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Does Sharpie Come Off the Glass? (Read This First!)

Sharpie markers are gaining popularity among artists all over the world. For those who have never heard of it, Sharpie is a brand that makes writing materials, primarily permanent markers.

Sharpie markers are used to create a variety of artworks on several types of surfaces, including wood, paper, cardboard, and glass. We may stain different glass surfaces, such as mirrors, windows, and glass tables, by accident, which may not look good.

Let’s talk about whether you’ll be able to remove sharpie stains from glass.

Does Sharpie permanent marker wash off the glass?

Yes, a sharpie permanent marker can be washed off the glass. To do so, use toothpaste with lemon or you may also use rubbing alcohol and nail paint remover. Or, rewrite the writing on the glass with another sharpie marker. You can also wipe the wet ink off with a paper towel or tissue.

There are occasions when we stain our glass surfaces by accident with sharpie markers. Many of you may believe that the stains are permanent and unremovable.

That, however, is not the case. Sharpie stains can be readily removed from the glass surface by following a few simple steps and using household products.

Let us discuss how to remove the stains left by various Sharpie markers:

Sharpie pen:

The first permanent marker, the Sharpie pen, was invented in 1964. The sharpie pen stain can be difficult to remove from a variety of surfaces.

The sharpie pen stains on the glass, on the other hand, are rather easy to erase. Sharpie pen stains can be readily removed from the glass with rubbing alcohol, magic eraser, dry erase markers, toothpaste, lemon, and nail polish remover.

Sharpie paint markers:

Many painters nowadays use Sharpie paint markers. It can also be used to paint on glass surfaces.

You may easily wipe the glass clean with nail polish, cotton balls, or soft towels to remove the stains of sharpie paint markers.

Oil-based Sharpie:

You can use an oil-based sharpie for making sketchbooks, posters, and other types of creative design. Besides, oil-based sharpies are also used in painting glasses.

To erase oil-based sharpie marks off the glass, use acetone-based nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or WD-40.

Permanent sharpie:

There are varieties of permanent sharpie pens that come in different colors.

If permanent Sharpie stains get on any glass surface, such as a mirror or a window, you can erase the stains with rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover.

How well does sharpie stay on glass?

Sharpie stays on glasses fairly well. Sharpie is semi-permanent in nature and will not smudge or scratch off if not washed frequently. 

The sharpie-designed glass should be hand-washed at all times in order to protect the design from getting damaged. If you wash it in the dishwasher, the pattern of your design may get ruined.

Sharpie markers have ink that is not food-safe. As a result, you should make sure that any designs you draw on glasses using sharpie markers are drawn on the outer surface of the glass.

How do you keep sharpie markers on glass?

By following a few simple steps, you can keep sharpie markers on the glass. The materials that you will need in order to keep sharpie markers on glass are available in almost all households.

The steps for keeping sharpie markers on glass are described below:

Cleaning the glass surface:

Before you start drawing on the glass using a sharpie marker, it’s important to clean the glass surface. If you clean the glass thoroughly, the sharpie marker design will remain consistently on it.

To remove dust, filth, and oil residues from the glass, clean it with vodka, white vinegar, or nail polish remover.

Choose the correct sharpie marker to paint:

You should use such a sharpie pen for writing or painting that will stay in the glass for a long period of time. The best option for that is an oil-based sharpie paint marker.

To keep the sharpie marker on your glass, use oil-based Sharpie markers, which are semi-permanent in nature and therefore do not come off easily if smudged or scratched off.

Allow the paint to dry properly:

Allow the sharpie marker to dry properly after you’ve finished painting on the glass. After you’ve finished painting a specific region of the glass, give it at least 10 minutes to dry.

When applying the second layer of color, be cautious and make sure to see whether the first layer of paint has completely dried or not.

Cure the paint on the glass:

Wait 20 minutes for the paint to dry on the glass once you are done painting on it fully. After that, place it in the cool oven.

Allow the glass to be cooked for 20 minutes at 350 degrees in the oven. When the timer goes off, leave it in the oven until it cools down, and then remove it from the oven.

The sharpie marker would stay on the glass for a long time if you cure the glass this way. To prevent the design from being ruined, hand wash it with a clean and soft rag.

Does sharpie come off the glass in the dishwasher?

In the dishwasher, sharpie does come off the glass. Even if your sharpie design on glass survives soap and water, it will not survive in the dishwasher.

It is preferable to wash your sharpie-designed glasses by hand with a soft rag. To protect the design of your sharpie-designed glasses, avoid washing them in the dishwasher.

How do you remove Sharpie from the glass?

If a Sharpie permanent marker gets on the surface of any of your glass items, such as a window, mirror, or anything else and you’re thinking of cleaning it up, then read the following section thoroughly –

Using another Sharpie marker:

Rewrite the wordings on the glass using another sharpie marker. You can also wipe off the ink using anything like a paper towel or tissue if the ink is wet.

As a result, the ink will come off quickly and effortlessly. When it comes to eliminating sharpie marker stains, this procedure is really useful and simple.

Using Rubbing Alcohol:

Isopropyl alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol, is usually available in your first-aid kit. Rubbing alcohol is a liquid chemical that can be used to remove almost any stain, even stains on glasses.

Wear a hand glove to protect your skin before using rubbing alcohol if you have sensitive skin. In a paper towel or piece of cloth, pour the rubbing alcohol.

Begin rubbing it on the stained glass surface slowly and with some pressure. After a certain time, the stain will eventually start to come off. Wipe the ink from the glass with another paper towel.

Using Nail Polish Remover:

To remove the sharpie from the glass, use acetone-based nail polish remover. You need to use the nail polish remover in the very same manner as the rubbing alcohol.

Use a cotton ball to apply it in the stained area. Wipe away the ink as it begins to come off with a paper towel, and you’re done.

Using Lemon and Toothpaste:

Cut a small chunk from the lemon. Then, take a tube of toothpaste, pour a little bit of it into a bowl, and squeeze lemon juice over it.

Mix it thoroughly and apply it to the stained glass with a soft bristle brush. Slowly rub it, and you will see, the ink has started to come off the glass.

What kind of marker works on glass?

Since the glass surface is non-porous, any marker designed for non-porous surfaces will function well on it. The following is a list of some of the most popular types of glass markers:

  • Dry-erase marker
  • Sharpie oil-based paint marker
  • Chalk-based marker
  • Artistro Acrylic pen marker
  • DecoArt glass marker

Can you write on Mason jars with Sharpie?

Sharpie can definitely be used to write on Mason jars. Before you use a sharpie to write on a Mason jar, just make sure that it is clean and clear of dirt.

Choose dark colors for writing on the Mason jars so that it is bright and the writing on them is easily recognizable. Once you have finished writing on it, let the ink dry completely.

Will Sharpie stay in the mirror?

Sharpie does not stay on the mirror indefinitely. If you wish to get rid of it, you can use rubbing alcohol.

If a Sharpiesharpie is applied to a glass mirror and dried properly, it clings to the mirror’s surface very tightly. Avoid doing so if you don’t want sharpie stains on your mirror.

Final Thoughts

If you have the correct tools, sharpie will easily wash off the glass. Many of the ingredients, such as rubbing alcohol, lemon, nail polish remover, and toothpaste, are already available in your home. All you need to know is, the right way to use it properly to remove sharpie stains off the glass.