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How Long Does Fence Paint Take to Dry? (Explained)

We paint the fence to protect the fence wood. Moreover, painting makes the fences look good. We often paint fences so that the fences might not look dull. But when it comes to painting fences, we might think about drying the fence.

However, you might be confused about how long fence paint takes to dry. You must know about the drying time so that the fences dry before the rain. Otherwise, the painted fences might release paint, and the wood may get damped. Moreover, knowing about different types of paints and the painting process are essential.

How long does fence paint take to dry?

Generally, most fence paints take six to eight hours to dry. But how long fence paint will dry depends on the type of paint. Moreover, temperature, humidity, weather, etc., influence drying. Moreover, multiple coats, less sunlight, etc., can delay the drying process.

However, fence paints are available in different types. For example, Ronseal one coat fence paint, Cuprinol fence paint, Water-based fence paint, etc., are some types of paint. Some paints might be enough with one coat. Some paints might need multiple coats.

Even some paints are fast drying. So, you have to know details about different types of paints. So, let’s see how long these fence paints take to dry.

Ronseal one coat fence paint:

Generally, Ronseal one coat of fence paint takes 4 hours to dry. This paint is so effective that it requires only one effective coat. But if you want to make the paint more durable, you can apply multiple coats.

But after the first coat, it will be fully waterproof. So, this paint is economical and cost-effective. Moreover, this paint dries pretty faster than most other fence paint. But if the temperature is low, the paint will take more time to dry.

If you want to paint the garden fence paint, you can use Ronseal one coat fence paint. This paint is pretty good in quality.

Cuprinol fence paint:

Cuprinol fence paint is another famous paint. This fence paint is renowned for its fast-drying characteristic. Cuprinol fence paint takes only 2 to 4 hours to dry. Even it can dry within one hour. Moreover, after drying, this paint becomes waterproof quickly.

But the drying time can be different according to the weather condition. If the weather is cold, it will take time to dry. But if the temperature is average, this paint will be dry within 2 hours.

Unlike Ronseal, this paint requires at least two coats. One coat might be enough. But if you want to make the paint more durable, it will be better to use multiple coats.

Water-based fence paint:

Water-based fence paint takes four to six hours to dry. Generally, a water-based fence takes a little longer time than the Ronseal and Cuprinol fence paint. But this paint is also qualityful and durable on fence wood.

Generally, we paint a fence to protect the fence wood from rain and other weather condition. So, water-based paint does this job very well. You can apply multiple coats if you want to make water-based paint durable on a fence.

But if the temperature is low, the paint will take more time to dry. Moreover, if the humidity is more than usual, the paint will take more time to dry. So, weather conditions can vary the drying time of water-based fence paint.

Will fence paint dry in cold weather?

Fence paint will dry in moderately cold weather. But the drying process will be slower than in average weather. Generally, cold weather takes more time to dry the paint than average.

For example, if a paint takes 4 hours to try in the typical weather, it will take 6 to 8 hours to dry in cold weather. But if the temperature is freezing, the fence paint will not dry. So, the cold weather significantly impacts the fence paint’s drying time.

When you want to paint the fences, you should consider the weather condition. If the weather is too cold, you should not paint the fences. But if the weather is moderately cold, you can paint the fences and wait a little longer to let the fences dry.

How long does fence paint need to dry before rain?

For most fence paints, the paint should dry for 4 to 6 hours before the rain. Generally, it depends on the type of paint and how much time it will need to dry. For example, latex paint might dry within 4 hours before the rain.

But oil-based paint will take a longer time to dry. For example, oil-based paint will take 12 to 14 hours to dry. Moreover, the weather condition has effects on drying time.

If the weather is cold, the fence paint will take more time to dry before the rain. But it would be best if you allowed at least 6 hours so the paint can dry moderately.

How long should fence paint sit before the second coat?

Fence paint needs to sit well before the second coat. Otherwise, the first coat will chip away with the second coat. Generally, the fence paint should sit for 4 to 12 hours before the second coat.

This time range is long because the drying time depends on different factors. For example, water-based paint will dry soon. Then you can apply the second coat. But the oil-based paint will take time to dry. So, you have to wait longer before the second coat.

Moreover, if the weather is cold, you have to wait longer than the typical weather. That’s why the drying time before the second coat varies.

How to make fence paint dry faster?

Now that you know different paint’s drying times, you might want to make the process faster. So, let’s see how you can make the fence paint dry more quickly.

Use fast-drying paint:

The easiest way to make the drying time faster is using a fast-drying fence paint. If you choose fast-drying paint, the paint will dry fast automatically. For example, you can use water-based paint on the fence.

Paint at daytime:

You can paint the fences in the daytime. Because at night, the temperature falls. At low temperatures, the fence paints take more time to dry. So, if you can paint in the daytime, the sunlight and high temperatures will help the drying process make faster.

Use fan and humidifier:

You can use fans to make the drying process faster. You can turn on fans in the areas where you are painting the fences. Moreover, you can use a humidifier. If you turn on the humidifier and fan, the dry air will pass through the painting surfaces. So the paint will dry faster.

How long should a fence dry before painting?

When you want to paint a fence, the fence wood needs to be dry entirely. Otherwise, the paint will not sit properly on the wood surface. You have to allow the fence wood to dry for enough time.

It would be best if you dried the fence at least 24 hours before painting. This will make the wood surface ready to paint on it. Thus the paint will adhere to the wood surface.

Final Thoughts

Fence paint takes different times to dry for different types of paint. But most paints dry within 2 to 6 hours. But if the temperature is low and the humidity is high, the paint will take longer to dry. So, you should paint the fence during the daytime with fast-drying paint.