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Can You Use MC Cable Outside? (Quick Answers)

People use cables to power different kinds of appliances to do various kinds of things. There are different kinds of cables available for that. Among these cables, mc cable is one of them.

You might ask if you can use mc cable outside. Let us find the answer to that question and provide you with some necessary information regarding this matter as well.

Can you use mc cable outside? 

You can use mc cable outside. This cable is widely known as metal-clad cable. It comes with metal protection around the core of the cable. This cable can be used by directly burying it or keeping it in the open as well. It is common and popularly used outside due to its protective metal shielding. 

Mc cable is known as Metal-Clad cable. This cable is widely used in various use cases inside and outside houses or buildings. This cable comes with a metallic coating around the core of the cable. 

This protection helps prevent the cable from getting damaged by any kind of environmental or accidental incident.

Various kinds of coatings perform the metallic coating. Currently, aluminum is used for its durability, reliability and affordability. This protection provides the cable extensive coverage from any kind of external damage. 

Therefore, the mc cable can be used outside without any doubt.

Mc cable is popularly used outside for its reliable protection and durability. It is widely used while it is directly buried in an open environment.

It can also be used when it is in the open. It can be also used in set conditions while complying with the electrical regulations in your region and manufacturer of the cable.

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), this cable can be used outside. It is written in the 330 section of the NEC clearly. Therefore, this cable complies with the safety concerns of the electrical conductivity and is approved to be used outside.

What should be mc cable outside diameter?

Based on the cable type, the mc cable outside diameter should be around 0.765 – 0.941 inches. The mc cable is commonly used for outdoor use. The main reason behind it is the protection that it has around the core of the cable. 

This protection ensures that the core of the cable does not get damaged by any external issues.

The outside diameter of the mc cable usually varies. There are certain mc cables of various models available in the mode. These models are actually used for different reasons. Some of them are rated for indoor use and some are rated for outside use. 

Among them, some are meant for drastic conditions as well.

8/3 mc cable is a commonly used cable. Its outside diameter is between 0.760 inches and 0.765 inches. Another widely used mc cable is the 4/3 mc cable. The outer diameter of this cable is 0.940 – 0.945 inches.

3 reasons why you can use mc cables outside

Mc cables are famous for their durability and reliability. The protection that it comes with makes the cable ideal for outside use. Many electricians and users praise its features.

You might want to know the reasons why you can use mc cables outside. Here are 3 reasons that we think justifies why you can use mc cable outside.

Metallic protection coating:

By the name of the cable, it indicates that the cable has a metal cover. This cable comes with a metallic protection around the core of the cable. Various kinds of metals are used to protect the core of the cable. 

Among all these metals, aluminum is used the most to provide the best possible protection possible.

The metallic protection keeps the core of the wire safe. This ensures that the cable does not face any damage and the flow of electricity stays unrestricted. This is why you can use mc cables outside.

Waterproof jacket:

Mc cables have great protection against water. The core of the cable is protected by the strong metal body of the cable. This metal body keeps the cable and the water away from the core. 

Therefore, it is said that the metallic body makes the cable waterproof which is required for outside use.

Corrosion resistance:

Corrosion is a big factor in terms of cables. Mc cables are corrosion resistant as the cable is protected by corrosion resistant metal coating. This keeps the core of the cable from getting damaged by any means. 

This is another reason why mc cables can be used outside.

Is MC cable weatherproof?

Yes, mc cable is waterproof. Mc cables use a strong protective jacket around the core of the cable. This protective layer is known as a metallic jacket. This jacket is usually made of aluminum these days. 

This metallic jacket provides various protective features, which make this cable the best.

One of them is the waterproof status of the cable. The metallic jacket prevents any kind of liquid from getting inside the cable. Water is considered as the biggest enemy for any cable, which might cause damage to any appliance. 

But the metallic protection of the mc cable makes the cable waterproof and keeps any kind of liquid away from the core of the cable and keeps the connected appliances safe.

Can I run MC cable exposed outside?

Yes, you can run MC cable exposed outside. MC cable is referred for various use cases. Among them, it can be used outside. Although there are many cables that are available on the market, mc cables are better than others for outside use.

MC cable can be used in exposed conditions outside. It can be exposed to water and the sun. These will not cause any issues for mc cable. The cable is certified to be used outside in any harsh condition. 

Even if the cable is exposed while used outside, it will not cause any harm to the cable due to its protective layer.

Can MC cable be exposed to rain outside?

MC cable can be exposed to rain outside. MC cable comes with a metal jacket around the core of the cable. This jacket is called the protective layer of the cable. This protection makes it durable and waterproof.

It is common to use cables outside. But it is hard to find any suitable cable that you can use outside when it is raining. MC cable is certified by multiple manufacturers for using it in rainy conditions without any hassle. 

The National Electrical Code (NEC) says that this cable is authorized to be used outside in rainy conditions.

How to use mc cable outside?

There are multiple ways that you can follow to use mc cable outside. Let us tell you the ideal way that we think you should follow in order to use mc cable outside.

Prepare the junction box and mc cable:

First, make a hole in the junction box. There are cutout points where you can make holes. Use a screwdriver and make the hole correctly. After making the hole, determine the length of the mc cable that you will attach. 

Keep a decent amount of cable to be inserted in the junction box. 

Trim the mc cable to size:

Trim the metal jacket of the mc cable. Trim the cable protection jacket as well and pull away 1 inch of the busing paper as well. 

Keep the copper core of the cable open and ready to be connected with the mc connector that you will use later on in the installation.

Install mc cable connector and anti-short bushing:

Connect the mc cables using an mc cable connector. Use the anti-short bushing when the mc cable is connected to keep the bushing paper in place inside the junction box. Use your fingers to fold the bonding strip of the bushing.

Connect to the junction box:

Secure the mc cable connector in the junction box. Use a screwdriver and some cable ties if required. Close the lid of the junction box so that the connection is safe inside the junction box properly.

Final Thoughts 

You can use mc cable outside. The cable is designed with the best possible protection that a cable manufacturer can provide. This protection makes the cable waterproof and durable. Therefore, you can use the cable outside in any state you want. You can use it exposed or concealed.