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How Long Does Behr Paint Take to Dry? (Quick Answers)

There are limitless options for paint these days which means there is something to match every individual’s preference. But having prior knowledge about paint is crucial to understand how many layers to apply and how long your favorite paint needs to dry.

Behr paint drying time

When you are painting with Behr paint, it is best to allow it 4 full hours to dry. It is usually painted in layers to get maximum opacity and durability, be sure to wait between layers as well. Rushing can cause the quality of the paint job to deplete.

Above, we have shared a general idea of the time Behr paint takes to dry. However, Behr manufactures an array of paints in different textures and formulas with varying drying time. 

You can take a look below at the long list of Behr paints we have curated through extensive research to help you in identifying the drying time of the Behr paint you are thinking of using for your next project.

Behr exterior paint:

Behr exterior paint will be dry to the touch after 60 minutes of applying the paint but the drying time can extend depending on a few things. 

If the temperature is below 15 degree celsius while painting, then the Behr exterior paint will take longer to dry, high humidity also slows down the drying process while using a darker shade of paint can increase the drying time. 

Even after considering all options, Behr exterior paint should not take more than a few hours to dry but it takes almost 30 full days to cure properly. 

Therefore, it is important to schedule the painting according to the weather because the last thing you want is for it to rain while the exterior paint is still drying or curing.

Behr chalk paint:

Behr chalk paint is easy to apply and dries down completely in about two hours but the manufacturers recommend waiting overnight before using the area that has been painted with the chalk paint. 

And if you plan on applying more than one layer, you should wait 24 hours to let the first layer dry down and set completely before moving on to the next. This will ensure that your chalk paint finish will be pristine.

Behr spray paint:

A lot of people prefer to spray paint instead of fiddling with brushes and the good news is spray paint usually dries down quite fast. 

Behr spray paint is no different in that regard, it completely dries down after 4 hours of application and high temperature with low humidity also helps in decreasing the drying time farther. But it is always a good idea to let it cure for at least 24 hours before use.

Behr concrete paint:

Behr concrete paint can be found in either solid or semi-transparent finishes and they dry down within 1 to 2 hours after being applied. 

But it should be noted that the paint be left to rest for 4 to 6 hours before laying down a second coat of Behr concrete paint. After 24 hours have passed, the paint will have cured but it is still not fully ready for use. 

Wait at least 72 hours before walking over it or moving furniture on top of it and don’t allow automotive tires over it before a full week has passed. 

Behr cabinet paint:

Behr cabinet paint can dry down in about 2 hours if the temperature in the area is anywhere from 2 to 7 degree celsius and the humidity is 50% or below. 

Naturally the drying time will increase accordingly if the temperature was lower and humidity was higher. And similar to Behr exterior paint, Behr cabinet paint will need longer to dry if you choose a darker shade of paint. 

The dry time before you can repaint is up for debate though, some people claim you can apply a second coat after 4 hours while others vehemently oppose the idea and say a 16 hour gap should be maintained between each coat of Behr cabinet paint.

Behr deck paint:

Behr deck paint should be allowed to dry for 4 hours in order for it to be dry to the touch but avoid any foot traffic before 24 to 48 hours have been completed. 

To be on the safer side, you can leave it alone for 72 hours because by this time it will have dried and cured completely and even heavy foot traffic or moving furniture over it should not be a problem.

Behr porch paint:

Behr porch paint is able to dry down in 1 hour but some colors need to be repainted more than once for better coverage and opacity. So, wait at least 4 to 6 hours before going over with another layer of the paint. 

And even though it dries fairly quickly, refrain from walking over the newly painted porch for 18 to 24 hours. It will also be wise to take the weather into consideration as rain can cause disruption. 

Behr marquee paint:

The Behr marquee exterior paint can dry in only an hour while the marquee paint specifically made for indoors takes double the time. It needs 2 hours to fully dry. After applying this paint, you might notice that you need a second coat. 

If that is the case then let the first layer dry for at least 12 hours or if you have the time then wait 16 hours before applying another layer of paint.

Behr dynasty paint:

Behr dynasty paint needs at least 4 hours to dry and it should not be touched during this time. But it is a small price to pay if you consider Behr dynasty paints’ qualities. 

It is known to be excessively durable, resistant to stains and scuffs and provides a shine that lasts for a very long time. 

Behr ceiling paint:

Behr ceiling paint should not take more than an hour to dry down and even though it is difficult to apply but at least you can rest assured no one will touch the paint while it is drying. 

However, if you have any leaks in the ceiling; it is best to take care of it before you start painting as it can cause problems with paint application and drying.

How long does it take Behr paint to fully cure?

Behr paint generally takes 24 hours to fully cure after it has been painted. However, we must remember that Behr does not produce one standard type of paint, they have a whole assortment of paints made using different formulas. 

This causes the cure time to differ greatly according to the paint and its formulation.

How long does Behr paint need to dry before rain?

The Behr paint should be able to dry for 60 minutes and cure for at least 12 hours before rain for it to last well. 

This is why it is always a good idea to check and keep the weather in mind when you decide to paint because even a light drizzle before the paint has dried and cured can cause all the hard work to go down the drain.

3 factors that affect Behr paint drying time

The following factors can affect Behr paint drying time –


Temperature plays a big role when it comes to the drying time of Behr paints. A low temperature will significantly increase the drying time. 

For example, Behr chalk paint takes 2 hours to dry but if the temperature is below average, it will naturally need longer to dry.


Humidity in the air can cause the drying time of Behr paints to increase or decrease. 

If the place where you are painting has a humidity over 50% then this will cause the drying time to lengthen while a place with low humidity will have the opposite effect on the drying time.


Behr paints come in a ton of different shades. The lighter colors are more likely to dry faster while the darker color paints will need a little more time to dry down completely.

How to make Behr paint dry faster?

As we know by now, the drying time of Behr paints can change depending on some key factors that means there are ways in which Behr paint can be prompted to dry faster. 

Go for a lighter shade:

While choosing the shade of your Behr paint, try to go for a lighter shade.

Keep the humidity low:

If you are going to be painting indoors, choose a room where the humidity is less than 50% or use a dehumidifier. 

Paint on sunny days:

It is best to paint on sunny days with no chances of rain, this will ensure the paint dries faster and also doesn’t get ruined due to rain.

Final thoughts: 

Behr paint takes somewhere between 60 minutes to 4 hours depending on which Behr paint you are using as they contain different ingredients and are formulated dissimilarly to one another. Temperature, humidity and color of the paint can also change the drying time.