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Craftsman Classic 2-Story 5-Bedroom House With Angled 3-Car Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 4,501 Sq Ft
  • 4 – 5 Beds
  • 5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Oh, the beauty and charm of a classic country home!

Picture this: a spacious 4,501 sq ft haven nestled between gentle rolling hills, adorned with four attention-stealing dormers and boasting not just a garage, but a stylishly angled three-car garage, no less! But that, my friend, is merely the delightful tip of this domestic iceberg.

Let’s walk hand-in-hand (virtually, of course) through this enchanting dwelling that merges timeless design with a pinch of modern pizzazz.

Our journey begins at the exterior where those four adorable dormers seductively tease the eye, hinting at the cozy nooks and comfy spaces within.

They’re like the charming winks from your home, greeting you and your visitors with a friendly “Howdy!” every day.

While keeping their traditional aesthetic, they silently whisper the tales of sunny afternoons with a good book in a cozy alcove.

Can we please talk about porches for a hot second?

A front porch that generously cradles the breadth of the facade and a rear one, oh-so-ready to host your summer barbecues, lazy Sunday mornings, or romantic starlit evenings.

These porches aren’t merely “outdoor space.”

No, no, they are the threshold where your loving home gently caresses the wild tendrils of nature.

Imagine rocking slowly in your hand-crafted wooden chair, sweet tea in hand, while the world quietly hums around you.

Upon entering through the handsome front door, the wide foyer doesn’t just “welcome” – it embraces you, like a long-lost friend who’s absolutely thrilled to see you.

Your gaze naturally soars upwards, exploring the lofty heights of the two-story great room.

Ah, and the windows!

A wall generously punctuated with panes of crystal clear opportunities to gaze upon your realm (or backyard) while basking in the abundance of natural light.

Speaking of guests – because a home like this is simply begging to be shown off – they will surely appreciate the thoughtfully designed first-floor guest suite.

A sanctuary offering not just privacy, but also a dash of luxury with its own bath and a walk-in closet, ensuring your visitors feel not like transient beings, but like cherished members of the domicile.

The kitchen, ah, the heart of the home, where scents of freshly baked cookies and savory spices mingle in a heartwarming dance!

Positioned strategically, it allows you to have a watchful eye over both the great room and the hearth room/nook area.

The setup is so sublime, you can easily converse with family and friends while conjuring culinary delights, without feeling secluded in a chef’s cavern.

Now, dare to ascend to the second floor and be delighted by spaces that cater to both your productive and leisurely pursuits.

A cozy computer room offers a serene spot for tackling emails, school assignments, or perhaps penning your debut novel, while the expansive home theater is ready to whisk you away to distant worlds and thrilling adventures, all from the comfort of your abode.

The additional bedrooms, whether utilized for family, guests, or perhaps a whimsically themed hobby room, provide further sanctuary, each offering quiet corners to escape to and gaze through well-placed windows upon your dominion below.

With five baths peppered thoughtfully throughout, no resident or guest need ever perform the awkward “bathroom dance”.

Each one offering enough space to twirl in a towel (not that we do that, right? Wink!).

And oh, what tales could be told from within these walls!

Children chasing one another through the spacious living areas, holiday feasts prepared in the all-seeing kitchen, heartfelt conversations shared on the back porch under the twinkling stars, and many a movie night in the home theater, where reels of memories are just waiting to be unspooled.

This country classic is not merely a structure; it’s an embrace of all the warmth and joy that a home should exude.

Its walls patiently await to absorb the laughter, the stories, and even the somber moments of life, standing steadfastly through the passages of time.

Thank you, dear reader, for strolling through this abode with me, feeling its potential and envisioning its capacity for love, life, and countless memories.

Whether your dwelling is a cozy cottage, a sprawling estate, or a bustling apartment, may it always be filled with the hearty echoes of love and friendship, for that is where true ‘home’ is found.

While I take your leave to dream about my own ventures within such delightful walls, I leave you to ponder, imagine, and perhaps one day, create your own stories in a home as beguiling as our country classic.

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