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Can You Wash Shower Curtains in Washer? (Quick Answers)

The pair of shower curtains hanging in your bathroom gets dirty over time. As it is used in a damp, wet place, gradually dust, debris and molds take place in the curtain. Moreover, due to frequent water splashes from the shower, the curtain gets water spots all over it. 

So after a certain time, it needs to be cleaned to maintain hygiene and keep the washroom clean. 

Whether it’s fabric made or plastic made, shower curtains are usually bulky and larger in size, so people wish to use a washer for cleaning them to save energy and time. We have all at some point washed our home curtains in the washer and even dried them using the dryer. 

But can shower curtains be put in the washer? Let’s know the truth!

Can you wash shower curtains in washer?

You can wash shower curtains in the washer. Whether the curtain is made of plastic, vinyl, or fabric, it can be washed following some tips. For fabric-made shower curtains, wash as usual. But if the material is plastic or vinyl, make sure the water is cold. However, don’t put them in the dryer.

Shower curtains are needed to be washed after a certain time so that you don’t catch a bad allergy, or skin rash. Cleaning them properly can bring back the gloss while saving your pocket from buying another pair. 

Also to keep your washroom clean and fresh a pair of washed curtains do a lot. 

Since modern life is dependent on home appliances a lot, we believe everyone wants this washing part to be done by their washer.

If you’re planning to clean your shower curtains and wondering whether putting them in the washer will damage the quality, we’d say no worries. You definitely can. But which ones? We’ll share that too. Take a look to know if you can clean these shower curtains 

Vinyl shower curtains: 

Vinyl shower curtains are one of the affordable options people pick. They are very effective too as they protect the rest of the bathroom from water splash. 

Vinyl shower curtains can be washed in the washer. They are mostly washer-friendly unless you see a tag saying “Hand Wash”. 

You can use detergent or any cleaning agent to wash vinyl shower curtains in a washing machine. But since they can get damaged in heat, you have to wash them running a cold cycle.

PEVA plastic shower curtains: 

PEVA plastic shower curtains are preferred for easy maintenance and quick cleaning. But your PVA plastic curtains can get heavy dirt due to regular use. So you may not want to hand wash them as a washer is easier and can bring a better result.

Plastic shower curtains can be cleaned in the washer with gentle cycles. But then shouldn’t be washed using hot water as the curtain can get ill-shaped or damaged. 

Fabric shower curtains: 

Fabric shower curtains can hold a lot of dirt which is hard to clean with your hands. So putting your fabric shower curtains in the washer is the best thing you can do to get clean and fresh curtains.

If the fabric is cotton you can wash them as usual. But for synthetic fabric, it’s better to avoid heavy wash with hot water. 

How to wash and clean shower curtains in the washer?

Shower curtains tolerate so much water splash, molds, and soapy foams and therefore get dirty very soon. Throwing them out and getting new ones cannot be a solution. It will just add up to your cost. Instead, you can easily wash them in the washing machines.

Cleaning shower curtains is very quick, easy, and cost-effective. But, make sure to check the care level first as it depends on material. You will find curtains with different materials such as cloth and plastic which require varying caring levels. 

Usually, plastic curtains are comparatively affordable. Yet, both cloth-based and plastic-based curtains are easy to wash. You needn’t add anything unusual. You can clean them with as usual cleanser such as detergent, baking soda, white vinegar etc. 

Prepare curtains to put them into the washer: 

First of all, put down your curtain or liner, and remove metal rings if there are any. Removing rings is the most time-consuming task. Put all the curtains in the washer.

Add bath towels: 

Here is a very important tip. Add bath towels with the curtain. They will scrub the curtains without making any wrinkles. They will also prevent curtains from getting torn and sticking together.

Add detergent and baking soda: 

The next step is to add detergent. You can use your regular laundry detergent. Besides, add half a cup or a cup of baking soda. This will clean your curtain well.

Set up washer: 

Fill up your washer with the highest water setting. Turn on the gentle cycle with warm water if your curtains are made of clothes. Plastic curtains will not survive the warm water. So, put cold water on them. 

Add vinegar: 

Wait till the rinse cycle, and add distilled vinegar into the machine. You can put half a cup or 1 cup of white vinegar. 

Hang to dry: 

Finally, hang your curtain back to the rod and let it drip to dry. 

Following these steps, you can bring back your curtains just in new condition in no time.

Cleaning shower curtains without a washer:

Shower curtains get dirty easily due to the damp environment in the bathroom which stimulates the growth of molds. However, it is wise and cost-effective to clean curtains rather than replace them with new ones. They are very easy to clean in a washing machine. 

But if you don’t have access to the washing machine, or your curtains do not get into the machine, you can clean them by hand as well which is also very easy.

Follow some tips and you will get new-looking shower curtains for your bathroom. You can use ingredients available at home such as detergent, baking soda, and white vinegar to clean them by hand.

Use baking soda and water: 

Baking soda is a very effective cleaning ingredient. It can be used to clean both cloth-based and plastic-based curtains. 

First of all, sprinkle a layer of baking soda on a damp microfiber cloth. Use that damp cloth to scrub your curtain well. Scrub thoroughly to remove dirt and grime. 

Then take a new cloth and dampen it with warm water. Use it to wipe away all the baking soda. You may need to repeat the task to wipe out all the dirt and baking soda. Make sure no traces of baking soda are left. 

Remember to use cold water for plastic curtains.

Now, let’s focus on set-in stains. They will not go away so easily. Sprinkle more baking soda on the stains, and scrub it until the stains get washed out. Wipe them out with a clean damp cloth. Let your curtain air dry.

Use white vinegar and water: 

A mixture of vinegar and water works very well to clean shower curtains. You will need a spray bottle for that. Add one portion of vinegar and four portions of water to the spray bottle.  

Spray this solution to both sides of the curtain and let it sit for a while. This solution will break down the molds and soap scum in a while. Rinse with warm water if the curtain is cloth-based. Use cold water for plastic curtains. 

To remove tough stains, you can wash them by hand in a tub. Fill a tub with water, pour laundry detergent and baking soda, mix them well and hand wash your curtains. Hang the curtain on a rod to air dry. Your curtains will be ready to use then.

Can I put my shower curtain in the dryer?

You cannot always put your shower curtain in the dryer as the heat can ruin some of the curtain materials. Dryer uses high heat to absorb moisture from the washed clothes. Thus the laundry gets dry faster. It’s an easy and effective method 

But not all the materials can tolerate the heating waves. Especially if you have shower curtains made of plastic or vinyl that can’t be put in the dryer. They needed to be air-dried. 

The heat cycles of a dryer can melt the plastic or vinyl and damage the curtains. Also, there can be a chemical smell in the curtains after drying due to the high temperature. 

If you have a fabric shower curtain it can be put in the dryer but with fewer cycles. Silk or synthetic can get distorted in the dryer heat so it’s better to air-dry those fabric curtains. 

Final Thoughts

Shower curtains can be washed in the washer using regular soap or detergent. But if the material is plastic or vinyl you have to be a little careful with the cycles and temperature. Avoid harsh cleaners, hot water, or heavy wash to clean shower curtains in a washer.