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How Long Does Benjamin Moore Paint Take to Dry? (Answered)

Only the color of the paint is not enough to make the whole room seem attractive. The formula, the texture, and even the application of the paint can decide how the outcome would be. Benjamin Moore also comes in different shades leaving a variety of options to choose the color. 

Following the below, tips and information regarding benjamin moore paint and its drying time would give you an idea of applying the paint. 

Benjamin moore paint drying time

Well, Benjamin Moore can take about 2 to 4 hours to dry. Well, there are plenty of paints in Benjamin moore and they all take different times to dry. There should be a gap of 16 hours between applying the coats of paint. Moreover, some paints can take up to 6 hours to dry completely. 

Benjamin moore comes in a number of colors. Apart from that, the formula of different paint in benjamin moore is also different. As a result, all the paints do not take the same time to dry. Rather, some can be cured within hours, and some can be in a day. 

Benjamin Moore advance paint:

It takes about 4 to 6 hours to dry. Yet, the surface might not become suitable for the application of another coat. Rather wait for at least 16 hours before applying. Well, it takes even longer to dry unless the drying is facilitated. 

Benjamin Moore ceiling paint:

Benjamin moore takes about 2 hours to dry completely. But the curing would require more time. You can still apply the second coat of paint as long as the first coat of paint is dried. 

Benjamin Moore cabinet paint:

This paint would take almost 4 to 6 hours to dry. You can touch it after drying. Yet, the application of the second coat would be only suitable when at least 24 hours passes. 

Before that, the paint will not be cured and would cause a mess. 

Benjamin Moore floor paint:

Waiting for at least 2 hours is enough to let the Benjamin Moore floor paint dry. If the paint seems good, you might not need to apply another coat. For reapplying coats, it is better to wait for 4 hours at the least. 

Benjamin Moore patio paint:

Benjamin moore patio paint can dry within 6 hours. No matter how fast the paint dries, you need to wait for some time to let the paint breathe. Otherwise, applying coats will not help. 

Benjamin Moore eggshell paint:

It takes about 2 hours to dry, you can sense it by touching it. Even it can cure within a few hours. You can put the second coat on as long as the paint is dried and set on the surface. 

Benjamin Moore regal paint:

Like other benjamin moore paints, it also takes 1 to 2 hours to dry. Most importantly, it takes less time than any other paint to dry completely. 

Application of the other coat is only possible when the paint is dried and the complete drying can take 2 hours. 

How long should Benjamin Moore paint dry between coats?

It depends on the formula of the paint, yet 2 hours is the least time gap between two successive coats of paint. It is better if you can wait for 24 hours long to let the paint completely dry. Well, the drying time of the paint varies with the formula.

They can either dry within 2 hours and sometimes can even take 16 hours. In either case, you should wait for a bit longer to let the paint stick to the surface. After that, you can go for the second coat of paint. 

Applying even before the paint has dried can cause damage to the previous coat. It can pull off the paint and even result in uneven application of paint. Proper drying of the paint is necessary to get a smooth finish. 

What kind of Benjamin Moore paint dries the fastest?

Benjamin Moore’s regal paint takes less time to dry in comparison to other paints. This paint differs from another benjamin moore paint though it is obvious. Regal Paint is acrylic paint. It is questionable that, despite being an acrylic paint it takes less time to dry.

Well, the formula of the regal paint facilitates drying faster. Even the paint is flat. It provides a semi-gloss finish. Paints providing a semi-gloss finish can dry within a shorter time than the glossy finish. As there is a difference in the formula. 

3 factors that affect the Benjamin Moore paint drying time

All the paints have different drying times. Benjamin moore comes in varieties of paint that have different drying times. You would need to wait before applying the paint to let the previous paint dry. 

A proper application would influence the appearance of the paint after it is done painting.

Well, there are certain factors that are responsible for the varying drying time of the different paints. The factors are included below. 


Paints having different formulas would vary in drying time. The acrylic paints take a higher time to dry meanwhile the water-based paints take less amount of time to dry completely. Meanwhile, chalk paint takes even less time to dry.

All these paints have different formulas. Even while applying the paint you can see the difference in the texture of each paint. 

The thickness of the paint:

The thickness of the paint or the amount of paint you are applying also influences the drying time. If you are applying paint with a thicker coat, it would naturally take a higher time to dry. You can reduce the drying time by creating a suitable environment to facilitate drying.

Keeping a fan or proper ventilation can work for drying the paint in less time. 

Tinted paint:

Tinted paints do not necessarily take a long time to dry. Yet, darker colored paint takes a lot of time to dry. As the tinted color and the original color differ from each other, the drying time also varies. 

Does Benjamin Moore paint need 2 coats?

Well, all paints need 2 coats to be applied and it goes the same for the Benjamin moore paint. Still, you can get a flawless finish with a single coat. Paint is used to hide scratches and even marks. Most importantly, it gives a new look.

To get proper out of the paint, applying it in the right manner is necessary. A smooth application would influence the outcome. Moreover, at least 2 coats of paint are preferable to apply.

If there is a slight chance that the first coat was not good enough, the second coat would be able to hide the imperfections of the first coat. You can still go with only one coat but for safe play, 2 coats of paint are better. 

How to make Benjamin moore paint dry faster?

The drying time of the paint depends on many factors. The main factor is the formula. Well, you cannot change the formula. Instead, change the method of drying the paint. You can facilitate the drying of the paint by taking some measures. 

Some steps you can follow are given below.

Apply the paint:

Applying the paint influences the drying time. You should take a brush and apply the paint lightly. Well, you can also apply thick coats if you need them. In that case, the paint will take a long time to dry. Even though the first coat is thin, you can make up with the second coat.

Dry it:

Drying the paint in a suitable environment is necessary to facilitate the drying time. You can let the paint dry naturally. But if you want to dry it faster, make the methods effective. A room with proper ventilation can dry the paints faster. 

In order to get proper ventilation in the room, you can open all the doors and windows. Let the air do the rest. Apart from that, placing a fan can also fasten the drying time of the paint. 

Let the paint dry with time. Do not expose the paint to high temperatures as it can have a slight impact on the paint. Remember to dry the paint before reapplying. 

Final thoughts

Overall, the drying time varies with the formula of the paint. It can take 2 hours to 16 hours to completely dry. All the Benjamin moore paint would dry in this range of time. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know more. Moreover, reapply coats after drying the paint completely.