with standard height and width then go for traditional two-panel curtains. Blackout, semi-sheer, sheer, colorful, or printed any two-panel curtains will suit the sliding glass door. 

Layered Curtains: 

If you want a pleated and fuller look or if your sliding glass door is wider than the standard width, using layered curtains is a great way to cover your sliding glass door. 

You can combine two or more pairs of traditional two-panel blackout curtains underneath with sheer curtains in front so that you can have additional light control as per your need for privacy.

Besides, using layered curtains for sliding glass door looks functional yet designer. 

Vertical Cellular Shades: 

Vertical cellular shades are a great option if you want an inexpensive yet functional window treatment for your sliding glass door.

The honeycomb-like the texture of vertical cellular shades will provide sufficient insulation in your home by trapping cool air in the summer and keeping warm in winter. 

Sliding Panel Shades: 

The sliding panel shades aka panel track blinds are a chic and unique window treatment for sliding glass doors.

These sliding panel shades are open from side to side like vertical cellular shades, but they have larger panels instead of narrower slats. Also, they are eco-friendly and made of bamboo, reed, wood, and grass.

Pull Down:

Pull-down or roll-down shades are a traditional window treatment for a sliding glass door. You can easily use them just by mounting the shades up over door’s frame. 


Valances are a stylish way of hiding sliding glass door’s curtain rods or hanging hardware. And they will provide you with privacy as well. 

What Size Curtain Do You Need For A Sliding Glass Door?

The size of curtain you need for a sliding glass door depends on the size of a sliding glass door, since it can come in both standard size and in a larger size than the standard size. 

If you are having a standard 72” wide sliding door, you will be needing two curtain panels, each curtain should be 40” wide and 84” long in total so that you can have push the curtains conveniently from the side and have room for installing curtain rod.

In case of double fullness, you will be needing 80” wide and 84” long curtains.

For 4 curtain panels, each curtain should be 20” wide and 84” long. If you want double fullness, each curtain has to be 40” wide and 84” long. 

Final Thoughts 

A sliding glass door of 60-72” width will be needing 2 curtain panels to have a basic coverage and 4 curtain panels for having a plusher curtain look. But if the sliding glass door is wider than 72”, then 3 curtain panels will give basic coverage and 6 curtain panel will give a fuller coverage.