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Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile? (Read This First!)

Shiny and cleaned tiles reflect the grace and elegance of the house. As tile cleaners are a bit expensive, homeowners try to apply other cleaners to clean the floor. However, not all cleaners are recommended, as it can become harsh for the tiles and damage the surface.

Using carpet cleaner on tile:

Though carpet cleaner does assist in cleaning the tiles, excessive or regular use of the carpet cleaner could harm the floor. Carpet cleaner contains a high spinning system and a metallic device at the bottom that may cause several scratches, decrease the shine of the tile floors.

Most carpet cleaners have great stain removal capabilities, so many people want to use them to clean tiles and ceramics as well. Although it is not intended for this purpose, a carpet cleaner can be used to clean tiles or ceramics. However, many people do not recommend using this method because it increases the risk of the flooring being damaged. However, some carpet cleaners employ a soft bristle method to effectively clean the carpet.

For instance, the Bissell or Hoover carpet cleaners are made to work on ceramic or tile floors that can remove stains and dust. Nevertheless, other than these, it is not recommended to use regular carpet cleaners because they can cause scratches on ceramic and tile flooring due to their high-speed spinning action. They may assist for cleaning but are not suggested for regular use. If used, caution should be taken and usage should be kept to a minimum.

Dry carpet cleaner on tiles:

Dry carpet cleaners clean carpets by using some highly concentrated chemicals, such as chloroethylene or naphthalene. If these are used for cleaning the tiles, they will reduce their shine and cause long-term damage. Therefore, using a dry carpet cleaner may not be a good idea. Apart from that, the cleaning agent employed is harsh on the tiles.

Steam cleaner on tiles:

Tile cleaning with a steam carpet cleaner is possible, but there are certain safety considerations to take. By producing high pressure steam during steam cleaning, the vapor and cleaning agents are successful in eliminating the tough stains from the tiles. If the tiles become wet, the chemical agents can damage the tiles if used frequently, and if the steam carpet cleaner has a metallic device attached, it can further damage the tiles. Because of all these drawbacks, the steam cleaner should only be used occasionally.

Carpet shampooer on tiles:

While a carpet shampooer with its special vacuum suction system can clean tiles, the tools attached to it are primarily intended for use on carpets rather than on tiles. Conversely, a carpet shampooer with a soft bristle system can be used to clean tiles, but harsh cleaning with it is not advised for tiles. Many people use it on tiles since it quickly and thoroughly removes stains. Whether the owner wants to use it or not is up to them.

Disadvantages of using a carpet cleaner on tile floor:

Using a carpet cleaner to clean tiles has numerous drawbacks. When a carpet cleaner is used to clean tiles, it usually has a high spinning system and a metallic device at the bottom to clean carpets. However, when it is used to clean tiles, it can easily damage the tiles because the friction created when the tiles come into contact with the high-speed spinning tool causes several scratches on the tiles, decreasing their shine and weakening them.

 Cracks can also appear on the tiles. So, the use of a carpet cleaner for cleaning tiles is not recommended. Even though it can remove stains quickly, because of the damaging outcomes it should not be used. One harmful chemical used in dry carpet cleaning is chloroethylene, which is a harsh chemical and when used in cleaning can cause tiles to lose their luster over time.

Produces scars:

When a carpet cleaner is used, scratch marks become a significant problem, and with repeated use, the tiles begin to fracture all over. Heavy mechanical devices attached to carpet cleaners apply pressure to the tiles while they clean the tiles, leaving numerous imprints on the tiles.

Shininess of the tiles fading:

Using a carpet cleaner to clean the tiles can make them less shiny. The high-speed spinning mechanism in carpet cleaners is made to remove tough stains from carpets, but if it’s used to clean tiles, the tiles will quickly start to fade.

The cost of buying special cleaning tools:

Because regular carpet cleaners cannot be used on tiles, it is necessary to use specialized tools with bristles on the bottom. Because these tools do not create friction with the tiles, there is no risk of scratching or fading of the shine, so the cost of purchasing specially designed carpet cleaners increases.

What to use instead?

Cleaning dirt from the floor tile is not always easy. Dirt or debris can get stuck in the grout and if they are not properly cleaned, tile will get stained very quickly. Initially, it may even cause microorganisms to grow. For cleaning effectively, it’s better to use a floor mop that eases your cleaning tenure. Carpet cleaner is not a right choice for floors rather mild detergent works well. Besides there are many easy DIY cleaning techniques that can be easily done.

Mild detergent and warm water:

You can choose any mild detergent, mix it with warm water and it will work efficiently. You’ll need a floor mop, rag or chamois-style will be a better option to squeeze out the excess water. By rubbing in the dirty area, you can remove stuck dirt, debris, and wet elements. Scrub the old dirt area with a nylon brush. Follow the same process in the full house.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide:

The two properties baking soda and hydrogen peroxide both actively work against the dirt and grimes and prevent microbial growth. All you need to make this solution is adding baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a 2:1 ratio. Before using it, remove the heavy dirt using warm water and put the solution on for 10 minutes. Rub the mixture on the stains and then rinse the tiles using a towel or thick cloth.

White vinegar and essential oil:

The process is being used for a long time. White vinegar is very much active to disinfect and easily clean out dirts. Essential oil will produce a decent smell throughout your house. Mix ¼ cup white vinegar in 1 gallon warm water and some drops of essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree or lemon. Applying the solution, keep it for a few minutes then mop it well.

Vinegar and baking soda combination:

Both vinegar and baking soda are efficient in cleaning dirt and stain. The solution will also work against microorganisms and raise a protective barrier. Take 1.5-2 gallons of hot water in a bucket; put ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup white vinegar in it. Combine it with 1 spoon of mild detergent or or dish detergent. To apply the solution, it’s better to sweep or vacuum first which will help to lose the dirt. Applying the solution, keep for a few minutes and rinse it with fresh water by moping or using a towel.

Will these carpet cleaners damage your tile floor?

Not all carpet cleaners can damage your tile floors but it will have a long term effect. So normally it’s recommended not to use carpet cleaners.

Hoover carpet cleaner:

This cleaner is only designed for carpet cleaning not for tile cleaning. Its brushes can actively clean thick fabric like the carpet. If used occasionally, it won’t damage the tiles but regular use will have effects on the floor. Moreover, it won’t clean the tile properly and your tiles will get stained quickly.

Bissell carpet cleaner:

It’s actually less likely damaging for tiles than many other carpet cleaners as it doesn’t contain metal pieces. It can work well for hard tiles. Continuous use of this cleaner may result in scratches on the tiles because of its sharp brushes.

Britex carpet cleaner:

It’s one of the new additions in cleaning as it can clean not only carpet but also tiles and grout. However, high quality tile cleaners are a better option as it sometimes may not clean hard or old dust and debris properly and which may damage the floor finish.

Vax carpet cleaner:

Vax carpet cleaner contains antimicrobial agents that actively raise a barrier against bacteria. But it won’t be able to clean the dirt effectively and give the shine effect on tiles. The vax multi floor solution will work better than the carpet cleaner.

Final thoughts

Carpet cleaner decreases the shine and weakens the tiles for its metallic devices. Tiles can have cracks, several scratches and damages if the carpet cleaner is continuously used. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use carpet cleaner; rather apply mild detergent or homemade DIY techniques.