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How Long Does Annie Sloan Paint Take to Dry? (Answered)

While painting the house and interior it is important to take note of the time it will take to dry. There are many types of paints and many brands of paints as well. Each of them will vary from each other. 

Annie Sloan paint drying time

The time paint needs to completely dry depends on the type of the paint and sometimes on the brand of the paint as well. Annie Sloan paints take around a few hours to dry. However, it takes around 14 days for the paint to cure. After that you can wax the paint as well.

Any paint takes a moderate amount of time to dry and be completely touch proof. Most paints take days to dry entirely. But the Annie Sloan paints do not need as much time as the other types of paints. Usually around the times of 14 days, the paint is cured. 

It takes a day for the Annie Sloan paint to dry and be touch proof. In a few hours of application the Annie Sloan paint dries out and is ready for the second coat of application. That is how fast the paint dries. 

Between coating: 

The time between the coatings can vary depending on the type of paint. For the Annie Sloan paints, you can start the second coat after 24 hours of the first coat. This is a standard for all types and brands of paints. It is always safe to wait a day before you apply the second coat. 

The Annie Sloan paints are quick drying paint. Within a day the first coat of the painting dries completely and then you can go on for the second coat. The first coat is done in a day. You might notice the paint dry faster than an hour if the humidity is right.

Before waxing: 

Usually, for Annie Sloan paints, only an hour is good enough to wait before waxing the first coat. To be safe you can wait more than an hour but that is completely unnecessary. An hour is a good enough time to wait before waxing over the first coat of the paint. 

Annie Sloan paints are fast and quick drying types of paints. Most of the time the paint is dry enough to touch in a few hours. While it does need around 14 days to cure, still you can apply the second coat in a day.

How long does annie sloan chalk paint take to dry?

Annie Sloan chalk paints are very much popular and widely used, not only for their quality and variety of colors but also because of how quickly the paint dries. Compared to the other many paints, the Annie Sloan paint takes around 24 hours to dry entirely. 

Though you can wait more before you apply wax over it.

When it comes to chalk paints, it is important to let the first coat of the paint dry before you add the second coat. Most of the time, the first coat should be left for three days before you apply the second coat over it.

But for Annie Sloan chalk paints, it only takes 24 hours, or an entire day, for the paint to dry. This is why among the other chalk paints, everyone prefers to get the Annie Sloan chalk paint. To be safe, you can wait more than a day for it to dry.

Is annie sloan paint quick drying?

When compared to the other types and brands of paints, it can be said that the Annie Sloan paint is quick drying. The paint can be touch dry within a few hours of application. You may want to wait a day or two before you apply the second coat, but that is still pretty quick.

Annie Sloan paints are quick drying paints and they take about a day to dry entirely. To cure the paint, you should wait about 14 days. But the paint becomes dry enough to touch within a few hours of application of the first coat.

While it is true that you should wait a good amount of time when it comes to drying the paints, some brands of paints tend to dry quicker than the others. The solution of the paint is made in a way that it dries quickly. Annie Sloan is a paint like that, which is quick drying.

4 factors that affect the drying time for annie sloan paint

The time to dry off the paint depends on a lot of factors. Most of the time, the type of paint matters the most. But that is not the only factor. You can use a quick drying  paint but it may still take a long time to dry off. That is because of the other variables –


The humidity of the room and the area matters a lot when it comes to the paint drying. Most times, in a high humid area paints take longer time to dry. But if the room is less humid then you will notice the paint dry quicker. 


One of the most important factors, when it comes to the timing of the paint drying, is the temperature. The Temperature of not only the room but also the outside matters a lot. If the temperature is high then there is a chance that the paint will take longer to dry. 

And if you see that the temperature is below the usual, you will see that the paint is quick to dry. 

Type of paint:

A very direct and important factor that determines the drying time for paints is the type of paint you will be using. Most times a satin based paint will dry quicker. On the other side, oil based paints take a good time to be completely dry. 

When you have used wax:

Another important factor is the time after the wax has been used. Usually, wax needs around a day or two to properly dry out.

Can you dry annie sloan chalk paint with a hair dryer?

To make the chalk paint dry quicker, you can go for a number of methods. One of the methods to make sure the Annie Sloan chalk paint dries quicker is to use a hair dryer. The hot air from the hair dryer does not have any negative effect on the outcome of the paint.

Sometimes many people do not wish to use hair dryers over paints because it might affect the shine of the paint. The aftermath of using a hair dryer might not be as shiny as naturally dried paint. But that is not a problem when it comes to Annie Sloan paints.

Annie Sloan paints do not lose their shine when it comes to using a hair dryer. The heat of the hair dryer will help the paint dry quicker but it will not ruin the texture of the paint as well. You can use it when needed.

How to dry annie sloan paint faster?

There are many things that can work when it comes to drying the Annie Sloan paint faster. You may already know a few of the DIY methods that help paint dry quicker. However there is no surety that every method will work on all types of paints.

A lot depends on the type of paint and the paint brand.

When it comes to the Annie Sloan paint, there is a chance that most of the methods will work in helping the paint dry faster. Annie Sloan paints are fast drying already. You can apply a few techniques to make the process even quicker if you are out of time-

Paint Thinner:

Annie Sloan paints are known to be thicker than the usual paints. Which is why, in high humidity, the paint seems to dry slower than regular. In cases like this you can always use a paint thinner to make the paint lighter and quicker to dry. 

Pour the entire paint:

Pour the entire paint in a paint bucket from its initial container. This should be done in a clean bucket. Pouring the paint in a bigger bucket than the container will make the mixing process easier. 

If you are using normal paint, then you can go for a paint thinner. It can be found in any hardware store or paint shops. But if you are using the chalk paint you can use water instead of a thinner one.

Mix them:

Mix them well and use it as you need.

Final thoughts

Annie Sloan paints are usually quick drying. The formula of the paints allows the paint to dry within a day. But you will still need to wait fourteen days for the paint to cure. And usually, within an hour the paint will be ready for the second coat and wax. The paint does not take long to dry.