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Can You Tape Over Painted Drywall? (Answered)

Drywall is mostly used in inner walls. It also works as a partition. Moreover, it is also removable. You can place it anywhere you want.

Well, you can even paint it. Apart from that, it is also cost-effective. Though drywall gets damaged and ruined, it is still better to use it temporarily or as an option.

Following the below tips and information regarding drywall and if you can tape over painted drywall or not would help you to settle the drywall.

Can you tape over painted drywall?

You can absolutely tape over painted drywall. Still, you have to wait till the painted drywall is completely dried. You may need to wait for several days to let the paint dry. If you apply tape over painted drywall without drying it, the paint will peel off over time and the drywall will get ruined.

Though you can put tape over painted drywall, you should give the drywall a chance to dry off the paint. Otherwise, the paint will get peeled off and the drywall will be ruined. Better to wait for several days and dry the drywall properly.

Alien tape:

Alien tape is particularly good for drywall as it works as a great adhesive.

Yet, it can peel off the paint once you apply it over a painted wall. You can rather use it as permanent tape over paint. Moreover, it will not be removed easily and even if it does, it might leave residues.

Mud and tape:

Mud and tape can be used over painted drywall as long as the paint is dried properly.

You can fix any faulty mud work. Well, you would need to sand the surface. Moreover, mud and tape can absorb paint and ruin its color.

Masking tape:

Masking tape is never a good choice to apply over painted drywall. It would peel off the paint when you try to remove it. Moreover, it can peel off almost a layer of paint.

Frog tape:

Frog tape is not suitable to apply over a painted surface. Once it gets attached to the paint, it will remove the paint once you pull it off. If you want frog tape as permanent tape, you should rather paint last.

Nano tape:

Nano tape can also peel off paint. You should rather try it in small portions to see if it goes well. You can use a knife or other chemicals to remove it from the wall.

Scotch tape:

Scotch tape is easier to remove from a painted drywall surface. It would get removed when the adhesives become weak to hold the tape.

If you want to reapply the coat, the tape would last long. It is usually good for any painted surface.

Duct tape:

Duct tape is never used on drywalls neither over paint nor on seams. Duct tape holds the paint and if you try to pull it off, the paint will also come off.

There is a chance of getting residue adhesive on the wall. You should not use it to reapply paint either.

Painters tape:

Painters tape works well on painted surfaces. It does not remove paint once you pull it off. You can use it to serve painting purposes. To secure seals, it’s better not to use them.

2 reasons why you can tape over painted drywall

You can tape over painted drywall in case of need. Well, drywall usually needs tape to fix it up. Often people apply tape before painting. In unfortunate cases, you might need to tape the drywall again and repaint it.

If you are using tape for painting, it is also possible. Moreover, drywall has fewer restrictions while applying paint. The certain reason why you can tape over painted drywall is given below.

To hide cracks and seams:

You can tape over painted drywall when the paint is dried off. You might ruin the paint if you apply tape over it. After painting, you might still find cracks or scratches. In case of scratches, you can repaint it. On the other hand, holes, and seams need to be taped.

You can use tape and reapply mud. As a result, the drywall would appear as new.

Reapply paint:

Well, using tape over painted drywall would certainly ruin the paint. If you have any intention of repainting the wall, you should go for taping.

What happens if you tape over painted drywall?

Using tape over painted drywall is certainly not a good idea unless you want to repair it or repaint it. In one or another way, the paint would get damaged. Certain things that can occur if you tape over painted drywall are given below.

Form bubbles:

Applying tape just after painting would create bubbles under the tape. As a result, the paint will not be able to stick to the drywall. Moreover, drywall absorbs a lot of paint and consequently, mud does the same.

The paint gets peeled off:

It is normal to get the paint peeled off. When paint gets scratched, it peels off. If you use a sander on the paint too harshly, it would also peel off the paint.

Moreover, the tape contains an high amount of adhesives. Which would attach to the wall and when you pull the tape out, it would immediately peel off the paint.

How long after painting a drywall can you tape it?

You should wait for at least 24 hours to dry the paint. Paint takes a bit of time to dry. It requires plenty of time to cure and set.

You cannot apply tape directly over painted drywall unless it is dried. Putting tape on drywall without drying the paint would ruin the paint.

The paint would peel off. If you are using the tape permanently, it might not cause a problem. In case you are using tapes for temporary purposes, avoid putting tape over painted drywall. Painted drywall may take 12 to 24 hours to dry.

The drying time depends on what type of paint you are using, the temperature, humidity, and also the surface of the material.

You should rather wait for 24 hours and let the paint dry. You can also try placing tape in a small portion and see if the paint is peeled off or not.

What tape is best for going over painted drywall?

Scotch wall safe tape is best for putting over the painted drywall. Moreover, paper drywall tape is also good for drywall specifically.

If you want to apply paint only, go for scotch wall safe tape. It is light and can easily be pulled off. As a result, no residues of tape would be left on the wall.

In addition to that, the paint would not get peeled off in a great amount or abruptly. For sealing paper drywall tape is used. You can apply it over painted drywall and repaint it. It holds up the cracks and seams together.

Depending on your intention, you can choose your preferred type. If you want to apply paint again, the paint might get a bit peeled due to the tape.

How to tape painted drywall?

Using tape over painted drywall is not a tough task. If the paint is dried, you can put the tape on easily. You should rather follow some sequence of works. The sequence is given below.

Clean the surface:

Drywall tends to be a bit dirtier and messy. You should clean the surface and wipe it off to clean away the dust.


Sand the surface with grit paper. Do not use grit paper roughly as it can pull off the paint over the surface.

Put tape:

You should put the tape by adding joint compounds to it. Choose a proper joint compound and mix it up to the instructions.

Apply it to the tape. And put the tap on the wall. Use a scraper to even the surface of the tape. Do not use too much pressure as compounds may decrease under the tape.

Wait till it dries and sand over it again. If you are using tape for only painting, no need to use the compound.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is possible to use tape over painted drywall if you want the tape to be permanent. Otherwise, there is a high chance that the paint would be removed if you remove the tape. Still, give a proper amount of time for the paint to dry so that you can apply multiple colors to the wall.