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Do Donuts Have Dairy? (Read This First!)

Donuts are a common dessert craved by people all around the world. However, if you are someone who is lactose intolerant or simply vegan then you might be wondering if they contain any form of dairy. Before consuming one, you should be fully informed about it. 

Do donuts have dairy?

Most donuts contain dairy in them. Both milk and eggs are common dairy ingredients to give donuts a delicious taste. However, many popular stores are making it inclusive now and offering vegan donuts. If not, with a few easy steps you can always make it yourself.

Do donuts have dairy in them?

In general, regular donuts contain dairy in them. Milk, eggs, butter, and even yogurt are some of the common ingredients you will find in most donut recipes. These ingredients contribute to its yummy taste.

Any common donut that you pick up from stores will surely contain some form of a dairy product in it. Unless it is specifically mentioned that the donut is dairy-free or a vegan donut then be sure that there are at least one or more dairy products in it. 

Are donuts dairy-free?

Donuts are not dairy-free as the regular donuts from mainstream stores contain a few dairy ingredients in them. Unless the store specifically mentions that the donut is dairy-free, it is not a dairy-free donut. 

Glazed Donut:

Glazed donuts are not dairy-free. They contain ingredients such as eggs, milk, yogurt, butter, and even whey. Glazed donuts are appropriate for people that strictly follow a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet.

However, if you are lactose intolerant or simply someone following the pescetarian or vegan diet then glazed donuts are not suitable for you since they contain quite a few dairy products. 

Dunkin Donuts:

Unfortunately, none of the donuts available at Dunkin donuts are dairy-free. Starting from their popular Boston creme to their frosted donuts and even their eclairs, they all contain dairy products.

Milk, egg, wheat, and soy are some of the most common ingredients found in their donuts and they do not offer any vegan donuts as of now. 

Mochi donut:

Even though mochi is considered to be a vegan-friendly dessert sought after by many people, mochi donut itself might not be dairy-free. Mochi donuts typically contain milk and thus cannot be determined as dairy-free.

However, inspired by mochi being vegan friendly you might find vegan mochi donuts available at some stores and it will be a wise idea to ask a worker if the donuts are dairy-free or not. 

Duck donut:

While most donuts at duck donuts are not dairy-free, they have vegan options available too. Their vegan cake-based donuts are a permanent item on their menu and not limited edition.

Not only that, but you also have the option to choose from a variety of vegan toppings and drizzles such as cinnamon, graham cracker, and fruity drizzles. 

Shipley donut:

Most of Shipley’s donuts contain dairy ingredients and their best-sellers are all made of dairy ingredients. However, if you contact them then you might be able to find some vegan and dairy-free options as well. 

Cake donut:

In general cake donuts are not considered to be dairy-free as they contain dairy ingredients such as milk and eggs.

However, a lot of popular franchises have now started making cake-based donuts and these are completely dairy-free. It will be in your best interest to confirm if they are dairy-free before buying one. 

Chinese donut:

Chinese donuts have a recipe that calls for ingredients such as milk, eggs, and butter. Therefore, these are not dairy-free.

However, many Chinese takeout places are vegan friendly and thus offer dairy-free Chinese donuts. Additionally, you can also find vegan-friendly recipes of Chinese donuts online. 

Yeast donut:

Regular yeast donuts are not dairy-free as they contain ingredients such as milk and eggs. However, you can personalize it to your requirements and also find vegan, dairy-free recipes of yeast donuts online. 

Cinnamon donut:

Cinnamon donuts have milk, eggs, and lactose. In all mainstream stores, these are the common ingredients for cinnamon donuts and thus they are not dairy-free.

However, you might be able to find vegan cake-based donuts with some kind of cinnamon flavoring.

Do donuts have milk or eggs?

Yes, these are the two most common ingredients any regular donuts contain. Unless a store specifically says a donut is dairy-free then it most certainly contains eggs and milk. Some donuts also contain butter and cheese.

However, more and more places are now offering vegan, dairy-free donuts. Even though it is not as common as regular donuts, it is still available. Alternatively, you can make any donut recipe vegan that contains dairy products to your preferences. 

How to make dairy-free donuts?

The easiest way to make dairy-free donuts is to substitute the usual dairy ingredients with dairy-free ingredients of your liking. 

Prepare the frosting:

To prepare the frosting use soy margarine that is dairy-free and use a hand mixer to beat it out until it is fluffy in texture. Add in the sugar slowly in halves and mix it alongside coconut milk and vanilla extract.

Beat it for at least four minutes until all the ingredients are well combined and the mixture is creamy and smooth. Let it rest at normal temperature until you are prepared to use it. 

Prepare the donut batter:

Take a big dish and sift all the dry ingredients together such as flour, salt, baking powder, and cinnamon powder and mix well.

Take a pan and heat it on low flame and add dairy-free soy margarine, coconut milk, and sunflower oil. When it mixes properly take it off from the heat and let it rest. 

Roll the dough:

Take the dish of your dry mixture and make a small hole in the middle to add in your wet mixture. Mix it well until a thick dough is formed and roll it into small dolls.

Press a hole in the center of each ball and make it into the shape of a donut. Flour your hands if necessary to avoid your hands getting too sticky. 

Fry your donuts:

Take a big pan and fill it up with oil. Heat it and you can test the temperature by dropping a small dough in and checking if it turns brown quickly.

Once your oil is prepared, fry your donuts in it using a spatula until it turns a beautiful golden brown color. 

Decorate your donut:

Soak the excess oil in tissue paper and once your donuts are prepared you are ready to decorate it.

You can use the frosting mixture that you made and put sprinkles on top for color. You can also dip your donut in a cinnamon-sugar mixture or drizzle it with some fruity flavors such as raspberry or strawberry jellies. 

What kind of donuts are dairy-free?

Donuts that do not contain lactose products such as milk are considered to be dairy-free. Donuts that contain eggs are not necessarily dairy-free as eggs do not contain lactose.

If you are vegan and want to avoid any kind of animal by-products then you should reach for vegan donuts. However, if you are just lactose intolerant then you can go for dairy-free donuts. You can easily switch milk with something like soy milk as it does not contain lactose. 

Are donuts vegan?

Most of the donuts are not vegan. Regular donuts contain animal by-products such as milk, butter, eggs, and yogurt. However, nowadays many stores are offering vegan cake-based donuts. Furthermore, you can find a plethora of easy vegan donut recipes online as well. 

Are there any vegan donuts?

Some shops are offering vegan cake-based donuts. Even though it is not as common as regular donuts, you can always try calling up a store and see if they can personalize it for you according to your preference.

You can also find many vegan donut recipes online. It is very simple as you can substitute animal by-products with vegan alternatives such as soy milk, vegan soy margarine and not use eggs which gives it a more cake-like consistency. 

Final Thoughts:

Regular donuts indeed contain dairy in them but you can always find alternatives that cater to your needs whether you want it to be vegan or simply dairy-free. If not, you can always try to make it yourself using substitutes that do not contain dairy in them and thus make non-dairy donuts.