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Can You Scotchgard Shoes? (Read This First!)

Scotchgard is considered a fabric protector that is used in carpets, and other furniture to remove stains and keep the material clean for a long time.

It is a liquid stain repellent it works effectively when applied to furniture fabrics. In today’s article, we will discuss if you can use Scotchgard to clean your shoes. 

Scotchgarding shoes 

Since Scotchgard is a fabric protector and can be used on furniture fabrics, you can also try using them in your canvas shoes to clean stains. It is highly effective and easy to apply. You can hold the can and spray about 6 inches far away from the surface to clean the shoes using Scotchgard.

Scotchgard is considered one of the most popular fabric protectors and furniture fabric cleaners that is used by many people.

It is a stain and durable water repellent that is applied to fabrics, furniture, and even on carpets to protect them from stubborn stains. In addition to that, Scotchgard is popular for its variety of applications.

You can also use Scotchgard to clean and remove mud, dirt, salt, etc. from furniture as well as the shoes. Since Scotchgard is a fabric protector and stain remover, you can use them to remove stains from your canvas shoes.

Generally, the top layer of the shoes is made using fabric, so you can spray Scotchgard to clean the shoes easily.

Almost all types of shoes are compatible to clean using Scotchgard. However, it is a good idea to clean your canvas shoes and provide them with a waterproof coating using Scotchgard to keep them looking clean and new.

It also helps to increase the life span of your shoes. The application procedure of Scotch Guard fabric cleaner is very simple.

You can simply hold the spray can upright and spray it about 6 inches away from the surface of the item. Below is a brief discussion on whether you can clean other shoes using Scotchgard: 

Running shoes: 

Scotchgard fabric cleaner and upholstery protector is an excellent product to prevent your running shoes from accumulating dirt and mud. It is a clear spray solution, so it won’t alter the color or breathability of the running shoes as well.

Leather shoes: 

You can also try using Scotchgard to protect your leather shoes from water. If you are worried about the next rain storm, you can try using Scotchgard protector on your leather shoes to protect them from rainwater. 

Satin shoes: 

Yes, it is completely fine to apply Scotchgard on satin shoes. You can apply Scotchgard water and fabric protector on any variety of satin.

Fabric shoes: 

It is best to use Scotchgard on fabric shoes because it is a popular fabric cleaner. This will protect your shoes from dust, mud, and water.

In most cases, the Scotchgard fabric cleaner is used to clean fabrics or furniture to make them look new for a long time. That is why you can reliably use the Scotchgard fabric cleaner on the fabric shoes to extend their life span.

Tennis shoes: 

Scotchgard is considered one of the most powerful fabric protector sprays, made by 3M.

That is why you can use its stain-proofing and waterproofing technology in tennis shoes. You just need to apply the spray carefully and let it dry for maximum effectiveness.

Canvas shoes:

Generally, canvas shoes are made using fabric. As a result, they can get stains, mud, or dirt on them very easily. So, you can try using Scotchgard fabric protectors and cleaner on the fabric shoes to make them clean and waterproof.

How many coats of scotchgard on shoes? 

Security is considered one of the most effective fabric protectors that are used on furniture, fabric, and even carpets to make them look new and clean.

It is not just only a fabric protector, it also helps to make the fabric waterproof and repels any type of stain, mud, or grease from the fabric surface.

It is a highly effective fabric protector that you can apply to any type of shoe to make them waterproof and clean.

The application process for Scotchgard fabric protectors is very simple. Make sure that you take your shoes to a well-ventilated area where you’ll be using the Scotchgard spray on them.

You need to spray Scotchgard fabric cleaner on the shoes 6 inches far from the shoe surface and let them dry for a couple of hours.

Generally, a layer of Scotchgard fabric protector is enough to keep your shoes clean, an additional layer will help to provide the shoes with waterproofing capabilities.

How to use scotchgard on shoes? 

Scotchgard is considered one of the most effective and commonly popular types of fabric protectors. It is mostly used on different fabrics, furniture, and even on carpets to make them look new for a long time.

In addition to that, it helps to protect the carpet from accumulating any type of dirt, mud, or even stains.

One of the most unique features that make Scotchgard a popular fabric protector is that multiple layers of Scotchgard can make the fabric waterproof. That is why many people use Scotchgard to protect their furniture, fabrics, and carpets.

That is why many people use Scotchgard to protect their fabric and carpets. Use your shoes to claim by using Scotchgard.

It is highly effective fabric protection that will clean your shoes. Most of the shoes are made using fabric, so using Scotchgard to clean them won’t be a big hassle.

However, you need to take the shoes to an open area before using Scotchgard on them. Generally, the Scotchgard contains fumes that can cause you difficulty in breathing.

So, you need to make sure that you wear a protective mask and goggles before using Scotchgard on the shoes. You can simply follow the steps below to clean the shoes using Scotchgard: 

Take your shoes to a well-ventilated area: 

The most important thing is that you need to make sure that your shoes are taken into a well-ventilated area because the Scotchgard fabric protector is high in fumes.

As a result, it may cause difficulties in breathing. In addition to that, make sure to keep the shoes in an open place after using Scotchgard.

Prepare your shoes: 

Once you are ready, you need to remove all the shoe strings from the shoes and push the tongue of each shoe down. In most cases, the shoe tongue does not need to be sprayed using the fabric protector. 

Shake the can and spray: 

Now you need to take the scotchgard spray can and shake the scan well. After shaking the can, you need to spray at the surface of the shoe from 6 inches away.

The spray application must be even and proper. After spraying the shoe, let it dry. This will eventually remove all the dirt and mud from the shoe and make it waterproof.

What shoes does Scotchgard work on? 

Scotchgard is considered highly effective fabric protection and material that is mostly used on different types of fabric, furniture, and even on carpets to clean them and make them look like new for a long time.

One of the most common features that make the Scotchgard multipurpose fabric protect is that you can also use it to clean the shoe.

Scotchgard is an excellent upholstery protector that prevents dirt, mud, and stains from accumulating on the fabric surface.

The Scotchgard contains a clear liquid solution that will not alter the appearance or color of the shoe if you spray on it.

However, you need to spray the Scotchgard fabric protector on any type of fabric surface properly so that the layer can be even. Below is a brief discussion on what shoes does squash card work on: 


Boots are a type of shoe that can accumulate a lot of dirt, mud, and stains on them.

As a result, there’s a chance that the boots can get dirty very frequently. You can try using Scotchgard fabric, particularly on the boot which will help to prevent accumulating dirt and mud on the surface of the boots. 


Canvas shoes are most likely to be made of fabric, so it is a great idea to use Scotchgard on canvas shoes to help them become waterproof and dustproof. As a result, it will help to increase the lifespan of the shoes.


Sneakers are a part of our daily life. We can go anywhere wearing a pair of sneakers.

As a result, it can easily get dirty and look old. You can try using Scotchgard fabric protectors on the sneakers to make them look new and get rid of all the mud easily.

Final Thoughts

Scotchgard is considered an effective and popular fabric protectant that is used by people for its multipurpose value. Generally, it can be used to clean fabric, furniture, and carpets. You can clean your shoes to get rid of mud and stain easily. Also, it helps to make the shoe waterproof as well.