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Can You Use Vinegar on Grout? (All You Need to Know)

Grout is a boundary between floor tiles. Generally, the thin line that attaches two or more tiles together is the grout. It is made of different colored cement. The color comes from the pigment that is added with the vinegar. Vinegar is a good cleaner. Let’s see if vinegar can be used on grout.

Using vinegar on grout:

Vinegar is a strong cleaning agent. It is not harsh to ruin the surface. But it can easily clean the grout. As grout can have dirt particles and other easy-to-clean particles from the grout. You can use a mixture of hot water and vinegar on the grout and scrub it well to have the best result.

You can use different materials to clean the grout. Basically, the color fades as dirt and other greasy things mixed with the grout. Rather than using vinegar, you can use the pink stuff. The pink stuff is made to clean hard surfaces. The main important thing about pink stuff is that it can clean grease, and tough stains of anything easily.

Generally, detergents or any chlorine-based cleaner ruins the surface easily. For that reason, using stuff that is not too harsh or too mild is good. The pink stuff is made of earthy materials such as baking soda, sodium silicate, quartz, and soap that are not harsh. But, before using it on a surface, you should use the pink stuff in a small area, to see if it works without ruining anything.

Also, ensure that the pink stuff is an abrasive paste, and you should apply it on the surface without scratching the surface. If the surface is not cool enough, then you should not use it. Polish it gently and don’t use it on plastic or highly polished surfaces. That’s why it works on grout. As the grout is not highly polished, but rough.

Vinegar, on the other hand, is so mild that can clean without ruining the surface. Even you can use edible vinegar to clean your surface. Don’t use balsamic vinegar, just white vinegar is perfect. What you will need are warm water and a spray bottle. Mix the vinegar and warm water together, then spray it thoroughly over the grout, and then leave it for four to five minutes and scrub it well using a brush. Don’t use any brush that has a rough-bristles brush. After applying, resting, and brushing perfectly, you should rinse the surface with running water. That’s how you can easily clean the grout using vinegar.

Colored grout:

Vinegar is an acid with a low pH level which means the vinegar is not a strong acid. It will not ruin the surface but will clean the surface easily. Also, when you are thinking about colored grout specifically, then you are thinking if the color of the grout is going to be ruined or not. Here you can assure yourself that, vinegar will clean the grout without losing any color of the grout. So, you are completely safe to use grout.

Sealed grout:

Sometimes when grout needs to have protection to stay longer and keep the grout thus the tile clean you should use a sealant. Mainly a sealant keeps the grout surface strong so that it doesn’t wear out day by day. Moreover, it helps the grout to keep itself out of any sort of dirt or greasy materials. When you can use sealant over the grout, you can use vinegar to clean the dirt. Because it will not directly impact the surface of the grout and ruin it.

Unsealed grout:

Unsealed grout is not protected. So, here is the main problem. Unsealed grout can easily be ruined day by day naturally. Because everything decays over time. Sealant helps the grout not to decay fast. Using vinegar on the grout will eventually cause the grout to ruin faster.

How effective is white vinegar on the shower grout?

Mainly, white vinegar is the best to use on the grout. Whether you use it on the shower grout or any other grout. Because white vinegar is not as strong as apple vinegar. White vinegar will not be going to ruin or do any harm to the surface, rather it will clean the surface without leaving any stain. First, you need to spray the surface well with a mixture of vinegar and water. If the shower grout surface is wet, then it will not cause any problem as well. It is effective enough to clean the shower grout. You can add baking soda to the solution to make the solution effective.

How to clean grout with vinegar?

Things You Need:

You need to have a container, a sprayer, clean water, white vinegar, and a soft-bristle brush. Along with them, if it is possible, you can use ammonia and baking soda. By using them, you can easily make the perfect solution to clean your grout. This lite solution will not be harsh to the surface.

Mix White Vinegar with Warm Water:

As you know, you will need clean water. Warm your water, lukewarm water will work best to make the solution. Add vinegar to the water and shake it well. Use a container that has a sprayer. Also, you can add ammonia and baking soda to have better results.

Take the Solution in a container with Sprayer:

After taking the solution carefully to a container attached with a sprayer. Spray the solution on the surface. You should spray it throughout the surface and let the surface stay as it is for five minutes. In this period, the vinegar will do its work.

Brush the Surface Gently:

You need a brush that does not have rough brushes. As the solution is rested on the surface perfectly, you need to scrub the brush gently over the grout. After scrubbing over the grout, you will see the dirt and greasy material will lift off the grout. Don’t let the surface dry out before you scrub it. Because if you let the surface dry, then you will ruin the surface by scrubbing it dry.

Clean it with Running Water:

You must rinse the surface after you scrub the surface with the brush. By using running water, you can clean the surface easily. Or you can use a cloth to clean the surface. Make sure that, you don’t cause any harm to the surface.

What are the best solutions for cleaning grout?

Homemade Solution of Baking Soda, Ammonia, and Vinegar:

A few easy steps to make the solution. You may need to have 7 to 8 cups of warm water, a half cup of baking soda, one-third cup of ammonia, and a quarter cup of vinegar. Mix them in a bottle. After mixing them together, you have just made a mild solution to clean grout. Use it on the surface, use it as a cleaner of your floor or the grout. If you want to clean the surface, then use a scrubber. Rinse the area well, then wipe the place. You will have a nice and clean surface.

Lemon Juice Solution:

Lemon juice contains citric acid. Citric acid is not as strong as hydrochloric acid or any strong acid. It is as strong as vinegar. So, as you can use vinegar to clean the surface mainly the grout, you can use lemon juice as well. It is a mild solution that even removes bacteria as well. Spray the lemon juice, let the juice sit on the surface for fifteen minutes, and then use scrub the dirt then rinse the surface.

Oxygen Bleach:

Generally, bleach contains chlorine. And bleach is stronger than any other surface cleaning agent. Because inside the bleach, there is active chlorine that can react with everything. Before using bleach, you may need to take proper protection. Though oxygen bleach is not as harsh as bleaching powder. You can use them on the surface, but make sure that the grout is sealed properly. Mix oxygen bleach with warm water, and spray it on the surface. Then rest the bleach for a while. Then clean it with a brush and rinse it well.

Using the Pink stuff:

The pink stuff is used to take strong surface stains away. It is not harsh, and it is made to use on the hard surface like the floor. It is easy to use on the grout as well. The pink stuff is made of baking soda, soap, and some other materials. They are not harmful to the surface as well.

Final thoughts

Vinegar is one of the finest chemicals, it can be used to preserve food, and clean almost anything without causing any harm. You can use vinegar to clean the surface and to have better results you can add soda and ammonia to the solution. If the grout is not sealed, then do not use the solution.