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How Long Does Chalkboard Paint Take to Dry? (Answered)

Painting things in chalkboard paint can be a fun and innovative way of bringing some change in your life. You will be amazed to know that you can put chalkboard paint on almost anything to create a customizable surface. 

Chalkboard paint is quite different from other paints in properties. People often wonder about the time chalkboard paint may need to fully dry before normal use.

Chalkboard paint drying time

Chalkboard paint needs at least 3 whole days to dry and cure fully. You need to wait for 2-4 hours between coats for perfect application. After the painting is done, it will be wise to wait for 3 days before you can start using it. Then you can go over the surface with chalk to activate it. 

Chalkboard paint is a very fun paint to use. It not only allows you to have a fun painting time, but it helps you prepare a surface where you can write and erase with chalk as much as you want. 

You can use chalkboard paint on glass, concrete, drywall, wood, metal, and more to create a hard and scratch-resistant surface.

It is important that you dry chalkboard paint properly before you start using the surface. You don’t usually need more than two coats to achieve a darker color. You can apply the second coat of chalkboard paint after two to four hours after the first one. 

You may have to apply three coats of the paint while painting a wall.

While painting any surface, you must ensure that no strokes go over the top. Also, try to use light strokes for an even finish. 

After you’re done with the painting job, it is recommended to prepare the surface by rubbing with chalk and erasing it afterward with a towel to activate the surface.

Chalk paintDry to re-coatDry to handle
Krylon chalkboard paint24 hours3 days
Valspar chalkboard paint4 hours3 days
Rustoleum chalkboard paint2-4 hours3 days
Behr chalkboard paint1-4 hours3 days
Annie Sloan chalkboard paint24 hours3 days

Does chalkboard paint dry fast?

Chalkboard paint dries quite fast. The binding properties of chalkboard paint are very different from regular paint. It dries fast on its own when exposed to nature. But the paint needs to be cured for at least three days before you can start regular use. 

Even if the paint seems dry to touch, the agent needs several days to dry fully. With chalkboard paints, you have to apply two to three coats in order to achieve optimal coverage. You need to wait two to four hours in between coats and at least three days after the final application. 

How long does chalkboard paint need to dry before use?

Chalkboard paint needs to dry for at least three days before you can proceed with regular use. The paint may seem dry at sight and to touch, but it’s suggested to wait for three days to let the agents dry fully. 

Since chalkboard paint is applied to make a surface writing ready, it must be dried perfectly. 

The surface needs to harden properly as well so that you can write on it easily. Three days are required for the surface to harden adequately. 

After three days, all you need to do is use the side of chalk to rub all over the painted surface and erase with a towel or dry cloth. And your surface will be all ready to use. 

How many coats of chalkboard paint should you use?

When it’s time to apply chalkboard paint on a surface, you should apply at least two coats for the best result. The surface will become smoother with more coats but usually, no more than three coats are needed for the surface to become smooth and perfectly covered in the paint. 

Some people said to have used four coats for their desired result, but it mostly depends on the type of surface you’re putting the paint on. If the surface is not even, you may need more coats to make it smooth. 

Also, the brand of the paint is another deciding factor behind the number of coats you’ll be needing.

How long to wait between coats of chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is very easy to apply but you need to keep a few things in mind when you’re working with it. One of them is to wait for at least two to four hours in between coats. You may need up to three coats to smoothly cover a surface with chalkboard paint. 

Make sure to wait for at least three hours before you move on to the next coat

It is important to dry each coat for the mentioned time for the coats to be even and smooth. If you apply a second layer of chalkboard paint over an undried layer, the paint will dry differently and you’ll be able to see the layers after they dry completely. 

This will not look good after you finish your project.

How to dry chalkboard paint faster?

The following tips will help you to dry chalkboard paint faster –

Wait between coats:

You must wait between coats for the paint to dry faster. If you begin with the application of a second coat before the first coat of paint fully dries, you will only lose time as it will take longer to dry. 

Also, applying a second coat over an undried first coat can ruin the texture and create a mess. It is imperative that you wait for at least 2 to 4 hours before each coat dries perfectly. 

Paint in a well-ventilated area:

Another great tip to dry your chalkboard paint faster is to paint it in a well-ventilated area. If you are using chalkboard paint to paint a wall, you don’t have an option to choose a ventilated space if the wall isn’t already placed in one. 

In that case, make sure that you open all the windows to let air flow in and out so that paint dries faster. If you are painting on wood or any other objects, make sure to prepare a well-ventilated space for the project.

Don’t apply too many coats:

Chalkboard paint doesn’t require more than three coats. Generally, two coats are enough for most projects. If you think more coats will be better to achieve a darker color, you may ruin the texture of the surface. 

Also, several coats will make the surface heavy causing the paint not to dry fast. Therefore, make sure not to apply too many coats of chalkboard paint.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: 

Chalkboard paints are available in various brands. It is a wise idea to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to know about the accurate drying time for the paint you are using. 

Make sure to wait for the mentioned time between coats to get the perfect finishing you desire. Also, wait for the needed time after you finish painting before you can start using the painted item. 

Final thoughts

Chalkboard paint needs at least 3 whole days to dry and cure fully before you can start regular use. You can apply a maximum of three coats to achieve your desired result. You may need to wait anywhere between 2 to 4 hours between coats.  Use chalk after 3 days to activate the surface for writing.