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How Long Does Tile Paint Take to Dry? (Quick Answers)

We paint tiles to protect tiles from wear and tear. So, painting makes the tiles durable and long-lasting. Moreover, painting hides the corroded and ugly surfaces. So, painting the tiles has a lot of benefits. But when painting the tiles, you should paint them before it rains or comes close to water.

So, you might be confused about how long tile paint takes to dry. You have to know the drying time to dry the painted tiles within a specific time. Moreover, learning about making the drying time faster and factors of drying time are also essential.

Tile paint drying time

Generally, tile paint takes one to four hours to dry. You will feel touch dry after one hour. But if you want to apply a second coat, you should do it after 4 hours. But after 4 hours, you can’t use the tile surface. You must allow the surface to cure completely for seven days.

However, tile paint can be of different types. Each paint might take a different time to dry. So, let’s see how long these tile paints take to dry.

Floor tile paint:

Floor tile paint takes at least 6 to 8 hours to dry. Generally, most oil-based floor tile paint takes this time. But if you want to apply a second coat, you must wait at least 24 hours. Otherwise, the underlying first coat will chip away.

If you can dry the oil-based floor tile paint for sufficient time, the paint will be highly durable. So, you should wait 24 hours to dry and cure the paint entirely.

Ronseal tile paint:

Ronseal tile paint will be touch dry within 1 to 2 hours. But this time is not enough to dry the tile paint completely. Even after 2 hours, you should not apply a second coat. If you want to coat the Ronseal tile for the second time, you should do it after 24 hours.

Wilko tile paint:

Wilko tile paint will take 12 hours to dry completely. You might feel a touch dry before this time. But 12 hours is the minimum time you should allow the paint to dry. But if the temperature is low, the tile paint will take more time to dry.

V33 tile paint:

V33 tile paint takes a longer time to dry. This tile paint needs 72 hours to dry completely. Generally, this tile paint requires a minimum of two coats to be durable. After 72 hours, the paint will dry well and be long-lasting on the tile surface.

Bathroom tile paint:

Bathroom tile paint will touch dry within one hour. But that doesn’t mean the tile paint is dried thoroughly. You should allow 24 hours to dry and cure the paint. Otherwise, you can’t put a second coat on the first coat. So, bathroom tile paint will take 24 hours to dry completely.

Rustoleum tile paint:

Rustoleum tile paint will take 24 hours to dry. After 24 hours, you can apply a second coat. But if the weather is cold, the paint will take longer to dry. Moreover, if the humidity is more than average, the paint will take more time to dry.

Tub and tile paint:

Tub and tile paint will take one hour to dry. This paint is pretty fast drying. After one hour, you can apply the second coat. But the surface is not fully cured after an hour. You should keep the surface to cure for three days before exposing it to water.

How long before you can walk on painted tiles?

You can’t walk on painted tiles just after drying the painted tile surface. Because the painted tile surface is not cured enough. Generally, most tile paints take three days to cure completely.

So, if you want to walk on painted tiles, you must wait at least three days. Sometimes, the paint may dry within a couple of hours. But if you walk on the dried paint, the paint might chip off from the surface.

The paint might need more time to cure if the weather is cold. For example, you should wait at least seven days to cure the painted tiles in cold weather. Moreover, you must ensure that the surface doesn’t come close to water or moisture.

But the surface gets water or moisture before curing for a sufficient time; the paint will not be durable. So, you must allow curing time before walking on painted tiles.

Four factors that affect the tile paint dry time

Now that you know the drying time of tile paint can be different for different factors, you might want to know the elements. So, let’s see the factors that affect the tile paint dry time.


Temperature plays an essential role in the drying time of the tile paint. Generally, the more the temperature, the quicker the paint will dry. So, if the temperature is low, the tile paint will take longer to dry.

Moreover, the temperature is also related to sunlight. If the is more sunlight or you paint in the daytime, the paint will dry fast.


Humidity is another factor that affects the tile paint’s drying time. If the humidity is more than average, the tile paint will take longer to dry. But if the humidity is less, the paint will dry fast.


Ventilation helps to make the drying process faster. If there is enough ventilation while painting the tiles, the paint will dry quickly. But if there is no ventilation, the paint will take time to dry.

Applying process:

Applying process also varies the tile paint’s drying time. For example, if you apply only one coat of tile paint, the paint might take less time to dry. But if you use multiple coats of paint, the final drying will take time.

Moreover, if you use a brush to paint the tile, it will take longer to dry. On the other hand, spray paint will dry faster.

Does heat make tile paint dry faster?

Yes, heat makes tile paint dry faster. Because when you apply heat to a tile paint, the heat will evaporate the water inside the paint. This process will help to dry the surface faster. Moreover, if you apply heat, it will circulate the air to dry the paint faster.

Heat will cause the air moves and pulls away moisture from the paint. That’s why warmer weather is better for fast drying the tile paint.

When the weather is cold, heat can’t perform these jobs. So, the paint has to dry on its own. For this, the paint takes a long time to dry. So, heat makes the tile paint dry faster.

How to make tile paint to dry faster?

Now that you know some factors affect tile paint’s drying time, you can control those factors. By controlling the factors, you can make tile paint to dry faster. So, let’s see how you can make tile paint to dry faster.

Make the underlying surface clean and dry:

First, you must ensure that the tile surface is clean and dry. Because an unclean and wet surface will not keep the paint on the surface. The paint will not be durable.

Choose a fast-drying paint:

Then you can choose a fast-drying paint so that the paint might dry quickly. For example, you can apply tub and tile paint that will dry fast.

Choose a better weather:

You can paint the tiles during the daytime so that it gets sunlight and heat. Moreover, don’t paint the tiles on a rainy day or in cold weather.

Provide ventilation:

You can provide ventilation to the painted tile surface. Moreover, you can place a fan near the painted surface. This will allow the surface to dry faster.

Final Thoughts

Tile paint doesn’t take a too long time to dry. Generally, tile paints dry within six to eight hours. But some paints might take a little bit longer time. After drying, the painted tiles need to be cured. Factors like temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc., can affect the drying time.