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Can You Spray Paint Laminate Particle Board? (Quick Answers)

As chipboard or low-density fiberboard, laminate particle boards are widely known. It’s cheap in price, easy to use and carry, denser than solid woods, so it has a wide range of uses. 

However, as it’s not waterproof, priming and painting can help it to seal the surface and make it more durable.

Spray painting laminate particle board

If the spray paint is applied properly, with prime and sanding, spray paint can work great on the laminates. Actually, sanding eliminates uneven grains and helps paint to reach every corner; where priming helps to seal the surface. In fact, spray paint dries really fast and lasts for a long time.

Laminate particle boards are low-density fiberboard that is actually an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips and some different kinds of binder. It’s not a solid wood as it’s pressed and extruded while manufacturing. 

Initially, it’s not durable enough and doesn’t last for too long and that’s why it’s very low in price. So, it’s more likely used for home decorations, making selves or fences as it is not appropriate for making a house or other weight-carrying house furniture for its shorter shelf life. 

Laminate particle boards are not waterproof. It can’t be used in wet areas. Else, it can be damaged as moisture can cause swelling or even disintegrate to the board.

To avoid significant damage, it’s better to avoid wet areas and take steps to seal it to increase its shelf life to some extent. Painting the laminate board can give a great solution.

You can paint it with latex paint, chalk paint, acrylic paint or something else. But spray paint will be a wise decision as it covers more than the latex or other paints. 

Spray paint is normally an oil based paint. It’s really faster than other paintings. There’s no other better option than spray paint if considering speed and ease of use. Without facing any hassle, you can paint your laminate particle boards and get a great finish.

The quality is great and the drying time is really fast. In fact, the finish of the spray paint is more durable than latex paint. There are some spray paints that are waterproof which will allow sealing the surface and protect from higher humidity and bad weather.

To spray paint on the laminate particle boards, first it is advised to repair the surface if there’s any damage or cracks into it. Sanding and priming are two necessary steps that need to be followed for having a fine, shiny finish.

For getting a good finish and setting well, two or three coats is recommended with an interval to dry. As spray paint dries quite fast normally it takes a few hours but to fully cure it’s better to wait 24 hours.

Can you spray paint laminate without sanding?

Sanding is required for a smooth surface before spray painting laminates. Sanding is advised before spray painting, since without it, the spray paint won’t adhere to laminate that might peel off shortly or feel sticky to the touch.

When priming and sanding are completed, spray paint may adhere to laminates with ease, and this sanding will enable the spray paint to reach every corner of the laminates and set properly there.

Sanding the laminate surface with sandpaper is a very effective way to give spray paint a high-level polish and sheen. 

Sanding creates a surface free of nicks and eliminates uneven grains from a surface before applying spray paint.

Some people don’t want or realize that sanding is necessary, but sanding before spray painting is beneficial because it will protect the laminates for a long time and the paint will stay for one to two years without any damage, so it is a wise decision to sand before spray painting the laminate. 

How effective is spray paint on laminate particle board?

If the spray paint is applied properly, with the addition of primer and sanding, it is more effective since it covers more than the traditional brush latex painting that is used on laminates.

Spray paint is more durable than brush painting and can penetrate each corner and crack of the laminates, making it very effective; however, priming and sanding are required for a good bond with the laminate surface. 

When spray paint is used, it dries quickly and provides long-lasting protection. If you prefer to utilize spray paint over other types of paint, this is a great alternative. Spray paints produce a high-quality finish on laminates in a short period of time.

Spray paint produces a more professional-looking finish than traditional brush paint. Latex paints used on laminates cannot be used on chipped or minor sections of the laminates, but spray paints are highly effective in such instances, so spray paints are a better choice in comparison.

How to spray paint laminate particle board? 

Spray paint dries so fast and is very easy to use. All you need to do is prep the surface, prime it and then paint. It’s better to choose good weather, low humidity and medium to high temperature for its quicker drying time. The steps are briefly discussing below: 

Start by finding the damaged area and repairing them:

If the laminate particle board is old, it can have scratches, cracks, chips, dried glues, loosen areas. These all areas should be repaired before painting or you’ll not get the best finishes.

Using cement, wood filler or putty, fill the cracks area so that the surface becomes smooth. You have to wait overnight so it dries well. 

Sanding is a must:

Sanding comes after you repair all the damages. Scuff off the surface gently with a fine-grit sandpaper so that there’s no old finish or glossy finish left.

This step is necessary so that the spray paint sets properly reaching every corner of the laminates. This step helps to last the paint for a long time and provides a high-level polish and sheen to the surface.

Time for priming:

Priming the surface is as necessary as sanding. It helps to get the clean, smooth surface and adhere the paint well to the  surface.

It will seal the surface of the particle board, not let the paint soak into it, and hide the repairing areas, knots or blemishes. You can use a paintbrush or a roller to apply the primer. After priming the surface, wait for a minimum 3 hours and let it dry. 

Ready to paint:

Before applying the particle board, it’s better to practice the spray into another surface. Read all the precautions written into its body or the package and also check out the spraying distance and drying time as different paints have different rules. Now apply the paint. Spray all over the body of the surface. If you want to paint multiple colors, use tape while painting so one doesn’t come into another.

Apply a thin coat to the surface; for best results apply 2-3 coats. Let the first coat dry and then apply the next one. Depending on the humidity, wait about 12 to 24 hours. 

What kind of paint will stick to laminate particle board? 

Oil-based latex paints are the preferred choice for painting over laminate because they adhere to laminate particle board. However, priming is required before applying any paint to ensure that it adheres to the laminate correctly and obtains a high-level finish.

It is also preferred to use chalk paints over laminated particle boards since they also cling to the laminated particle board surface excellently.

Acrylic paint can also be used to cover laminated particle boards if primed well but in comparison to the acrylic paints, latex and chalk paints are more preferred.

Latex paint:

These are oil-based paints that are used for laminating particle boards to have a nice surface finish and to protect the color of the laminate particle board for a long period with the application of a shellac-based primer.

The drying time of latex paint is really fast, within one hour the coating will dry. 

Chalk paints:

These paints work pretty well when applied over particle boards that have been laminated.

When primer is applied before painting, it also results in a flawless finish. Chalk paints are a better option for painting laminated particle boards because they do not flake off as quickly.

Acrylic paints:

On the laminate particle board you can even apply Water-based paints. Among them, acrylic paints can work well.

It can be used over laminated particle boards, but a suitable oil-based primer and sanding are required before applying the paint or the paint will not adhere to the surface properly, which will result in a rough and uneven surface. 

Final Thoughts 

Spray paint can adhere to laminate particle boards well. But before painting, priming and sanding should be completed must else, the painting will not set well and within a few months it will crack or come off. If considering speed and ease of use, spray paint will be a good choice on laminates.