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Do Pretzels Have Dairy? (Read This First!)

Pretzels are one of the common snacks. Generally, pretzels are baked biscuits in the form of knots or sticks. Pretzels are famous for their delicious taste and unique shape. So, many people also make pretzels at home.

When it comes to having snacks, many people don’t like dairy products. So, you might be confused about whether pretzels have dairy or not.

Well, we have to know the ingredient details of pretzels to know the answer. So, let’s find out whether pretzels contain dairy products or not.

Do pretzels have dairy?

Pretzels don’t have dairy. Generally, pretzels don’t contain any product that has lactose. The traditional way of making pretzels doesn’t add dairy products. Pretzels contain sugar, yeast, salt, and flour. Technically pretzels are vegan. You don’t need to worry about pretzels if you are a vegan.

You might know that pretzels have different types. So, each type of pretzel might contain different ingredients. Let’s see whether any of the pretzels contain dairy or not.

Soft pretzels:

Soft pretzels are dairy-free. Though they have a different name and are a little bit different than hard pretzels. But their ingredients don’t have any dairy products.

Snyder’s pretzels:

Snyder’s pretzels have dairy. Generally, Snyder’s chocolate pretzels contain Hershey’s brand chocolate. This chocolate contains the dairy product. Ultimately, Snyder’s pretzels have dairy.

Wetzel’s pretzels:

Wetzel’s pretzels can also contain dairy. Generally, Wetzel’s pretzel ingredients don’t contain any direct dairy product. But when the flavor is added with butter, the dairy product will be present in the pretzels also.

Sonic pretzels:

Generally, Sonic pretzels don’t contain milk or dairy products. So, many people have sonic pretzels as vegan food. But if the supplier adds any dairy product, that depends on the supplier.

Philly pretzels:

Philly pretzels don’t have dairy. Generally, Philly pretzels have almond milk and almond milk doesn’t have dairy. So, the pretzels are also dairy and additive-free.

Auntie Anne’s pretzels:

Yes, most Auntie Anne’s pretzels are dairy-free. They are specially made for your vegan choice. Generally, Auntie Anne’s pretzels have different flavors and making processes. So, you will always get to know which one has dairy and which does not.

Dot’s pretzels:

Dot’s pretzels have milk and dairy products. Generally, Dot’s pretzels don’t have any vegan varieties. So, if you choose Dot’s pretzels, they will contain milk.

Bavarian pretzels:

Generally, Bavarian pretzels don’t contain milk. These pretzels are made of three basic ingredients: flour, water, and yeast. So, these pretzels are dairy product-free. Making pretzels without milk is the traditional way to make Bavarian pretzels.

UTZ pretzels:

UTZ pretzels have milk. UTZ pretzels’ basic ingredients have dairy products. So, these pretzels are not dairy-free.

Are pretzels lactose-free?

Generally, the traditional way of making pretzels don’t need milk or dairy products. So, most pretzels are lactose-free. But all pretzels are not lactose-free.

Generally, pretzels contain flour, sugar, yeast, and salt. All these basic ingredients are lactose-free. Some suppliers might add butter. So, pretzels with butter will not be lactose-free. Moreover, some pretzels like UTZ, Wetzel’s, Dot’s, etc., pretzels contain milk.

Milk is a great source of lactose. So, these pretzels will have lactose. So, whenever you are choosing pretzels, you should check the ingredient list.

What pretzels are vegan?

Some pretzels don’t contain lactose, milk, egg, etc. So, these pretzels are vegan. Generally, traditional pretzels are vegan. Traditional pretzels don’t contain any product that has milk or lactose.

Moreover, pretzels that don’t have butter or any additional milk product are vegan. For example, soft and hard pretzels are dairy-free. So, these pretzels are vegan. Besides, sonic pretzels are also vegan.

Traditional Bavarian pretzels and Auntie Anne’s pretzels are also vegan. Moreover, some pretzels have different varieties. They might have a dairy product or not depending on the making process. So, you have to check before choosing these pretzels.

What does pretzel contain?

Generally, pretzels are baked biscuits. So, they will contain all the ingredients of biscuits. But pretzels also have different types. Some pretzels are made following the traditional process. But some pretzels have many additives.

For example, if the pretzels are made following the traditional way, they will contain only flour, salt, sugar, and yeast. But some pretzels might contain eggs and milk. Moreover, many manufacturers use butter, seasonings, and other ingredients in pretzels.

So, here is a list of ingredients that can pretzel might contain.

  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Egg

How to make pretzels?

Pretzels are delicious snacks that are available everywhere. But many people like to make pretzels on their own. Moreover, pretzels can have customized shapes. So, people like to shape pretzels on their own.

However, if you want to make pretzels, you must follow an instruction. Otherwise, the pretzels will not be like regular pretzels. So, let’s see how you can make pretzels.

Gather ingredients:

At first, you have to gather all the necessary ingredients. You have to gather warm water, 1 packet of yeast, melted butter, brown or regular granulated sugar, salt, and flour.

Prepare yeast:

Then you have to prepare the yeast. You can add the yeast to the warm water for a couple of minutes.

Add other ingredients to yeast:

After a couple of minutes, you can add other ingredients to the yeast and water solutions. Follow the instruction on the amount of ingredients you can add.

Mix all:

Then you have to mix all the ingredients. You can use a hand mixer. Otherwise, a stand mixer will also work. Mix the ingredients well so that any lump can’t form.

Let them sit:

Let the mixture rest and the yeast rise. Keep the mixture aside for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will see that the dough has risen.

Boil water:

Meanwhile, you have to boil baking soda and water on the stove.

Make dough rope:

Make a 20 to 22 inches rope with the dough. Twist the rope with a shape according to your choice.

Boil them:

Then boil the pretzels in the boiling water for 30 seconds and place the pretzels on the baking sheet.

Sprinkle seasoning:

Sprinkle salt and seasonings on the pretzels and place them in the oven for baking.

Let them rest for serving:

Finally, after 12 to 15 minutes, the pretzels will be ready.

Is Pretzel healthy to eat?

Pretzels are not that healthy to eat. One of the main ingredients of pretzel is flour. That can be high in carbs. Moreover, pretzels are high in salt. Too much salt is not healthy to eat. Moreover, high card food will raise your blood sugar.

You might think that pretzels are lactose and fat-free. So, they are healthy. But pretzels can make you fat. If you want to eat pretzels in a healthy way, you can add whole wheat to the pretzel dough.

Moreover, you have to skip too much salt. Thus you can make healthy pretzels. Otherwise, pretzels are not healthy to eat.

What are the benefits of eating pretzels?

Though pretzels are not that healthy, they have some benefits. Pretzels have fiber and minerals that have health benefits. Moreover, they don’t contain too many calories and fat. So, if you eat pretzels in a moderate way, they can be a healthy snack.

Pretzels have iron and zinc that are healthy to eat in moderation. Moreover, hard pretzels have vitamin B. So, pretzels have some benefits too.

Final Thoughts

Pretzels are one of the common snacks around the world. But traditional pretzels don’t have dairy. If you want to have a vegan snack, a pretzel can be a good option. But sometimes, some manufacturers use milk and dairy products for their pretzels. So, you might find dairy in some pretzels.