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How Long Does Pool Paint Take to Dry? (Explained)

Generally, we paint pools so that the paint can protect the pool surface. Pools are constantly in touch with water, chlorine, and weather conditions. 

So, it becomes necessary to paint the pool. But when filling the pool with water, the painted pool must be dry before adding water.

So, you might be confused about how long pool paint takes to dry. You must know about different pool paints and their drying time. Otherwise, water can wash away the pool paint. Moreover, learning about the application process of pool paint is also essential.

Pool paint drying time

Generally, pool paint takes 2 to 8 hours to dry. But the time varies for different types of paints. Moreover, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and other parameters also affect the drying time of pool paint. Besides, you must allow curing time before adding water to the pool.

However, different paints are available to use in pools. Each painting has different characteristics. So, the drying time of these paints will also be different. Let’s see how much time these pool paints will take to dry.

Epoxy pool paint:

Epoxy pool paint takes a longer time to dry. Generally, epoxy pool paint can take seven days to dry. So, you can’t add water before the drying time. Otherwise, the paint might wash away. You have to wait at least one week.

Sometimes, the weather conditions delay the drying time. For example, if the weather is cold, the drying time can be up to two weeks. Moreover, humidity in the air will delay the drying time. Otherwise, epoxy pool paint is supposed to dry within seven days.

Dyco pool paint:

Dyco pool paint will take at least 8 hours to dry. But this doesn’t mean you can add water to this pool after 8 hours.

Eight hours is the minimum time of drying for applying another coat. If you want to use multiple coats of Dyco pool paint, you must wait 8 hours before applying the second coat.

However, the drying time will vary according to the temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions.

Acrylic pool paint:

Acrylic pool paint will take 4 hours to dry. After 4 hours, you can apply a second coat. If the pool is outdoor, you have to wait three days so that the paint might cure. But if the pool is indoor, you have to wait at least six days.

Moreover, when you want to add water to the pool, you have to wait another day to let the paint cure. Otherwise, the paint will not be durable. 

Pool deck paint:

Pool deck paint generally takes 8 hours to dry. After this time, you can apply another coat. But if you want to add water, you must wait at least 24 hours. Moreover, different weather conditions can delay the drying time.

Rubber pool paint:

Rubber pool paint will also take seven days to dry completely. You might feel that the paint has been dried. But you can’t add water until the paint is dried and cured. Moreover, outdoor pool painting might decrease rubber pool paint drying time.

Is pool paint quick dry?

Generally, whether pool paint is quick to dry depends on the paint type. But most pool paints take more time to dry. Because pool paint has to be durable. Pool paint should stick to the surface firmly since this paint is close to water all the time.

That’s why the drying time and curing time of pool paint are much longer than other paints. Some pool paints can take up to 2 weeks to dry. Moreover, you must wait one or two more days to cure the paint.

If you don’t allow enough time to dry, the paint will not be durable and wash away. That’s why enabling sufficient time is essential. Moreover, how fast the paint will dry depends on the location of the pool.

Generally, the outdoor pool will take three days to dry the paint. But indoor pool paint will take up to 7 days. Because indoor pool paint is not under direct sunlight and has less temperature.

How long for pool paint to dry before filling?

Pool paint should be dried for seven days before filling with water. You might think that some paint can dry within a couple of hours. But only drying is not sufficient for filing the pool paint with water. The paint must be cured for enough time before filling.

Some paint might dry within 4 to 8 hours. Then you can fill the pool with water after one or two days. But if the paint takes seven days to dry, you should wait another 7 days before filling the pool.

So, it depends on the type of paint. Drying time also depends on the temperature, humidity, and weather conditions. So, you have to consider these factors before filling the pool.

If all these conditions are normal, you can fill the pool with water after seven days of painting the pool.

Four factors that affect the pool paint dry time

Now that you know pool paints can take different times to dry, you might want to know the affecting factors. So, let’s see some factors that affect the pool paint dry time.

Type of paint:

The main factor that affects the drying time of pool paint is the type of paint. If you choose fast-drying pool paint, the paint will dry soon. On the other hand, selecting a slow-drying paint will delay the drying time.


Temperature is another critical factor that affects the pool paint drying time. Because when the temperature is high, the pool paint will dry soon. But when the temperature is low, the paint will take longer to dry.

In the daytime, the temperature is more, so the paint will dry soon at daylight. But paint will take more time to dry at night at low temperatures.


Humidity also plays an important role. If the humidity is more in the air, the pool paint will take time to dry. But the paint will dry soon if the humidity is average or low.


Ventilation also affects the pool paint drying time. If there is enough ventilation, it will make the drying time faster. For example, indoor pool paint will take more time to dry because ventilation is less inside. But outdoor pool paint will dry soon for sufficient ventilation.

What if it rains after painting the pool?

What will happen if it rains after painting the pool depends on the dryness of the paint. The rain will not affect the painted pool if the paint has dried and cured well after painting.

Some pool paints are fast drying. These paints will not be affected by rain. But if the pool paint is not dried or cured completely, rain might wash away the paint. The pool paint might get dissolved in the rainwater.

Sometimes, the paint might chip off the surface. So, the pool paint will not be durable. So, the condition of the painting pool will depend on the dryness of the paint. A good set-up and dried painted pool will be okay if it rains after painting the pool.

How do you dry pool paint?

Generally, pool paint will dry according to its type and the weather condition. But if you want to dry the pool paint faster, you must follow some processes. Let’s see how you can dry the pool paint.

Choose an appropriate time:

It would be best if you painted the pool during the daytime because the daytime will provide more temperature. Moreover, start painting on a sunny day.

Choose a fast-drying paint:

Next, you have to start painting the pool with fast-drying paint. Choose a fast-drying paint that will dry within a couple of hours. So, the paint will dry and cure within one or two days.

Provide ventilation:

If the pool is indoor, open all the doors and windows to let the pool get ventilation. This will help dry the paint quickly.

Use a fan and humidifier:

You can use some fans and a humidifier in the pool while painting. This will pass dry air to the painted surface and help dry the pool paint faster.

Final Thoughts

How long pool paint will take to dry depends on the type of paint. Fast-drying pool paint will dry the painted surface within one or two hours. But some paints can take up to 8 hours to dry. If the temperature is low and humidity is high, the paint will take more time to dry.