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How Long Does Interior Paint Take to Dry? (Explained)

The outlook and environment of your living room often affect your mood and energy. Painting your room is the best way to change your vibe, and It’s pretty DIYable with some research and patience. But how long will it take, and how long does it take to dry the paint? 

This article will explain all the essential information about the painting, especially drying, recoating, and curing time.

How long does interior paint take to dry?

Generally, latex or water-based paints take one hour to dry, and you can apply the second coat after four hours, and the color will entirely cure within 2-to 3 weeks. On the other hand, Oil-based paints need 6-8 hours to dry, and the second coat can be applicable after 24 hours. 

Painting walls seems pretty easy to see, but take my words, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are many things to learn before you start painting your walls. It’s very easy to become frustrated and apply another coat before time and warp up the painting.

But that’s not how it works. Painting is a form of art, and patience is key to getting a good outcome. You may think that applying the same color is easy, but it’s not that straightforward. You need to apply all the paint evenly and apply the second coat within the correct time. 

There are two types of paints, and each paint has a different drying time. Some factors also affect the drying time, and by knowing them, you can control the drying time.

Before explaining paint drying, here are some confusing terms new painters need to know. The primary drying of paint is called dry to the touch. It defines that the paint is not wet and is dried primarily.

But the “drying time” refers to the time you have to wait between coats. It is also called repaint time. 

The last term is curing time. It refers to the time a paint needs to cure and be ready to use for everyday use.

Latex is water-based paint, and it takes one hour to become dry to the touch, but you need to wait another 3 hours to repaint the walls. Usually, two coats are enough for painting a wall. The first coat is called the base coat, and the second coat is called the final coat. 

You may need to apply more coats if you are painting on a dark surface. Latex paints have 2-3 weeks of curing time.

Stay out of your house for at least three days while keeping the window open for ventilation. Fresh paint releases toxic fumes, which can be dangerous to health.

Oil paints need 6-8 hours to dry to the touch. But you will have to wait for 24 hours before reapplying for the paint. Oil paint needs time to dry, but it cures faster than water-based paints. Oil paints are an excellent choice for long-lasting shine and smoothness.

Some factors affect the drying time, and you also need to choose a good time to paint your house interior. Humidity in the air affects the paint drying time of both latex and oil paints. 

The drying time also depends on how you apply the coat. Naturally, thick coats will need more time to dry, while thin coats will take less time to dry. Paint rollers can help you apply light and even paint coats smooth and fast.

We will discuss more the factors affecting the drying time of interior paints. Check out the drying time of different types of interior paints.

Interior latex paint: 

Interior latex paint needs 1 hour to dry to the touch, 4 hours for repaint and 2-3 weeks to cure.

Interior house paint: 

Latex paints are mainly used for house paints, and it dries within 4 hours.

Interior acrylic paint: 

Interior acrylic paint takes two hours to dry and 7 hours to cure. 

Interior oil paint: 

Interior oil paints need 6-8 hours to dry and 7-10 days to cure.

Interior semi gloss paint: 

Interior semi gloss paint dries within 2 hours, and it needs 12 hours to cure.

Interior door paint: 

Wooden doors have a shorter drying time. The drying type depends on what kind of paint you are using.

Interior flat paint: 

Interior flat paint will dry within one hour, but it needs 2-3 weeks of curing time.

Satin interior paint: 

Satin interior paint has 3 hours of drying time in a normal condition.

How long does behr interior paint take to dry?

Behr interior paint needs five to seven hours to dry to the touch, and it needs 2 hours before you can reapply another coat. That drying time happens when the temperature is 25 degrees C, and the humidity is around 50% in a well-ventilated room. 

The drying time can always differ depending on the environmental factors.

How long does interior paint need to dry between coats?

The time needed for interior paint to dry between coats can differ by various factors. First, different types of paints have different reapply times. Such as, you will have to wait  4 hours before you can apply the second coat. 

In comparison, oil paint needs 24 hours before applying the second coat. You must wait between the coats if or else the texture of the coating will be uneven. 

4 factors that affect the interior paint dry time

Many factors significantly affect the drying time of paint in your room. Those factors can dramatically increase and decrease the drying time of your color. You can control some factors and wait for the right time to paint your house interior to get an advantage from those factors. 

Check out the following points.

Types of paint you choose:

It’s the most obvious one. Different types of paint have different drying times. Latex-based colors take less time to dry and more time to cure. In contrast, oil-based paints take more time to dry and less time to cure. 

Other types of paints are not as frequently used as latex and oil paints.


Humidity has a significant role in the drying time of your interior paint. Humidity refers to how much water molecule is there in the air, and when the humidity is high in the air, the air can carry less water, leading to a slower drying time.

When the air humidity is less, it can carry more water molecules from a surface, resulting in faster drying. Start painting your house interior when the humidity is less than 50%. 


Even if you are painting indoors, the weather directly affects the drying time of your painting. The humidity level depends on the weather. Humidity reaches the highest in the rain. Too hot and too cold days are not suitable for painting your interior. 

50 to 85 degrees F temperature is suitable for the latex paint, while 40 to 90 degrees F is suitable for painting oil paint.


Proper ventilation is essential for fast drying. The air inside the room needs to be continuously replaced to reduce the drying time. Keep all the doors and windows open. A fan can boost the ventilation process.

How long does wall paint take to dry?

An interior wall painted with latex paint needs 4 hours to dry, while the same wall needs 24 hours to dry if you paint with oil paint. However, it also depends on the wall. If the wall is made of new wood, it will take less time to dry. 

If the wall has previous oil paint, the drying time will increase.

Open doors and windows and add a fan to enhance the drying speed. Keep the elder and children away from the painting room.

How can you make interior paint dry faster?

So you want to make your interior paint dry faster? That’s possible but don’t neglect the health concerns in a rush. Wear gloves, a respirator, and protective eyewear no matter what type of paint you are using. 

It’s better to be out of the freshly painted house before the paint cures or at least wait three days if that’s not possible. Here are some tips to make interior paint dry faster.

Apply thick layer:

Apply a thick layer, so the paint dries faster.

Let the air flow:

Open all windows and doors, so air ventilates well inside your house.

Check the humidity level:

Check the humidity level before starting. If the humidity is 50% or less, it’s a great day for painting.

Add a fan:

Add a fan to make the air move in the room, which will help to dry the paints faster.

Zirconium, manganese, and other:

Zirconium, manganese, and other products help oil paint dry faster.

Final Thoughts 

The drying time of interior paint depends on which paint you are using and some other environmental factors. Oil paints need 6-8 hours for initial drying and 24 hours for a repaint, while latex-based paints need one hour for initial drying, and after four hours, you can apply a second coat.