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Can You Put Essential Oils in a Wax Warmer? (Answered)

Essential oils help soothe the mind and keep the environment fresh. And who does not want a pleasant-smelling house? If you want to relax in your house and have a therapeutic feeling you should try using essential oil and a wax warmer for it.

Can you put essential oils in a wax warmer?

Wax warmers do not get damaged if essential oils are used. It is okay to put any essential oil of your preference in a wax warmer or wax burner. Though some wax warmers face discoloration if an essential oil is used, for most of the warmers essential oils are no problem.

Wax warmers are used to warm and gradually melt hard wax beans. It is very common to use drops of essential oil in the wax while it is warming up. It does not usually damage the machine itself. Discoloration can be a concern, but it is very uncommon.

Can you diffuse essential oils in a wax warmer?

It is common and absolutely fine to diffuse essential oils in a wax warmer. Most people prefer to use a wax warmer even though they can use an oil diffuser. It works the same and the end result is similar. As a base to melt the wax essential oils are used in a wax warmer.

Essential oils like Jojoba oil or coconut oil are usually used as a base for wax. And using these oils in a wax warmer does not create any difficulties or problems for the wax warmer. Some machines have reports of discoloration but that is not very common.

Is it safe to put essential oils in a wax warmer?

There is no reported harm in using or putting essential oils in a wax warmer. It is safe and completely fine to use essential oils in a wax burner. And it is actually very common to put essential oils in a wax warmer.

The only damage some people have noticed is the discoloration after the oil is heated. Other than that, there is no literal danger in putting essential oils in a wax warmer. In fact, as a base for the wax oils are always used.

How to use essential oils in wax warmer?

It is actually a very common practice to use essential oils in a wax warmer. Some people use it instead of an oil diffuser. This is more of a two-in-one method. As there is no harm in using the device for essential oils, most people prefer that –

  • Get your warming dish all clean and dry;
  • Mix a few drops of your preferred essential oil with some water in the warming dish;
  • Place the dish in the wax warmer and turn the wax warmer on;
  • Sit back and enjoy the sweet smell of the choice of your essential oil.

Once you have put the warming dish in the wax warmer and the device is working you don’t have to do anything else. You might want to keep an eye on, in case the water evaporates. Other than that there is no need to worry about the wax warmer.

Your room will smell amazing in no time and with no worry of damage.

How much essential oil do I add to wax warmer?

Usually, just a few drops with little water does the magic when you want to put essential oil in a wax warmer. As for the absolute figure, for 1 cup of water, you will need to add around 20 drops of essential oil.

Sometimes adding water crystals is also okay. In that case, you will need to mix 1 teaspoon of water crystal into a cup of hot water. Afterward, you can add 20 drops of the essential oil that you prefer, just as before. The amount is the same for all sorts of essential oils.

Do wax melts have essential oils?

Some wax melts and wax beans smell amazing once they have melted. This is because the wax melts have essential oils in them. It is rather common. But do not be surprised if some wax beans do not have essential oils in them.

The scented wax melts are labeled with their individual scent. These scented wax melts or wax beans are infused with essential oils. So when they melt they spread the specific scent.

If you want a wax melt like that be sure to check the label for “Scented Wax Melt” because not all wax melts are scented.

Will essential oils work in a wax warmer?

Essential oils work perfectly well in a wax warmer. It actually works in the same way as an oil diffuser. There is no danger or any serious after-effects of putting essential oils in a wax warmer. Some people have reported discoloration but that is very rare.

By mixing a few drops of the essential oils in water, it can be used in a wax warmer without any trouble. The room will smell amazing as the wax warmer starts to heat up. It works similarly to an oil diffuser.

Can I put vanilla extract in my wax warmer?

With caution, you can make your house smell like a cake by using vanilla extract in your wax warmer. You will have to be careful because vanilla tends to burn faster and quicker than any wax element. Other than that, it is perfectly safe to put vanilla extract in a wax warmer.

Vanilla extracts have a strong scent of the vanilla beans and it is used in baking most of the times. If you want a soothing smell around your house you can always put vanilla extract in your wax warmer.

Can you put peppermint oil in a wax warmer?

Any sort of oil, including peppermint oil, is perfect to put in a wax warmer. It is absolutely fine as long as you maintain a few safety measures. Peppermint oils are usually a popular choice because of their sweet smell. And it is very common to use this oil in a wax warmer.

Wax warmers are a great substitute for oil diffusers. Just make sure the oil does not get burnt or the wax warmer is not set in a power too high. If you keep these in mind, using Peppermint oil will not be any issue.

Can you overdose on essential oils in wax warmer?

Sometimes it is possible to put in too much essential oil in the wax warmer. If that happens you will find the scent a bit too much and you might feel nauseous as well. In a more cases, you might smell the burning smell of oil more than the scent of the oil.

There is always a possibility to overdose on the oils in a wax warmer. Make sure to use only a few drops. 20 drops of any oil in a cup of water is the most appropriate measurement. If you follow that there should be no problem.

Does heating essential oils ruin them?

Oils will evaporate faster if you heat them too much. And sometimes the high heat of the wax warmer will make the oil dissolve quicker. If you are not careful with the heating and the timing of the heat, the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils will no longer be there.

Essential oils help in stress relief and make you calm. But an oil that is burnt too much may cause nausea and a headache. This is why you should be careful of the amount of heat given to the oil. Heating will not ruin them but overheating might.

What temp is too hot for essential oils?

Any oil that has been heated at a temperature too high will cause more damage than therapy. And for essential oils, 90 degrees is the limit, which is around 32 degrees Celsius. If you can keep the temperature of the warmer within this range you will face no problem.

If you set your temperature too high the oil will dissolve quicker and that will be of no benefit. So be careful of the heat and temperature and there should be no problem. But if you heat the oil too much you might face some disturbance like a headache or burning eyes.

If that happens turn off the wax warmer and take out your warmer dish with the oil in it.

Which essential oils are toxic when heated? 

If you heat your essential oil too much, it might turn damaging instead of being therapeutic. This is why you should be careful when you start to heat the essential oil. 

Despite this fact, there are some oils that are toxic and damaging when they are heated, even if heat is at a low rate –

  • Camphor;
  • Clove oil;
  • Lavender oil;
  • Eucalyptus oil;
  • Thyme;
  • Tea Tree oil;
  • Wintergreen oil;

These are a few oils that you should refrain from heating. These oils have a naturally strong scent. Heating them more will cause headaches and a burning sensation in your eyes and nose. They might make you nauseous.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, you should not heat these particular oils.

Final thoughts:

Wax warmers can serve both the purposes of melting the wax and also make the home a more pleasant smelling place. You can safely put your favorite essential oil in the wax warmer and let it do its’ charm. It is safe and okay to do so. Apart from slight discoloration, there should be no problem.