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Do Ball Pythons Hibernate? (All You Need to Know)

Ball pythons are also known as royal pythons. In today’s world, they are becoming good pets. Therefore, people want to know more about them.

Pet lovers want to know if ball pythons hibernate or not. Hibernate is a state of physical relaxation where the animals or snakes rest for months or entire seasons.

However, we will explain everything about the ball pythons hibernate and other-regarding factors. So, keep going and know more about the ball pythons.

Do ball pythons hibernate?

Ball pythons don’t hibernate. They slow down in summer but don’t hibernate. However, ball pythons can sleep for weeks and months. At that time, they wake up and drink water, and roam for a few minutes. After that, ball pythons go to sleep again. This is a regular sleeping cycle.

However, pet lovers ask about their pet ball pythons as well. Pet ball pythons are not the same as wild pythons. Here you go.

Pet Ball pythons in captivity:

Pet ball pythons don’t hibernate like other snakes. But you can captivate them or keep them in a comfortable and spacious cage. There the pet ball pythons can live a decent life.

However, the pet ball pythons in captivity are not cruel in this era. But you need to ensure the required temperature for your pet ball pythons. Your pet ball pythons may hibernate if you fail to safeguard the environment.

On the other hand, pet ball pythons can eat and grow naturally. You have to ensure a safe place for it. Once it is used in captivity, it will be fine.

Do ball python snakes hibernate in the winter?

Ball python snakes don’t hibernate in the winter. But some breeders go through a cooling down period. At that time, they stop eating and doing other activities.

In winter, the ball python stops most of its activity. They even stop eating for some months as well. However, you need to take extra care of your pet ball python in winter.

First, you have to ensure the temperature is around 70°F. Anything less is considered as the cold for ball pythons. If you fail to give the proper warmth, your pet ball python will be sick and stop eating.

Also, your ball python may hibernate for less temperature and a cold environment. But this is not a usual condition for the ball pythons. Check your ball python’s health and give it a perfect setting.

Why don’t ball python snakes hibernate?

Ball python snakes don’t hibernate. There are some common reasons why these snakes don’t disappear for months.

In most cases, snakes hibernate for several months. At that time, they sleep. They don’t eat, wake up, or change their living place for months.

On the other hand, the ball python snakes don’t sleep month after month. But they sleep in winter and stop eating. They are not the characteristics of hibernating.

Mainly, the ball python snakes cannot bear the winter or cold. Therefore, they go underground. In addition, they stop eating as well.

But they wake up every 4 to 5 days, drink water, and look through the surroundings. That’s the main reason why ball pythons don’t hibernate like other snakes.

Why isn’t my ball python eating?

Your ball python stops eating for some specific reasons. One of the main reasons is the sleeping cycle in winter. But there are some other reasons as well. Let’s explore them.

Low temperature:

Your ball python will stop eating if the temperature goes down. It is the most crucial fact. In that case, you need to ensure the perfect temperature. 

Loss of metabolism:

In winter, your pet ball python will lose its metabolism power for the time being. That time, they don’t need to eat. That’s why they stop eating in winter.

Health issues:

If your pet ball python stops eating without any described reasons, it may be a sickness. Check the ball python’s health and go for the treatment immediately.

Improper cage setup:

Improper cage setup could be another reason why your pet ball python stops eating. In this regard, you need to make a proper cage set up and let your


If your pet ball python stops doing any activity, it will stop eating too. In that case, try to do some activity with your pet ball python. If you do it successfully, your pet ball python will eat soon.

How long can a ball python not eat? When should I worry?

An adult ball python can survive up to six months without eating anything. And it’s a typical behavior pattern for them. But, this is not the hibernating period.

You should not worry about the fasting period. But if you find any abnormal behavior from your pet ball python, you must take some steps.

First, check the health and temperature simultaneously. Temperature plays a crucial role here. If you find a cold environment, you should use the heater and warm the atmosphere.

What do I do if my ball python won’t eat?

You can follow some easy steps if your pet ball doesn’t eat. Before that, check the health and temperature of the ball python.

Increase temperature:

Try to change the temperature from cold to warm. You can use the room heater as well. By following anyway, you need to increase the surrounding temperature.

Increase activity:

You have to increase your pet ball python’s activity. If you love it, try to move it by ensuring your safety. However, you can do it at night as the ball python loves to drive and hunt at night.

Identify health issues:

If you find any diseases or abnormal behavior, seek help from an animal expert. Try to get the real reason if it gets any virus or injury. And then apply for the medicine and cure it. It will start eating soon.

Change cage setup:

You can change the cage setup as well. You have to ensure the best living environment for your pet ball python. It won’t eat if it fails to live comfortably.

Check digestive pattern:

You can check the metabolism power of your pet ball pythons. It helps to know the actual reason. If it decreases the overall metabolism power or digestive system, it usually stops eating.

In that case, you must help your pet ball pythons do some activity. You can force it to change the setting or sleeping place.

How to tell if my ball python is lifeless or in hibernation?

Your ball python will lose its life if it gets seriously injured or old enough. But you can quickly tell if your ball python is lifeless or not.

In that case, you need to go and pass near it. It will respond or move a bit if it lives. It won’t move or react if it is lifeless.

Moreover, snakes hibernate and also respond if you handle them or pass them. But sometimes, if they sleep for months, they won’t respond.

In that case, you must check your pet ball python with a veterinarian. He/they can confirm whether the ball python is lifeless or not.

How long and when does a snake hibernate?

A snake hibernates for about six months. Generally, snakes start hibernating when the weather cools down and decreases the temperature. It could be anytime and anywhere.

However, Python’s hibernation period starts between September to December and ends in March or April. But, it depends on the weather and the country you are living in.

In contrast, the ball python doesn’t hibernate for that time. But they stop their activities in winter and sleep for weeks or months. But it is not like hibernating.

Can ball pythons survive in the cold? How cold is too cold for a ball python?

Ball pythons cannot survive in the cold. They can bear 70°F. But if the temperature drops down, they stop doing any activities. And, anything less than 70°F is too cold for a ball python.

However, you will need to use a room heater to keep the temperature above 70°. If you are careless about the temperature and your pet ball python lives under that temperature for months or weeks, it will not survive. It will be a life threat for Python.

So, ball pythons cannot survive in the cold for a long time. It stops the activity in winter and stops eating as well. If you fail to take the necessary steps, your ball python will lose its life soon in the cold.

Final Thoughts

Ball pythons don’t hibernate. They stop doing anything and eating in winter. Besides, they can survive up to six months without eating anything. And they sleep for days and weeks in the breeding period. However, you have to make the temperature high and make a hot environment for your ball pythons.