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Do You Grease a Pie Pan? (All You Need to Know)

A pie is a food that is supposed to have originated in ancient Greece. Pies have evolved over the course of time since the beginning of their journey. But something remained the same about them and that is pies are ascertained by the crust in their base.

Pies are basically pastry crust in the base and fruits or meats or veggies on top baked all together. So, the better the crust is, the more enhanced the taste is.

Do you grease a pie pan?

You should not grease a pie pan. As a pie takes the shape of the pie pan, the crust of the pie is dabbed on the pie pan before baking. You must keep the pan dry before setting the crust because otherwise, the sprayed oil will only spoil the taste of the crust.

Do I have to grease a pie pan?

Greasing a pie pan refers to spraying the pan with oil or brushing the pan with a brush. Making a pie and baking it till it’s baked properly is necessary.

Although most of the baking dishes require the pan to be greased so that the dish doesn’t stick to the pan, a pie is completely opposite to these in the process. So, you don’t have to grease a pie pan.

The structure of the pie depends completely on the base of the pie which is the crust. Oil on the pan spoils the texture of the crust, hence the quality.

There are varieties of pie pans out there. The preparation process in the pans may as well vary. Those pans are –

Glass Pie Pan:

The glass pie pans are perfect for baking pies. They spread the heat evenly from the bottom letting the pie be baked properly.

The glass pie pans need not be greased and there are fewer possibilities for the pie to stick to the pan unless the crusty part isn’t baked well. 

Foil Pie Pan:

Foil pie pans are no good. Unless it’s an emergency, never use foil pie pans because they don’t spread the heat at the bottom evenly. Nonetheless, even foil pie pans don’t need greasing.

Ceramic Pie Dish:

Ceramic pie dishes are also perfect for making and therefore baking a pie. They also spread the heat evenly and bake the pie well. Even Ceramic pie dishes should not be greased.

Aluminum Pie Pan:

Aluminum pie dishes are somewhat better than foil pan dishes but still they are not recommended. However, they as well don’t need to be greased.

Mince Pie Tin:

These are mostly the moulds that make multiple mini pies at the same time. These often need to be greased because they come with risks of the crust sticking to the tin. Despite the taste, greasing oil in this case actually helps.

Should I grease a pie pan?

You should never grease a pie pan unless it’s a mince pie tin. As mentioned above, pie crusts tend to stick to tins.

The crust is supposed to have a dry texture and oil only dampens the texture, hence the spoilt crust. Just trust your guts and if the pie dough is made well, everything is measured properly, the pie will not stick to the regular pie pans if you don’t grease the pan.

What happens if you forget to grease a pie pan?

Trust me nothing happens if you forget to grease a pie pan. A lot of people think that just like any other baking process, the pie pans may also need to be greased which is not true.

Rather, if you don’t grease your pie pan, you’ll most likely get a better texture in the crusty bit.

How to grease a pie pan?

You should not grease a pie pan unless it’s an emergency. So, even if you want to grease, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing it properly so that the oil does not mess with the taste.

Here’s how you can grease a pie pan –

Step 1:

If you want to grease a pan, not spray oil in it, you’ll need to wash the pan well.

Step 2:

Wipe off any extra water from the pan.

Step 3:

Take an oil brush and a little oil in a cup.

Step 4:

Dip the brush in the oil and brush through the pan well.

If you want to use oil spray, instead of using a brush, spray oil on the pan directly.

Step 5:

Now that greasing is done, sprinkle flour all over the pan. Remember, this is the most important step if you want to grease a pie pan.

Step 6:

Dust off any excess flour.

Follow all these simple steps if your pie keeps sticking to the pan and without oil if it’s impossible.

What do you use to grease a pie dish?

Greasing will only mess with your dish in this case. However, you can still prevent your pie from getting spoilt by using all-purpose flour or regular flour on it to cover the oil.

So, there are some kinds of brushes and some alternatives that are used to grease a pie dish.

Brushes With Silicone-made Bristles:

Silicone-made bristles are vastly used these days because they last longer and are easy to clean.

Brushes With Nylon Bristles:

Although a lot of people may disagree, nylon bristles are the most suitable ones for greasing. They can hold a lot of oil making the greasing easier.

Brushes With Plastic Bristles:

Such brushes can also be used. They work almost as similar as the nylon bristles do.

Tissue Paper:

Other than the brushes, you can always use tissue paper to grease the pie pan. All you need to do is, take some oil on the tissue paper and gently rub it through the pan.


Cotton works almost the same as the ’tissue paper’ technique although this technique may show better results!

Do you grease a pie pan before putting the crust in?

You don’t need to grease a pie pan before putting the crust in. In case the pie pan is a mince pan as well as made of tin.

Otherwise, you can grease the pan if you really really wish to or if you feel that it’s needed. Only, remember to sprinkle flour all over so that the oil cannot spoil the taste of the crust.

However, the fact that pies are sticking to the pans made of either glass or ceramics, is so uncertain and irregular.

Do you grease a pie pan before baking?

Well, you don’t grease a pie pan before baking. You grease the pie before baking.

Baking is the final process of the prep of any baked goods. The next step is just to let them chill at room temperature and then feast!

So, right before putting it into the oven, you set up the pie in the pie pan. If at any time you need to grease the pie pan, that’s before putting the crust in. And before baking, you just grease the top of the pie pan with a brush.

How do you keep pies from sticking?

Pies don’t usually stick as they come in the dough. Also, if the dough is made perfectly, the pie, after the baking phase, will come off easily. On the other hand, it will stick to the pan.

So, in order to keep the pies from sticking to the pan, you’ll need to grease the pan. But as greasing the pan reacts otherwise, you need to cover it with a drifty layer of flour.

Thus you can keep the pie from sticking to the pan and you can also keep the taste of the crust from being messed up.

Do you spray a pie plate before putting in the crust?

Yes, you can spray a pie plate before putting in the crust because spraying and greasing are almost the same thing only spraying is easier.

These spray bottles come with flour already mixed. So, whenever you spray, you spray oil and flour together.

It saves a lot of your time and effort. Also, it’s better to use spray than greasing the pan. Spraying doesn’t mess much with the texture of the crust.

Final Thoughts:

Greasing the pie pan is really unnecessary if you are not confident enough about the dough you have kneaded. But in case you are confident, do not grease the pan.

Oil getting mixed up with the crust will only mess with the taste of the crust by damping it and giving an oily texture in your mouth.