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How Long Does Jalapeno Burn Last? (Quick Answers)

Cutting a jalapeno bare hand can cause much pain on the skin. As jalapeno burn can cause severe discomfort, you may wonder what it takes to stop the pain, and most importantly, how long does jalapeno burn lasts. Let’s explore it.

How long does jalapeno burn last?

On average, jalapeno burn on the skin can last for 72 hours. Based on the intensity of the capsaicin oil and the amount it has penetrated the skin, the burn can last longer. Although time can heal the burn, it is best to use appropriate cleaning agents to reduce the burn and its intensity.

Jalapeno burn can last differently on different parts of the body, as each has different sensitivity and capacity to take heat.

On lips:

Jalapeno burn can last hours on lips. Due to consuming jalapeno while eating, if lips contact jalapeno, it can lead to an extensive burn on lips. As lips are sensitive and jalapeno has an acute effect on the skin, eating lactogen base food can reduce the burn.

In nose:

Usually, any outer skin part can undergo jalapeno burn for 24-72 hours. As the nose has higher sensitive nerves, the effect of capsaicin oil can last longer in the nose. Applying yogurt and sour cream to the nose can eventually reduce the burn duration.

In mouth:

The mouth can tolerate jalapeno burn most effectively. The chemical reaction of capsaicin oil to break happens a lot faster in the mouth. As a result, unlike other body parts, jalapeno burn can last only a few hours in the mouth.

On hands:

Cutting jalapeno without any gloves can lead to direct contact with the hand, and it can cause jalapeno to burn on the hand. Usually, the jalapeno on hand can last 24 to 72 hours. Rinsing with soap and using fatty acids can reduce the duration.

On skin:

Jalapeno burn can last 2 to 3 days on the skin. The duration can vary based on the intensity of the capsaicin oil and the amount that penetrates the skin. Extensively cleaning the skin can stop the burn slowly and relieve pain completely.

Why does my hand hurt after cutting jalapenos?

Cutting jalapeno bare hand can expose your hand to capsaicin oil in jalapeno. If capsaicin oil penetrates your skin and contacts your nervous system, it will send a signal of extensive pain.

Jalapeno affected area feels like that part of the hand has caught on fire. This is because the capsaicin oil sends nervous systems a signal similar to the one felt at a high temperature.

Jalapeno and other chili peppers contain capsaicin oil. This oil is the main reason for jalapeno and other peppers to be spicy in taste.

Jalapeno-affected skin feels the burn. If it gets to penetrate the skin, they feel much worse. A jalapeno burn can last as long as days and even weeks.

That is why many advise wearing gloves while cutting jalapeno as the oil can access the skin and under our nails otherwise.

Will jalapeno burn go away on its own? Will jalapeno hands go away?

It is not uncommon for people to use and apply many things to stop a jalapeno burn. As jalapeno burn is very acute, people can hardly tolerate such a condition.

Jalapeno burns can exist in the affected area for days. Although reduced, they can still remain under the skin and hurt from time to time.

However, the burn can go away on its own after a while. But as the process requires a long time, people use different materials to fasten up the process.

So, yes. Jalapeno hands will go away. But if not treated, it will take a long time, and the burn will last long.

But if using different materials, such as olive oil, lard and other fatty acids, they can break the jalapeno and can easily be rinsed off from the hand.

Does aloe help pepper burns? Does mustard help jalapeno burns?

Yes, aloe helps pepper burns. Aloe has a very good and efficient effect on pepper burns. Applying on pepper burnt skin will break the pepper oil and stop it from penetrating further deep. So, aloe can be used to reduce pepper burn.

Yes, jalapeno burns can be treated with mustard. Mustard usually has a higher thickness and fatty texture. If applied on a jalapeno hand, it will break the chemical condition on the hand and will allow you to get rid of the burn in a small amount of time.

What can stop jalapeno from burning skin?

Jalapeno burns can be stopped with various ingredients.

Olive oil:

can be found in the kitchen commonly. If applied to the jalapeno affected area immediately, it will stop the capsaicin oil from penetrating the skin.


Its high thickness and animal fat work very well to break the jalapeno oil. Its thick layer will stop the oil from accessing our nervous system.

Hand washes:

Their natural alkalinity works very efficiently to reduce the burn. As alkaline will break the capsaicin oil to get clean, reduced oil will cause little discomfort.

Dish wash:

Dishwashers have a greater effect on jalapeno oils, among other soap-based ingredients. Dish washes can be used again and again so that as much as the jalapeno oil can be removed.


Yogurt and other milk-based products have a proven effect. Lactogen works effectively to get mixed with capsaicin oil to break the oil and reduce its effects.


Alcohol can be an effective solution to reduce jalapeno burns. As they are great as a cleaning agent, they can stop and reduce jalapeno burns on the skin.

The ingredients mentioned above can reduce the burn and cannot stop the burn right away or permanently.

How do you neutralize jalapeno burn on skin?

It is not unknown that jalapeno burns on the skin cause acute pain. To get the burn to stop and reduce its intensity, many people try different methods; some of them work, and some do the opposite. To neutralize the jalapeno burn, you can try this method as follows –

Apply olive oil: 

You should apply olive oil immediately to the affected area. Olive oil will get mixed with the capsaicin oil quickly. It will also prevent capsaicin oil from entering your skin.

Rinse off with Dish wash:

Dish wash is a great alkaline product to clean oil-based products from the skin. Rub dish wash to clean both olive oil and capsaicin oil. You have to do it quickly to remove the jalapeno burn as fast as possible.

Clean with alcohol:

Alcohol is famous for cleaning small molecules. 

As cleaning with dish wash can still leave some oil molecules in the skin pores, you should apply alcohol on the skin and use a napkin to clean the area and rub to get rid of the oils as much as you can.

Rinse again:

You can use dish wash or hand wash to rinse off the oil and alcohol again. The more you are, the more it will help the burn to get stopped.

Allow some time: It is unlikely that jalapeno burns to be neutralized instantly. Many things can reduce the burn, but you should wait for a while to act on them properly.

How long does capsaicin burn last?

A capsaicin burn can occur due to the penetration of capsaicin oil into our skin. Depending on the depth the oil has reached, the burn is felt more vigorously and lasts longer. Capsaicin oil penetrated into our system. Tricks our brain to feel pain.

If nothing is applied to the capsaicin affected area, the burn will last longer. The duration of the burn can be minutes, hours and even days. This duration depends on the capsaicin content, how quickly the oil was removed and the measures taken.

If done nothing, an average capsaicin burn can last from 24 hours up to 72 hours. Some pepper burns can last longer as well.

To reduce the burn duration, washing hands with a hand wash and dishwasher can be useful. Fatty acids, oil, lard and alcohol show great performance to reduce the pain and its duration.

Final Thoughts

Jalapeno burn can cause acute pain and discomfort, and usually, it takes 2-3 days to stop the burn and even more to go away permanently. There is no remedy to stop the pain immediately. But there are cleaning agents and methods that can be used to reduce the intensity and the duration of the burn.