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Can You Use Windex on Tile? (All You Need to Know)

When cleaning your window or other glasses in your house, you might think about using Windex. Windex is one of the effective glass cleaners.

This cleaner cleans all the dirt, dust, grease, and residues from the glass surface. Like the glass cleaner, several tile cleaners are also available.

But you might not get the tile cleaner readily available. So, you might be confused about whether you can use Windex on tile or not.

Well, Windex has some excellent cleaning elements in it. But you have to ensure the safety of the tile after using Windex on it. So, let’s see details about it.

Using Windex on tile

You can use Windex on the tile. Generally, Windex is a glass cleaner, so it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that can damage the tile. Moreover, this cleaner can remove dust, dirt, grease, and other residues from the tile surface. But don’t overuse it on the lining between the tiles.

However, tiles can be of different types. For example, some examples are porcelain tile, subway tile, glass tile, etc. Each tile might have different reactions with Windex. So, let’s see whether you can use Windex on these tiles or not.

Porcelain tile:

You can use Windex on the porcelain tile. But you must use this cleaner on the porcelain tile carefully. You might have seen that tiles have linings between them. These linings are not the same material as the tiles.

So, you must consider the linings while using Windex on the porcelain tile. Windex will clean the porcelain tiles effectively. 

But don’t use the cleaner on the linings. Windex can damage the lining. So, avoid cleaning the porcelain tile’s lining while cleaning the tile with Windex.

Subway tile:

Like other tiles, you can also use Windex on the subway tile. But it is not recommended to use Windex on the subway tile. Because subway tiles are easy to clean. Some mild things like detergent or vinegar are enough to clean subway tiles properly.

But Windex has some harsh chemicals like ammonia contents. Ammonia contents can damage the subway tiles over time. If you regularly use Windex to clean subway tiles, it might damage the times gradually. So, it will be wise not to use Windex on subway tiles.

Ceramic tile:

You can use Windex to clean ceramic tiles. Generally, Windex is used on glass surfaces. But this can also clean ceramic surfaces. This cleaner has potent cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt and grease from the ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles will not get damaged from the Windex. But you have to avoid the linings from using Windex.

Ceramic tiles’ linings are made of different things from ceramics. So, Windex can damage these linings. That’s why it is often recommended not to use Windex on ceramic tiles.

Glass tile:

You can also use Windex on glass tiles. You might know that Windex is a glass cleaner. So, using this cleaner on the glass tiles will not cause any damage. But you can use the ammonia-free Windex on the glass tile for safety.

Windex effectively cleans glass tiles from dust, grease, grime, and residues. But while using Windex on the glass tiles, don’t use it on the linings. Because linings are made from different materials. 

Is Windex safe on tile?

Windex is not always safe on the tile. But most tiles are suitable to use Windex on them. Windex doesn’t damage the tile surface. But the linings between tiles are not suitable to use Windex. If you use Windex between the tile linings, the linings might get damaged.

Moreover, ammonia containing Windex is not safe on tiles. Ammonia-free Windex is also available. If you use ammonia-containing Windex on the tiles, the coating of the tiles might go away. So, the tiles can lose their shine.

But if you use ammonia-free Windex on the tiles, the tiles will not lose their shine. Moreover, dirt, dust, grease, etc., will be removed from the tile surface. Windex is a very effective element for removing residues from tile surfaces.

Though Windex is a glass cleaner, it can also clean tiles. But it is recommended not to use Windex on the subway tiles. Subway tiles can be easily cleaned with a simple cleaner.

Reasons why you can use Windex on tile

Now that you know you can use Windex on tiles, you might want to know why. Windex has some excellent properties that can effectively clean tiles. So, let’s see why you can use Windex on the tile.

Effective cleaner:

Windex is a pretty effective cleaner. Though Windex is a glass cleaner, it can also clean tiles. It can remove dust and dirt from the tile surface. Moreover, it can remove stubborn stains from the tiles. Besides, Windex effectively removes greasy materials from the tile surfaces.


Windex is a safe cleaner for tiles. Though using ammonia-containing Windex is not recommended for tiles. But Windex is also available without ammonia. If you use ammonia-free Windex on the tiles, it will not damage the surface.

Moreover, the shine on the tiles will not go away. So, Windex is suitable to use on tiles.

Quick cleaner:

Windex is one of the quick cleaners. Windex can clean glass surfaces immediately. But when you use it on tiles, it can also remove dirt and grease quickly. Windex can clean the tile surface within a couple of minutes.


Using Windex on the tiles can also be cost-effective. Windex is cheaper than many tile cleaners. Moreover, you can use Windex both on glass and tile surfaces. So, it can be a cost-effective solution.

How to clean a tile floor with Windex?

Cleaning the tile floor with Windex is pretty easy. But cleaning with Windex appropriately is also essential. So, let’s see how you can clean a tile floor with Windex.

Vacuum the floor:

First, you need to vacuum the tile floor. This will remove excess dirt and residue from the tile floor. Vacuuming the floor before cleaning with Windex makes the process more effective.

Spraying Windex:

Next, you have to spray the Windex solution on the tile floor. Don’t spray a too small amount of Windex on the floor. Moreover, avoid spraying the Windex directly on the tiles’ linings.


Then you can take a soft wet cloth to clean the floor. You can use water with the fabric to make the process effective and quick. Softly rub the cloth on the tile to remove stains.

Windex will remove dirt, grease, etc., well from the surface. But if the stain is stubborn, keep Windex solution on the stain for a couple of minutes. Then gently rub a cloth on the stain, which will be removed.

Rinsing with water:

Then you have to rinse water on the floor and wipe the floor with a cloth or mop. Using water will remove residual Windex from the floor. If Windex remains on the floor for a long time, this can damage the coating of the tile floor.


Finally, dry the tile floor well after cleaning with Windex. Allow enough ventilation and fans to make the drying process quicker.

What is the best thing to clean tiles with?

You have already known that Windex has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, this can damage the shine of your tiles. So, you might want to know about suitable cleaners. Let’s see what the best things to clean tiles with are.


Vinegar is an excellent cleaner for tiles. You can use diluted vinegar on tiles to clean tiles effectively. Diluted tiles will also not damage the tile surface. Moreover, vinegar will keep germs and insects away.

DIY solution:

You can also make a DIY solution to clean the tile surface. For example, mix warm water and dish soap to make a cleaning solution. Dish soaps also have cleaning agents that will effectively clean tile surfaces.


You can also mix detergent to warm water to make a cleaning solution. Don’t mix too much detergent with water. You have to keep the ratio of detergent small. After mixing detergent with warm water, you can use it on tiles for cleaning.

Commercial cleaners:

Some commercial cleaners are also available for tiles. You can also use these cleaners to clean tiles.

Final Thoughts

You can use Windex glass cleaner to clean tiles also. This cleaning solution is pretty helpful in removing oil, dirt, grease, residues, etc. But while cleaning Windex on the tile surfaces, avoid the tile linings. Moreover, rinse water after using Windex to remove any residue from the tile.