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Can You Use Cement Board on Ceiling? (Read This First!)

The cement board is quite effective to use as a temporary wall. Well, it can even serve as a strong wall because of being reliable. Even it is not affected by moisture and heat. You can also use the cement board for a long time without any trouble though installing might cost a bit.

Following the below tips and information regarding cement boards and if they can be used on the ceiling or not would help you to install one. 

Using cement board on ceiling

Cement boards are suitable for use on the ceiling. Cement boards are reliable and can remain good for a long time. It even gives protection during the weather changes. Moreover, it can stand both moisture and heat and even be strong to rest in. Yet, the price is a bit high.

The ceiling has to be strong and should be able to stand any weather. If it gets damaged, you would need more effort to repair it. Even using drywall would cost less. Yet, it would not be as reliable as a cement board.  

A cement board is better suitable for the ceiling. Not just ceilings, but even walls, and floors can be fixed with cement boards. Certain reasons for choosing the cement boards for the ceiling are included below. 


Cement boards are elegant. You can even put color on the cement boards. Coloring the boards would bring variety to the room. Using the same ceiling and only one color is quite old. Using colored cement boards would be a new touch in the room.

You can also use different colored cement boards on the same ceiling.

It would also give a nice view. You can use the cement boards in any ceiling. The ceiling can be of any room or of even the bathroom. It would only be an elegant touch yet would cost a bit high. 

If you are concerned with giving the room an elegant look, you should definitely choose a cement board. 

Easy to use:

The cement board is quite easy to handle. There are a variety of sizes available for the cement board. It is also easy to install them. You can install dry walls as well. Moreover, dry walls are light in weight. Meanwhile, cement boards are heavy to load.

 Still being heavy, cement boards provide plenty of benefits.

You can install the cement boards without having any worry of damaging them. Meanwhile, the drywall would be a bit tough to handle and you can not be sure of not damaging it while installing it. A rough and tough cement board is a better option than any other board. 


Cement boards are indeed stable and reliable. The cement boards contain cement, water, and fibers in it. It surely reflects how strong the boards are. The boards are nothing rather than sturdy cement. The ceiling would definitely need a sturdy wall to be protected.

It can even protect the room even when the weather changes and excess moisture appears. High protection is always better. A cement board is more reliable than others because it gives plenty of protection.

From different colors to the reliability, there are indeed plenty of benefits provided while using the cement board. Using the cement boards might cost a bit but would not disappoint. 

Do you put cement board on shower ceiling?

Yes, you can put cement boards on the shower ceiling. A shower is a place where moisture exists in all places. Apart from cement boards, hardly any other boards would give the same protection. The cement board is sturdy and strong to use in the shower ceiling.

Unlike other boards, it is also water resistant and would not get damaged by excess moisture. All these benefits indicate that cement boards can be used in the shower ceiling. As you can use the cement boards, try using a variety of colors. Having a unique ceiling would be a great view.

Moreover, it is also reliable and easy to work with. There is no disadvantage in putting the cement board if you can afford it. The only thing you should be concerned with is the budget. But, the quality should not be compromised even though the price is high. 

Cement board on the ceiling: Things to consider

The cement board is suitable for the ceiling. The ceiling needs to be long-lasting and should never be affected by anything. More precisely to say, it should not get damaged at all. Changing the ceiling would be difficult if it gets ruined. 

Choosing a long-lasting and reliable board is a must for the ceiling. 

Cement boards can serve all the requirements here. It would be a great choice for the ceiling yet certain things should be considered before putting the cement board. The considerations are given below.


The space of the ceiling is important to be considered while choosing the cement boards. The ceiling can have smaller space or even be larger. You need to know the area correctly in order to put the cement boards. Calculate the number of cement boards required for the place. 


There are several sizes of cement board available. You can choose any of them depending on the style of the room. Well, it also depends on your taste. Putting the cement board of the right size would fill up the ceiling and all the spaces. 

Choose the cement boards of the right size for the ceiling. 

The size of the cement boards also depends on the area where it is going to be put. You should also consider the space between the boards if kept.


The color of the cement boards also should be considered when choosing the cement boards. If you want to go for an average look, a white cement board would suit as well. You can also use cement boards of different colors. Well, it also depends on the room.

The ceiling should go with the room. You should try to match the ceiling with the room. Try putting different colored cement boards to give an elegant vibe to the room. It is not just the side walls that bring attraction to the room but also the ceiling could light up the whole room. 

How to install cement board on the ceiling?

A cement board is quite easy to handle while placing, installing the cement board does not even need too much effort and you can handle it by yourself. You would not even mess it around if everything goes right. 

Well, you need to have proper focus as the misplacing of the boards would be more bothersome.

Moreover, placing cement boards on the ceiling would require a bit of time and strength. You can follow below to install a cement board on the ceiling. 

Clear the area:

The surface where the cement boards are to be placed should be cleaned. You should clean the place before setting up the cement board. Also should measure the space so that required cement boards can be supplied. 

Sizing the cement boards:

You can find your desired size cement boards. You can also cut the boards and give them a certain size. You can use a sharp knife, and scoring tools to cut the cement boards. 

Placing the cement boards:

After picking up the sizes of the cement board, you can place the boards on the ceiling. Do not damage the cement board while holding it. Of course, you need to fix it in place. Hold the cement boards in place and fix them with screws. 

The screw should not be inserted too deep and neither lightly. 

You can place the screws on the corner and edges of the board. You can use machines to place the screws. If needed screws can be applied to the center as well. Do not break the board while setting the screws on it. 

After tightly placing screws, you can use tape to seal the corners. Well, you can also use sealant to seal it. Place the other cement boards on the ceiling and tighten them. After placing them all, you can color the ceiling boards. 

It is easier and would be followed by the same method of painting the walls and boards. 

Final thoughts:

For a long time, a cement board would do a great job as a barrier. Cement boards are not just sturdy but also reliable. You would definitely want your ceiling to be protected for a long time and also last longer. The cement board is perfect for that but the cost might concern one.