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Can You Use Kilz on Concrete? (Read This First!)

We give our best efforts to make the interior of our houses look the best and finest. Besides having great furniture and décor, it is crucial as well to have our walls and floorings to have a smooth finish. 

In this article, you’ll get to explore the options available and which are best suited for giving high quality finish on your floors.

Can you use KILZ on concrete?

KILZ can be applied over concrete floors to give a high quality finish due to its excellent adherence. Concrete floorings are usually on garages or exteriors but it can be applied on interiors as well due to its white hue. Besides flooring, you can use them on items built of cement as well.

KILZ Concrete Paint and Primer is a product that is used to coat concrete and masonry substrates. Its coating is highly resistant to not only water but also to high pH fluids as well as efflorescence. 

KILZ paint on concrete floor and wall:

It is commonly used on rigid objects such as concrete, masonry, stone or brick structures, stucco or cinder blocks but objects such as wood, metal or similar structures are not suitable for KILZ. 

The effectiveness of Kilz depends on the type of floor you are applying it on and the purpose of application. For example, if you used Kilz on floors such as hardwood, concrete or tiles – you will get good results and for interiors, plaster, brick or mortals are good surfaces to apply Kilz on. 

The reason Kilz works well on concrete floors or objects made of cement is their adhesive nature which gives them a splendid adherence to those surfaces with a smooth and glossy finish. Its whitish hue also makes them appropriate as to hide any marks on the surface.

Besides that, Kilz is also known for its effective ability to suppress unpleasant odors or cover stains from oil, smoke, rust and other chemicals. 

And as previously mentioned, if you have any unremovable color spillages on your surfaces – you can use Kilz to cover the old splatter or mark as well.

Despite the advantages of using Kilz paint indoors, it is highly suggested that you use them on exterior concrete floors and walls only because it has some level of toxicity that may affect pets, children or even pregnant women. 

While using the exterior, it is suggested that you apply another coat of paint over the Kilz layer for better longevity.

KILZ 2 primer on concrete:

Although the Kilz 2 primer is used as a finish, its primary use is to be used alongside color coatings to enhance the paint’s durability without having to sacrifice the color.

How does KILZ work on concrete?

KILZ is a product that is commonly used as a coat on concrete and masonry substrates. It is used on rough structures such as concrete, masonry, stone or brick structures, stucco or cinder blocks to give them a smooth and glossy finish. 

However it is not suitable for wooden or metallic structures.

Kilz works great on structures or flooring made out of cement, therefore concrete floors or decoration pieces or statues made of cement are ideal for applying Kilz. 

The reason behind Kilz’s effectiveness on concrete structure is its powerful adhesive nature – it not only sticks strongly to the concrete layer but also provides protection against corrosive chemicals, water or other materials from penetrating into the layer.

Does KILZ seal concrete?

The Kilz premier coating is used to coat concrete and masonry substrates to give a glossy finish with its thick and adhesive layer. 

Unlike smooth surfaced objects, concrete structures or objects made of cement are not usually sealed and have a porous surface that allows water, chemicals and other fluids to seep into them and weaken the structure’s surface.

This becomes problematic in the long term as this severely affects the longevity and durability of the concrete structure, therefore a sealant is required to protect the surface. 

Kilz proves to be a useful coating for the concrete structure as it effectively seals the porous surface and prevents any entry of fluids and thus prevents any form of deep penetration.

Does KILZ waterproof concrete?

As previously discussed, Kilz premier coating gives a glossy and sealed finish to concrete and masonry substrate with its thick, adhesive layer and completely covers the porous microscopic holes on the surface of the concrete structure. 

Smooth surface objects have the advantage of not being porous and are invulnerable to penetration from water, chemicals or other fluids through the structure’s surface.

But since concrete structures do not have this advantage, they fall at a risk of having their structure be chipped away from wear or tear due to the exposure to water and other fluids. 

To combat this issue, you can coat the concrete structure with Kilz to provide it a sealed waterproof coating. Kilz forms a thick coating over the surface that doesn’t allow water or any other fluid to enter – thus, effectively making the concrete waterproof.

How do you prepare concrete for KILZ?

In order to apply Kilz to the concrete, some preparations must be taken to ensure that the concrete is in the ideal use condition for using Kilz on them. 

Failure to meet the optimal use condition of Kilz may cause a compromise in the desired result and reduced  durability or longevity. Therefore, you should make sure the following conditions are met before applying Kilz onto the concrete:

Remove old paint layers and coats:

It is highly discouraged to use the Kilz on surfaces that already have an old paint coat on them. If you wish to coat the surface with Kilz, make sure you’ve completely peeled the paints off and removed them properly before applying a new coat of Kilz paint.

Clean and prepare the surface:

If the concrete surface has been newly constructed, make sure 30 days have passed for the concrete to cure properly. If that’s taken care of, clean the surface using Kilz concrete and masonry cleaner and etcher before applying the primer.

Take note of the temperature:

Another thing to note is that Kilz has an optimal working temperature of 50-90 degrees fahrenheit. Thus, try to keep the temperature as such while working.

Use an appropriate brush: 

It is crucial to make sure you use an appropriate brush or roller to coat the surface , otherwise the coating will be uneven and later cause the coating to wear off.

How to apply KILZ concrete paint?

After preparing the concrete for Kilz, follow the steps below to apply Kilz concrete paint to the concrete surface:

Mix and stir the paint:

In order to ensure the uniformity and evenness of the color, mix the content of the cans if you need multiple of them. Make sure to still before applying and keep the air and concrete surface temperature to be between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit.

Use a brush or roller to apply the paint:

Next, use a 3/8” nap roller and pad applicator or simply a polyester brush to apply a thin, event coat over the desired surface. If the surface is smooth, apply a gallon per 400-500 sq. ft., but if the surface is rough and porous – apply a gallon per 300-400 sq. ft.

Allow the coat to dry:

After you’re done with the first coat, let the coat dry for 24 hours before applying the second coat. It is not necessary to apply the second coat, but if you think it is needed – then apply a second coat afterwards in a cross-cross pattern.


Apply a maximum of two coats, no more than that is necessary – however, you may want to apply some each year depending on the condition of the coat.

Leave the coat to cure:

With the coating finally done, let the coats cure for at least a week before letting anyone walk over it or a car to drive over. 

Also, do not wash or rinse the coating within 30 days of applying and be careful not to use pressure-washers or strong cleaning fluid while the coating is still premature.

Where to buy KILZ concrete paint?

You can find Kilz paints, primer, cleaner and all other sorts of coatings at your local hardware stores or at home improvement centers nearby

You can also find them at Home Depot or Walmart if you wish to buy them in person, or you can also purchase the same products from Amazon to be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Final thoughts

Due to its strong adhesion, KILZ can be spread over concrete floors to provide a smooth coating. It is typically used in garages or building exteriors, but owing to its white color, it may also be used on the interiors too. Aside from flooring, they may also be used on cement-based objects.