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Can You Put Poster Paint on Your Face? (Quick Answers)

Face painting is now a popular art. Young people love to draw stickers on their body parts. Therefore, they use different paint on their face.

Recently, some people asked if they could put poster paint on their faces. Basically, poster paint is an ideal material to paint on art paper. It had some excellent qualities that forced human beings to use it.

However, there are some constraints on using poster paint. Especially if you are a health-conscious person, you must know about it thoroughly. We are here to explain everything about poster paint today.

Can you put poster paint on your face?

You can put poster paint on your face. But it is not safe. At least, you cannot use any extra chemical or acidic ingredients with poster paint. Otherwise, it will create skin issues that might be fatal. If you use poster paint on your face, it will be fine. It will dry soon.

Face paints are chemical-free. If you search for the best face paint on Amazon, you will get hundreds of different options without poster paint. Mainly, poster paint is not the usual face paint.

Therefore, people or painters do not use it regularly. However, it has some quality features that urge paint lovers to use it. As we have said, poster paint can dry soon.

Moreover, you can apply poster paint quickly on your face without mixing anything. It’s a simple process; for all these reasons, poster paint is becoming a popular option.

We find Snazaroo, CCbeauty Professional, ArtiParty Mini, and many more face paints if we talk about the best face paint. They all are excellent and professional face paints. If you go to a paint shop and ask for face paint, they will probably use anyone among them except poster paint.

In other words, poster paint is not professional face paint. You will not find any single professional who will suggest using poster paint on your skin. The main reason is its uses. Poster paint is not the best piece of paint that you can apply to your face.

Is it safe to use poster paint on your face? Are poster colors safe for face painting?

It is safe to use poster paint on your face. But it’s not ideal. However, to ensure safety, you have to avoid using any chemical or other ingredients to create the paint. It will become toxic.

In that way, you will make poster paint non-toxic. It is the first thing you need to consider before starting face painting. The face will not accept any toxic; as a result, you will get hurt in the long run.

At the same time, poster colors are not safe for face painting. It is considered toxic. If anyone says that poster colors are non-toxic, he or she must lie. Everyone knows it is toxic; therefore, it is not safe anymore to apply poster paint on your skin.

In a nutshell, both the poster paint and poster colors are not safe. They are not entirely non-toxic. Poster colors are toxic. That means you should not apply them to your skin.

3 reasons why poster paint is not for face painting

Poster paint is not for face painting. It has some specific reasons too. Let’s find them.


Poster paint is toxic to most of the skins. Particularly, if you have sensitive skin, you should not apply poster paint on the skin. It will create allergy issues. Also, sensitive skin will be discolored if you use poster paint or colors.

It is the first reason why poster paint is not for face painting. It has different purposes and different ingredients too.


Poster paint contains some chemicals; that’s why it dries fast. It is an ideal color for art paper, not for human skins. When you apply poster paint on your skin, it will react and give you rashes on the skin.

That means poster paint is not a safe option to paint your face. You need something else that is ideal for face painting. We will talk about them soon.


Poster paint might give your skin or face some stains. They will be permanent in most cases. Therefore, you will struggle to remove the poster paint stains from your skin.

That’s the third reason you should avoid using poster paint on your face. Also, why poster paint is not safe.

What is poster paint for?

Poster paint is a combination of starch, cellulose, cornstarch, and gum-water. It is used for different purposes. We will talk about all of them below, and you will get an answer about what poster paint is used for.

Color Signs:

Creating a color sign is the best use of poster paint. If you want to create any color sign, you must use poster paint. There are no more options.

Poster paints are colorful. It has a different color to make things beautiful. Therefore, you can use poster paint to create the best color sign.


We notice many banners here and there. Though most of them come from print media, some are hand-made banners. In that case, poster paint plays a key role.

You can use poster paint to make banners and billboards. These exhibitions will be attractive and natural.

Art Paper:

Art paper is another excellent surface to use poster paint. Poster paint is for paper art. If you have a school-going child, you will find that your child uses poster paint to create scenarios and paint on the art paper.


Poster paint is for the artist and painter. A painter can use poster paint in every way possible. He/she will enjoy drawing using poster paint since it gets dry soon.

What kind of paint can you use on your face?

There are some particular paints available that are suitable to use on your face. They are:

Liquid Latex:

Latex is a water-based paint. You can safely use it on your skin. However, you need to follow some tips to apply latex paint to your face.

Since it’s water-based paint, you have to wait for an hour to let it dry. It is the most tiresome part of using latex paint.

Blue Squid Kids Paint:

If you are searching for painting on your child’s face, you may consider buying blue squid kids’ paint. It’s a good and safe option.

You can simply use it on pretty much every skin and get a good result. It will not create any health or skin issues.

Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids - 22 Colors, 160pcs, Ultimate Face Painting Kit, Stencils, Gems, Hair Chalks, Brushes, Glitter, Sponges, Booklet, Professional Body Facepaints

Water-based paint:

You will get two different categories when you search for paints. One is oil-based paint; another is water-based paint. You have to go for the water-based paint to use on the face.

So, here is the trick. You can use most water-based paints, which are made for skin painting.

TAG face paint:

Here comes another face paint made for painting skin and face. If you search for the best face paint, you will get TAG on the list.

It’s an excellent paint for overall use. It is not toxic to the skin. Therefore, you can safely use TAG face paint over the face and other body parts.

So, these are the top-four kinds of paints that you can use on your face skin. They all are safe and sound. They don’t come with any toxic ingredients. Therefore, you can surely use them on your skin and face.

Moreover, we have also added kids-friendly body paint to our list. If you look for the best kids’ paint, you can go through it. It is safe and non-toxic to face skin.

TAG Face & Body Paint - Regular Palette 12 x 10g

What is face paint made of?

Face paint is made of several ingredients, including water, paraffin wax, Petroleum calcium, glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, and more. These are the primary and fundamental ingredients that every brand uses to make face paint.

It will be best to read all the ingredients on the face paint before buying them. You should not use any paint that comes with strong chemicals or toxic chemicals. You must avoid putting them on your face and body.

Moreover, some colors are also used in face paint. The main intention is to make the paint color. You don’t want to paint your body black & white only. Therefore, it must come with some vibrant colors.

Manufacturers or paint makers use different colors to make the face paint more lively and attractive. You can go to a paint shop and ask them to give you your favorite color paint. That’s why face painting has become famous around the world.

Final Thoughts

You should not use poster paint on your face. It is a little toxic to our facial skin. Though sellers and manufacturers may advise you to use poster paint to dry it soon, you should not fall into that trap. It will become a threat to your skin. Mainly, you may lose the original skin color.