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9 Amazing DIY Party Backdrop Ideas (Beginners Guide)

Party backdrops lift up the vibe and mood of the party for you. It even elevates the standard of any theme party.

But finding the perfect themed party backdrops at a minimum cost can be a difficult job for you.

Which, in a way can be sorted out by making your very own DIY party backdrops.

Here Is A Quick Tip to Make A Backdrop for A Party

As long as you can manage yourself to have a backdrop stand, you can turn any fabric, paper, or plastic into your beautiful party backdrop. Just fold one edge of the material and sew to create a pocket and hang it on the stand. It works just like that!

This way, you will get party backdrops made out of any material you have. Besides, The stands can be found in any photography equipment selling store to ease your work.

So, here is a top picked list of excellent and easy backdrop ideas that can help you rock the party as a host.

9 Amazing DIY Ideas – Top Picks

Birthday Photo Backdrop

Having a photograph themed birthday party is easy to go with the vinyl photo printed backdrop. They can be really cheap if you go to the stores and choose the right vinyl cloth to print out your desired images. You can pay the photo studios to get your printing job done.

The next thing you need to do is, get your printed backdrop cloth and sew in one edge to create a pocket.

Then simply place the backdrop in your backdrop stand or hang it on the wall using wires and nails. Both will give you the same output of a pretty birthday photo backdrop. Finish it by placing the “Happy Birthday” leash on the backdrop.

Circle Backdrop

Circle backdrops are something that can create a different dimension to your party decorations. But making them does not require a lot of elements. All you need is two planks of plywood, one saw, sandpaper, nuts & screws, decoration fabric, and glue.

You need to measure the planks to make equal half circles out of them at the very beginning. Once you are done with the measurements and marking the circle way, cut the planks using the saw.

Sand the corners to make them smooth using the sandpaper. Once you are done, you can conjoin the two halves together to form a full circle. Use a driller and nuts & screws to attach the parts firmly.

And your circle backdrop frame or stand is ready to use. Finally, decorate with your favorite material using glue to make your DIY circular backdrop for your home party.

Grass Backdrop

Artificial grass beddings are now very common. We can easily find them from any market. So if you want to add some green touch to your backdrop look, you can try this idea to make your party decorations look different.

This décor method only requires you to know the green carpet dimension you need to buy, nails, and a hammer to tuck them into your walls or board at the background.

Just make sure that you hang the grass carpet high enough and keep it straight to make it look beautiful.

DIY Tablecloth Backdrop

Tablecloth backdrops can be a life savior for anyone who does not want to spend any money on the backdrop decorations yet want them for the party look.

This is the cheapest method to attain your party look with colorful patterns at the back of your room decorations.

For this, you need colorful tablecloths you have at your hand, scissors, and a sewing machine. First, you need to cut down the table cloths in strips according to your desired width. Sew one edge of the strips to create a pocket to roll in wires.

Once you are done sewing all the parts, place the strips in the wire or rope. Lastly, tuck the rope or wire on the walls and enjoy the beauty of the colorful backdrop for your party.

Foam Board Backdrop

Is your party setup indoors? Then this self stand foam board backdrop idea is perfect for you. This does not cost a lot. But it can give you an ideal photo frame backdrop setup for your party.

It would be best if you get a lightweight foam board for the backdrop to be made. You can find these boards available in the hardware stores or the wood stores.

First, You need to place the boards vertically and place two supports at the board’s backside. It will hold the board in place and stand straight. Then you can then paste any decorative element on the board or add small pictures to cherish the memories in the form of a backdrop.

Wrapping Paper Backdrop

This is a very quick way to decorate a backdrop for your party. All you need to do is find the wrapping papers that go well with your party theme and stick them to the background wall.

Sticking the wrapping paper might remove the colors from the walls. Instead, you can place a board in front of your wall and place the wrapping paper on the board. Use a glue stick or hot glue to do the work and give a great finishing look. That’s all!

Canvas Backdrop

Canvas backdrops are the most popular backdrops in the market. They give a very soothing feel and adds edges to the decoration.

They are also very cheap. You can get canvas fabrics from photography stores. You can get them in various ranges of colors.

Next, get the canvas cloth and make a pouch on one edge by folding and sewing it. Lastly, place the backdrop stand rod to pass through the pocket to hold the canvas fabric as your fabulous backdrop for the party.

Hand-Painted Backdrop

Hand-painted backdrops can be customized in any fabric you want for your party decorations. But the best material is canvas fabric.

You can draw your desired design or pattern on the canvas fabric to make your hand-painted backdrop. So just like the canvas backdrop, you need to sew the edges to hang it on the backdrop stand.

Custom Printed Backdrop

Custom printed backdrops can be a bit expensive than the previous ideas. But if you want something extraordinary at your party, you can surely choose to custom print on vinyl clothes to make your backdrop.

Once you have custom printed the patterns or images on the vinyl cloth, all you need is to sew a pocket to hang that on the backdrop stand that you have at your place or use wires to do the job.

Making these amazing backdrops are not all that you need to know to ace your party decoration. Instead, it would help if you concentrate on some other things to get the full idea of party backdrops.

What Can I Use to Make A Backdrop?

Backdrops can be made of many materials. But the most popular elements that you can use to make backdrops are tablecloths, cloth, canvas cloth, vinyl cloth, plastic, wrapping papers, foam board, grass carpet, plywood, paper plates, fairy lights, curtains and old newspapers, etc. So choose your favorite one to decorate your house for a party.

How Do I Make A Backdrop Stand for A Party?

Ready-made backdrops can be pretty expensive. But for a cheap home solution, you can customize your backdrop stand with PVC pipes. All you need is to grab pieces of PVC pipes from the hardware store. Get two long ones and bend them to 90 degrees. Join them with PVC fitting. Next, make support stand with two straight PVC pipes at the bottom of the two corners. Lastly, attach one pipe in the middle of the two pipes to have a good grip. Use PVC fittings to hold the pipes in place. And your DIY backdrop stand is ready for use.

How to Hang A Backdrop for A Party?

The backdrop hanging position is an essential part of the backdrop to look good. It is always advised to make the backdrop as straight as possible.

You can use a backdrop stand to hang the backdrop or use wires to hang them on the wall. But whatever you use, just make sure that the backdrop stays straight on the wall.

How to Make A Cheap Backdrop?

Professional backdrops are super expensive. But that can not stop anyone from installing backdrops at their party. At least not just because of the expense.

Dozens of elements can help you to make cheap backdrops. Wrapping paper or curtain backdrops are good examples of those.

To make a cheap backdrop, you don’t need any backdrop stand. Just get a roll of paper wrappers and cord to hold the roll on the wall. Place it on the wall and get your desired pretty and cheap backdrop for any occasion.

Can I use cloth as a backdrop?

You can surely use cloth as a backdrop. It is one of the cheapest and popular ways of making backdrops for any occasion. So, choose your favorite color or a patterned fabric to use as a backdrop for your party or photoshoot.

These awesome ideas of backdrops and decorations can surely enhance your party look and make you stand out as a super creative party organizer among your family and friends.