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Can You Scotchgard Velvet? (Read This First!)

You might know that Scotchgard is a material that resists water and stain. Generally, people use Scotchgard to fabric, furniture, leather, and other surfaces to protect them.

Scotchgard is suitable to use on many types of fabrics and fibers. It protects the surfaces from water, stain, and grease.

So, you might be confused about whether you can Scotchgard velvet or not. So, you have to know the consequences of using Scotchgard on velvet.

Because velvet is a special type of fabric. Moreover, we use velvet for different purposes regularly. So, protecting velvet is pretty essential. Let’s see whether Scotchgard can protect velvet or not.

Can you Scotchgard velvet?

You can Scotchgard velvet. Generally, Scotchgard is a water-resistant chemical that keeps any surface protected from water, grease, oil, stain, etc. We use Scotchgard in different types of fabrics. So, you can also use Scotchgard on velvet. It will not damage the velvet but keep it protected.

However, we use velvet in different places for different purposes. For example, we use velvet chairs, furniture, shoe, dress, and other things. 

So, different places might have different conditions. Let’s see whether you can use Scotchgard on different velvet products or not.

Velvet furniture/Velvet chair/Velvet sofa:

You might have seen velvet furniture, chair, sofa, etc. Even you might have one in your house. So, you might want to make that furniture water and stain-resistant. That’s why you might have thought of using Scotchgard on velvet furniture.

Generally, when we use Scotchgard on a fabric, it becomes water and stain-resistant. Velvet fabric also works like the same. If you use Scotchgard spray on the velvet, it will not damage the velvet fabric. Moreover, it will make the velvet durable.

Generally, when we have velvet furniture or chair in our houses, that furniture will lose its durability if it gets water and moisture. So, Scotchgard is pretty effective on velvet chairs or sofa.

That’s why if you Scotchgard velvet chair or furniture, it will be safe. Moreover, it will make the furniture durable and waterproof. So, you can use Scotchgard on your velvet furniture.

Polyester velvet:

You can also use Scotchgard on polyester velvet. Because Scotchgard is also safe to use on polyester fabric.

Generally, Scotchgard makes different types of fabrics water-resistant. For example, silk, velvet, polyester, etc. fabrics are suitable for Scotchgard.

Most of the time, we use Scotchgard spray-on fabric surfaces. So, it will be better if you also use the spray form on the polyester velvet.

You might have different furniture or things made of polyester velvet. So, you can easily apply Scotchgard spray on the polyester velvet furniture to make it resistant to stain and water.

Moreover, if you use Scotchgard on polyester velvet, it will become resistant to grease and oil.

So, Scotchgard will make polyester velvet materials durable and water-damage-free. So, using Scotchgard on polyester velvet is pretty convenient.

Does Scotchgard work on velvet? Is Scotchgard safe on velvet?

Yes, Scotchgard works on velvet. Generally, Scotchgard is an excellent material to use on different types of fabrics, leathers, furniture, etc. It makes the surfaces protected from water and moisture damage. But Scotchgard doesn’t work well on all the surfaces.

But it works well on velvet. You can use Scotchgard on velvet and polyester velvet. Moreover, you can use Scotchgard on velvet furniture, chair, or sofa. It will not damage your furniture or velvet products.

Moreover, Scotchgard is safe on velvet. That’s why Scotchgard is pretty effective on velvet products. If you apply the Scotchgard spray appropriately, it will not damage any product.

Contrarily, it will protect velvet surfaces from being damaged by environmental effects like water, moisture, grease, humidity, etc.

Besides, Scotchgard will also repel stain. So, you will get many advantages of using Scotchgard on velvet materials. But it will be safe to use Scotchgard on velvet.

Can you waterproof velvet using Scotchgard? What does Scotchgard protect against?

Yes, you can waterproof velvet using Scotchgard. Because Scotchgard works well to resist water. So, when water or moisture is near to the Scotchgarded velvet, the water will not enter into the velvet.

Moreover, the velvet will not be able to soak water or moisture into it. So, the surface will be protected from water.

Generally, when you use Scotchgard on a velvet surface, it will create an extra layer that is pretty smooth. This layer will prevent water or moisture to get into the velvet. Thus Scotchgard makes velvet waterproof.

Moreover, Scotchgard doesn’t only protect against water. It also protects a surface from moisture and humidity. Besides, it will protect a surface from grease, oil, dirt, mold, bacteria, and different types of stain.

So, if you apply Scotchgard on a surface, it will protect the overall surface. Thus it will help the surface to be durable and long-lasting.

4 reasons why you can use Scotchgard on velvet

You might know the effectiveness of Scotchgard on velvet. But you might don’t know details about why you can use Scotchgard on velvet. So, let’s see some reasons why you can use Scotchgard on velvet.


One of the main benefits of using Scotchgard on velvet is its waterproofing ability. When you will use Scotchgard on velvet, it will prevent water content to enter into the velvet.

It will create a smooth and thin layer on the velvet that will make the surface waterproof.


Scotchgard will also make a surface durable. Generally, we use Scotchgard to make any surface water and stain-resistant.

So, when a surface is free from water damage, it will not be damaged quickly. The overall surface and the product will be durable and long-lasting.

Easy process and clean-up:

Applying Scotchgard on a surface is pretty easy. For example, Scotchgard is a common spray form that you can spray on the surface or fabric. So, the applying process is not that difficult.

Moreover, cleaning up the Scotchgard surface is also pretty easy. If you notice water or grease on the Scotchgarded surface, you can just wipe the surface and it will be clean.


Generally, Scotchgard is more cost-effective than other waterproofing materials. Scotchgard will work better on fabrics and leather and also cost you less. So, you can use Scotchgard conveniently and cost-effectively.

How to Scotchgard velvet?

Now that you know Scotchgard can make your velvet waterproof and durable, you might want to know how to Scotchgard velvet. Generally, using Scotchgard velvet is pretty easy. But you have to do it appropriately. So, let’s see how you can Scotchgard velvet.

  • First you have to prepare the velvet surface you want to Scotchgard by cleaning.
  • Then you have to shake the Scotchgard spray to make the solution even.
  • Then you can test the colorfastness of the velvet by spraying on a hidden area: If the color fades by wiping, the Scotchgard is not suitable to use on that surface.
  • Spray the Scotchgard from a distance of 6 inches evenly on the velvet surface.
  • You can apply two light coatings of Scotchgard to get a better finish.
  • Allow sufficient time to dry the Scotchgard.
  • Reapply the Scotchgard after drying or every year to make the surface better and durable.

How long does Scotchgard last on velvet?

Generally, Scotchgard lasts for 6 months to 20 months. The longevity of Scotchgard depends on various things. For example, how you are taking care of the velvet or velvet furniture is an important issue.

Because if you use the velvet furniture carefully or clean it regularly, the Scotchgard on it will last a long time. But if you don’t take care of the furniture or scrub the velvet surface often, the Scotchgard on the velvet will not last long.

Moreover, the quality of the Scotchgard is also an essential thing. If you apply a high-quality Scotchgard, it will be long-lasting. But some cheaper ones might affect the velvet and also will not make the surface durable.

For example, if you apply Scotchgard on velvet shoes, it will not be long-lasting. Because shoes go through different environments and scratch more than velvet furniture.

But you can expect that Scotchgard on velvet will last at least for 6 months. Then if you take care of the surface and reapply annually, the velvet product will be durable.

Final Thoughts

You can apply Scotchgard on velvet. Because Scotchgard is safe and suitable to use on velvet surfaces. It will not damage the velvet. Moreover, it will protect the surface by making it waterproof and stain-resistant. Besides, applying process is easy and Scotchgard is pretty cost-effective.