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How Long Does Bathroom Grout Take to Dry? (Quick Answers)

When you are planning to redecorate your bathroom you might want to put grout in between the tiles. It is one of the primary conditions of maintaining your bathrooms. Grouting must be done right if you need your bathroom tiles to look good. 

Grouting is needed so that the tiles stick together. If you are wondering how much time does bathroom grout take to dry, then continue reading. 

Today we will be discussing how much time does bathroom grout take to dry. So, without any further delay, Let’s get into it. 

How long does bathroom grout take to dry?

Bathroom grout takes around 2-3 days to dry out fully. For the grout to work like magic, it must be cured for a good amount of time. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. An average of 48-72 hours of rest is a must before your bathroom grout comes in touch with moisture. 

Grouting is usually done to secure the gaps between two tiles. Grout is placed in between the tiles so that there is no growth of mold. 

However, the drying time of grout depends on multiple factors such as humidity level, type of grout used, etc. Most grout manufacturers suggest waiting for at least three-seven before exposing your floor to moisture. 

Every grout comes with a manual, and it’s better to let it cure for at least that specific amount of time mentioned in the manual before exposing it to moisture.    

However, in terms of grout, the more you cure, the better it performs. One of the primary reasons behind grouting bathroom tiles is to prevent debris and mold growth. 

Putting and setting the grout is a sensitive job. Therefore, it must be done right. Additionally, it is important to know the exact drying time of the grout depending on the type of, whether you are working outdoors or indoors. 

Moreover, the general location and length will also impact the drying time of the grout. However, if the consistency is more liquidy, the curing time may lengthen.        

There are multiple types of groups used for house renovating projects. Different groups require different drying times, and some require more time than others. 

How long should you let the grout dry before showering? 

At least wait for 24 hours before showering. Most grout needs an average time of one to three days to cure. In some cases, it can take up to seven days before showering. Some grouts may take longer, whereas others can take a shorter time. 

However, epoxy-based grouts sometimes allow you to skip the sealant. If you expose your grout to moisture before it’s completely dry, it can result in growing mold and debris. This can lead to causing damage to both your health and your house. 

Also, you should know that unsealed grout is vulnerable. Showering before your grout is sealed will cause the growth of bacteria around the tiles. Any color can leave a dark stain on the flooring, resulting in the grout darkening in color. 

Additionally, any oil or even pet stains can seep into your grout and make it lose its color. You can use a sealant to seal the grout. Generally, one to three coats of sealant is considered good enough. It’s better to cure the grout fully before using a sealant.

Three factors that affect bathroom floor grout drying time

Even if you follow all the instructions of the manufacturer’s manual, several factors will impact the drying time of your grout. 

Here are three factors that affect bathroom floor grout drying time: 

Type of grout: 

One of the primary factors is the type of grout you are using. Various types of groups have different drying times. The most common groups used are; cementitious grout, sanded, unsanded grout, epoxy grouts,  etc. 

Each of the grouts has its own drying time. For example, epoxy grout takes more time to dry but lasts longer than other types of grout. However, the best part about using epoxy grout is that it doesn’t require sealant. 

On the other hand, cementitious grout takes 72 hours, that is, three days to dry completely. This is the most commonly used grout for house projects.

Sanded and unsanded grouts require almost the same time as cementitious grout, 72 hours. After 72 hours, you can expose them to moisture. 


Humidity is a huge factor, and it can largely affect the drying time of your grout. To your knowledge, the bathroom is the most humid place in one’s house, so generally, the grout will take more time to dry when placed in between the bathroom tiles. 

Additionally, the kitchen is comparatively less humid than most other places in your house. So, the grout placed between your kitchen tiles will dry faster than the ones in your bathroom. Other than this, the outdoor humidity can also affect the drying time of the grout. 

Grouts usually take more time to dry in tropical regions, for example, Florida. And dry faster in deserted areas like Las Vegas. 

Installation area: 

If the tiles you grout are outdoors, it will require more time to cure, especially cold, humid and wet. It will take up to seven days at least if you grout tiles that are placed outdoors.  

But, for indoor projects, most grouts need at least 72 hours to dry. 

How can you make grout dry faster?

It’s never recommended to rush while your grout is setting or drying. The more time it will take to dry, the better it will look. And once it’s done right, it will perform well for a longtime.  

Grout curing is entirely dependent on the chemical process, which is why there’s not much you can do to speed up the process. 

But, here are a handful of things you do to make your grout dry faster: 

Using Dehumidifier: 

You can use your air conditioner or a dehumidifier. It helps reduce the amount of humidity level in the air. The dryer the air, the faster your grout dries. 

If you are grouting your bathroom tiles, keep in mind that it’s the most humid part of the house. And luckily, if you live in a less humid area consider half of your job is done. You do not have to spend extra money on making any of these purchases. Just trust the process! 

Running a fan: 

Try running a fan in the room; the fan divides air across the floors or the room. This helps the curing process work a bit faster.  

Removing plants from the room:

Plants play a great role in keeping your house or room humid and moist. If you want to speed up the process, remove plants from your room.  

However, if you have plants in your bathroom, it is recommended to move them for a few days until the grout is fully cured.

How long does grout take to dry on wall tiles? 

It takes 24-72 hours for the grout to dry on wall tiles. Wall tiles are no different from floor tiles. As the entire grout curing depends on a chemical reaction, it requires time. Rushing will not help. Rather;, it can make the situation worse. 

So, on average, grout will take up to one to three days to dry fully. However, it can vary due to the factors mentioned above. 

As the walls are higher, the drying can slightly vary. But, the overall experience will be the same. It’s highly dependent on the type of grout and the humidity. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to use your bathroom until it is fully dried out.                

What happens if grout gets wet before it cures?

If grout gets wet before it cures, it may lose its structural stability. 

It must be obvious by now that the only thing you need to avoid is moisture. Yes, it is pretty inconvenient for anyone not to have a bathroom for at least 72 hours. But you are wetting the grout before it’s cured completely, it can lead to causing mold issues.  

Wetting the grout fundamentally makes it lose its structure and lose up the tiles. If you notice the water has gotten into the uncured grout, take the necessary steps to remove the water as soon as possible—run fans over the compromised area. 

If you’re grouting your bathroom tiles, make sure to use a sealant. Cure the sealant at least 24 hours after your grout is cured. This is to keep your grout protected. 

Final Thoughts 

Typically grout can take from 24-72 hours to dry out fully. Once the grout is fully dried out, it’s recommended to use a sealant. The more time you give your grout to dry, the better it is for your tiles. In case the grout is wet before it is completely dry, it can lead to growing mold and debris.