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Dome Override Button – What Is It & Why It’s Not Working?

Cars are the main mode of transport for at least ⅔ of the world’s population but that doesn’t make them any easier to understand. Well, maybe easy for motorheads! So, let’s take one step forward and try to learn about the functionalities of dome override buttons today.

What does dome override do?

The dome override button is used to set the dome lamps to come on automatically when any door in the car is opened or you can turn it off if you would like the dome lights to remain off.

In case you want the dome lights to remain off, you can press the button in, this will ensure that they remain off even if any of the doors in the car are opened.

And to revert it back to the automatic operation, you can simply press the dome override button which will return it to the out position.

Where is the dome override button?

In order to find the dome override button, first look at the instrument panel on the left of your steering wheel. There you will notice the exterior lamp control button and directly below it is the dome override button. It is easy enough to locate if you know where to look.

Why is my dome override button not working?

A dome override button can stop working for several reasons, it can be caused because the button is in the wrong position or something is wrong with the vehicle but sometimes the dome override button can seem to be faulty, even though it is not when the bulbs have burnt out or the fuses have blown.

If you notice that your dome override button has stopped working correctly, you might have to check for all possible causes until you find the problem that is preventing it from working properly.

A few common factors that can cause the dome override button in a vehicle to stop working has been listed below –

Set wrong or stuck:

Dome override buttons can sometimes stop working because it is set wrong or has been stuck in the wrong position without your knowledge.

So, before anything else, it is best to press it in and out and check if it works, then set it to the right position, whether it is in or out, and then check. 80% of the time this is the reason why dome override buttons don’t work properly.

Bulbs burning out:

Sometimes the dome override button is perfectly fine but it is still unable to turn on the dome lights. This can happen due to the bulbs burning out. In that case, you need to take out the out bulb and replace it with a new bulb and check again to see if it works.

But make sure to change the old bulb with a new bulb that is the same make and model.

Blown fuse:

If the fuse that powers the dome lights has blown off, it can cause the dome override button to seem faulty as the dome lights will stop working properly. You will have to replace the fuse to get them to function properly again.

Door issues:

Many times the dome override button may seem to be faulty but the door may be what’s stopping it from working properly. It is possible that a pin or a hinge in the door may be preventing it from being closed properly.

This can cause the dome light to stop functioning properly. So, take a close look at how your car door shuts to determine if there is anything wrong with it.

How to fix a dome override button not working?

As we know by now the dome override button doesn’t stop working for just one reason, many factors can cause it to malfunction, or in some cases, it can seem faulty even if it isn’t because a lot of mechanisms are closely connected to it.

Checking the button pressed in or out:

One of the easiest ways to fix a dome override button is by checking whether the button is pressed in or out. If the button is pressed in, this indicates that the dome lights will remain off and if it is pressed out, then the lights will come on when you open the doors.

So, check if it is in the right position and move it to the right one if it is set in the wrong place.

Put in a new bulb:

Sometimes the dome override button may seem to not be working because the bulb is burnt. You need to start by taking off the cover from the bulb and screwing it off using a flat-headed screwdriver and putting in a new bulb and then covering it again. 

This should fix the problem easily.

Replace the fuse:

In some cases, the dome override button may seem damaged if the fuse has blown.

So, locate where the fuse for the dome override button is located in the car with the help of a manual and then take off the cover that is covering the fuse underneath and find the specific fuse and then replace it with a new fuse that is in perfect condition.

Check and fix the doors:

If the dome override button isn’t working because one of the doors in the car has stopped functioning correctly, then you need to check if anything is preventing it from closing properly.

If you find the problem then fix it or take it to the car shop and have a mechanic look at it because yanking on the door or shutting it hard will do more harm than good.

Can a dome light drain a car battery?

Unfortunately, a dome light which is only a tiny light in our car has the ability to drain out a car’s entire battery. This occurs when any of the car doors or the trunk lid is not closed all the way, this causes the dome lights to stay on.

Even after the car’s engine shuts off, the dome light will continue to draw power from the battery, essentially draining it completely in a couple of hours. And if that happens, you will be unable to start your vehicle.

If this occurs to you, you can try hooking up another car’s battery with your car and then start up the second car, this will allow it to get the battery in your car to start again from the previous stalled condition.

Now, you will be able to drive your car for 20 to 30 minutes which will then help charge your car’s battery. Even though many people swear by this technique, it might not always work and if it doesn’t then you will ultimately have to call a mechanic and a tow truck.

How long does a car battery last if interior lights are left on?

If the interior lights have been left on in a car with the engine shut off then the car battery will be able to run for about six to eight hours before running out. But this can last this long if the car battery is fully charged and is in fairly good condition.

Also, the temperature should be warm for the car battery to be able to keep working and keep the interior lights illuminated for that long.

Which fuse is for the dome light?

The IOD fuse, which is a 20 amp fuse, provides power to the dome light, along with powering the instrument cluster, diagnostic connector, map lamps, glove box, and radio. The fuse is located in cavity #51 of the integrated power module.

You will be able to find this fuse either in or near the glove compartment, under the dashboard, or in the engine compartment.

And if you would like to access the fuse, you can find the access panel behind the end cover at the left side of the instrumental panel. You can pull the panel to remove it and check the diagram on the inside of the cover to identify the components and circuits.

Final Thoughts:

A dome override button is used to let the dome lights turn on automatically when a door is opened and it is also used to keep the dome lights off even when the doors are opened. It can stop working for a number of reasons connected to the dome light, the fuse that powers it, and also the car doors.