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Can You Put Latex Paint Over Kilz Oil Based Primer?

Primer is a must as it fills the holes and evens the surface. As a result, the surface of the material looks smooth, and putting paint on it makes it flawless. No color bumps or holes are found then. Now what to do first, putting paint over primer or primer over paint.

What type of primer suits latex paint the most.

Following our tips below, you may get ideas of what to use on latex paint and if you can apply latex paint over kilz oil-based primer or not.

Can you put latex paint over kilz original oil-based primer?

Of course, one can put latex paint over kilz original oil-based primer. Here, the primer is oil-based, and the paint is water-based. Yet oil-based primer is best suitable for all types of paints. Applying oil-based primer over latex may result in reverse as latex paint is the soft one.

Latex paint is a water-based paint. Many may think, only water-based primers may suit water-based paint, which is not correct. Instead, oil-based primers mostly suit all paints. Not just that, oil-based primer seals in a good way.

Oil-based primers are good to provide a good texture to the paint. Well, primer is put first to make the surface clean, even and to ensure no bumps. Primer may fill up the bumps, giving the surface a clear texture.

Latex paint can be applied over kilz original oil-based primer, yet primer can not be used over the paint. Well, if you put the primer first, it will hold the consistency of the paint. As a result, the paint will get an even form and a semi-shiny texture.

It is because latex paint is a water-based primer. Even if you use an oil-based primer, the paint itself will hold its color. Moreover, one shouldn’t put primer before the paint as the surface may have bumps or need to be filled. 

If you put paint before the primer, it will create an uneven tone.

On the other hand, oil-based primer is hard and may break if you put it over latex paint. Here, latex paint will give a soft outer appearance to the surface, making the material last long.

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Will latex paint stick to oil-based kilz?

Of course, latex paint sticks to oil-based kilz. Even though latex paint is water-based paint, it sits perfectly on oil-based primer.

It is wrong to think that water-based paint does not stick to oil-based paint. Instead, oil-based primer gives a smooth finish and creates a texture for the paint to sit on. As a result, the surface becomes free from bumps and uneven tones.

Many suggest latex paint over oil-based kilz. The paint sticks to the primer as the paint is water-based. Even though the primer is oil-based, it doesn’t get in the way of the paint sitting.

The primer hardens the surface; meanwhile, the paint sets of a thin layer which plays a good duo. That’s why one can apply latex paint over oil-based kilz, as the primer may harden, yet the paint may create a smooth texture.

2 reasons why you can put latex paint over kilz

Latex paint is suitable for kilz, which is an oil-based primer. Many may have some misconception on if water-based paint will have durability when put over the primer. Well, to clear it out, follow the below information.


Putting latex paint over oil-based primer may increase durability. Many suggest painting over primer. Because the primer prepares the surface for the paint. Oil-based primer gives better durability and makes sure no marks and scratches are left on the surface.

Once you apply latex paint over kilz, you may find the paint lasting longer. The paint may last long without getting vanished or damaged. The oil primer may also provide a mark-free structure. That’s why applying latex paint over kilz is a good idea.

Paint over primer:

Putting latex paint over kilz may give a good outcome. At the same time, putting primer over latex paint may give a reverse outcome.

Latex paint is water-based paint that has a soft texture. On the other hand, kilz has a hard texture as it is oil-based. The primer may harden the texture of the surface and make it suitable for applying latex paint.

Moreover, putting primer last may not be as effective as the previous one. The primer may harden and get damaged easily; meanwhile, the soft latex paint may stay with those marks. Moreover, the primer shouldn’t be the top one on the surface.

How do you paint latex over oil-based Kilz?

Oil-based kilz can absorb water-based latex paint easily. One can apply the primer by only following simple steps. The steps are shortly described below.

Clean the surface:

Before doing anything, the first priority should be cleaning the surface. One can take a wet napkin and wipe the surface off. After applying the primer, it requires time to dry off. After completely drying the primer, proceed to the next.

One needs to put at least two coatings of primer that will create a hard texture and make the paint more absorbable. Moreover, it adds durability to the paint.

Sand the surface:

Sanding may change even the texture of the material surface. As a result, the primer can easily set in. one should first sand with lower grit sandpaper and later with higher grit sandpaper. Thus the texture will become uneven.

Do not sand too much so that you remove the primer. Only a bit to just smoothen out the surface. Sanding may remove all the bumps from the surface and help the paint to put a clear thin texture.

Apply paint:

After sanding, one can paint the surface of the material with latex paint. The first coat should always be a thin one. One can put the paint with a brush or roller. The paint needs at least two coats and sand the surface between every coat. Lastly, let the paint dry.

Putting the paint with a roller may spread the paint all over the surface evenly, which might give a beautiful and even appearance. The oil-based primer may make the appearance semi-shiny above. Lastly, one can seal the paint with a sealer if better protection is required.

When can I paint over kilz?

After the kilz is completely dried, anyone can paint over it. Well, the drying time may vary depending on the coating one is using.

Primarily like other primers, kilz should be applied in two layers. The top coating must be a thick one. After drying the primer completely, one can apply paint over it. Well, the oil-based primer may require some time to dry.

Better to keep it for one day. After that, clean it and apply paint. Well, depending on the coating layer, the drying time may differ.

Can kilz be used as white paint?

Absolutely not, kilz can not be used as white paint. Kilz is an oil-based primer that is totally different from paint.

Primer and paint are not the same. Primer only prepares the surface for the paint. Meanwhile, paint creates a color with enough protection. One can also use a sealer to seal the paint. Yet primer can not be used as a paint.

If the primer is put on top, that may get damaged from time to time. The surface may become affected, and one may need to paint it more frequently. Instead, one should apply the primer first, next paint, and lastly, sealer.

To give the surface a proper and durable look. Moreover, to prevent further damages in the future.

Can you put water-based paint over oil-based primer?

Of course, one can put water-based paint over oil-based primer. Many may prefer putting water-based primer with water-based paint.

The result may not come in their favor. But when one applies an oil-based primer and puts paint on it, the result becomes much more visible. The durability increases and the paint stays in place for longer.

Thus the oil-based primer helps in absorbing paint and holding the paint for long.

Final thoughts:

Overall, putting latex paint over kilz oil-based primer is a good option indeed. The paint becomes more durable by doing it, and the texture also becomes smooth. Primer helps in many ways rather than only smoothing the surface. So the same applies to latex paint. The outcome is a nice one indeed.