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Can You Put Crocs in the Dryer & Washer? (Quick Answers)

Crocs are quite unique in nature. It is neither like rubber nor like plastic. Yet crocs are flexible. One can bend them, and it will not even break or create a crack. Unlike other materials, crocs are easy to handle and wash.

The temperature has a great effect on crocs. That’s why washing crocs requires a little bit of cautiousness. Following our tips regarding crocs, adding if you can keep it in the dryer and washer or not, may help you to handle it.

Can you put crocs in the dryer?

Putting crocs in the dryer is highly not suggested. Crocs have a limit to enduring heat. The dryer may apply heat to the extent that can’t be tolerated. As a result, it may damage the crocs. In the worst case, it may melt the croc or even crack it. That’s why do not put crocs in a dryer.

Crocs are not suitable for long-term heat, not even high heat. Direct heat will shrink the Crocs and may damage it. Even croc shoes may not have removable linings. Removable linings will provide benefits while cleaning but not using the Crocs in the dryer.

Classic Crocs are not suitable for dryers. Even slightly high heat can affect it.

Fuzzy lined Crocs may have removable linings and may still melt at high temperatures.

Crocs with fur may have further damage. If you do not want your Crocs material to shrink, do not put it on heat. It will make the croc unusable. You may need to spend money on new shoes instead. That will be more profitable.

If you want to dry it in a dryer for urgent cases, use a couple of towels. Towels may absorb the heat and prevent it from getting on the Crocs directly. Direct heat is the one that hampers the croc.

You should be aware of the direct heat if you are using the dryer on Crocs. Still, not suggested as it may cause long-term damage. In the worst case, get some money to buy a new one.

What happens if you put crocs in the dryer?

Putting crocs in the dryer may lead to damage of crocs. In further cases, crocs may melt or have Shrinkage.

Crocs are different from plastics and rubbers, even though crocs may be flexible as rubbers. The cleaning procedure is quite the same as cleaning rubbers. Yet crocs are not suitable for putting in the dryer.

Crocs are sensitive to heat. Up to certain heat, crocs can handle it. When the heat crosses the limit range, crocs may begin to shrink. Adding to have cracks on it. Lastly, crocs may melt if you apply excess heat to them.

That’s why putting crocs in the dryer is not suggested. Still, in urgent cases, you can apply the heat from the dryer by maintaining precautions. You may need to put a bunch of towels over it. So the heat will not be directly subjected to the crocs.

Keeping crocs indirect heat melts the crocs. That’s why avoid applying heat to crocs.

How long should I put my crocs in the dryer?

In the first place, you should not put your crocs in the dryer. If you do not have a further option than drying it on the dryer, put some pieces of towels over it. Yet, do not apply heat for a long time.

The dryer will need the application of heat on the crocs. Crocs may be subjected to the heat directly if you put it in the dryer as heat causes trouble to the crocs, better not to put it in the dryer.

If you put the crocs in the dryer with towels, still some damage may occur. In that case, do not put it on for a long time. Better to apply heat by a dryer. In that case, remove the heat frequently and keep it at a low temperature.

In high temperatures, the crocs may be damaged to the extent when you can not even revive it anymore. Overall, putting the crocs in the dryer is not suggested.

How to dry crocs with fur liner?

Washing Crocs is not a tough task to complete neither is the drying of the Crocs. You may need some time to dry it, yet do not use a dryer unless you need the croc on an urgent basis.

Keep in sunlight:

The most effective way of drying the crocs with a fur liner is to keep them in sunlight. The sunlight will naturally dry the crocs without causing any harm.

Air dry:

Air dry is similar to keeping the crocs in the sunlight. You can just put the croc in the room and let it dry with air flowing. Moreover, it can be done when the sun doesn’t show up.

How long do crocs take to dry?

Crocs usually take 1 to 2 days to completely dry. You can just keep it overnight after washing. The next day you may find the crocs in a proper dried state.

You can also try wiping the dirt off with cold or warm water. In that case, the drying will not take too long. Otherwise, it will take almost 1 day at the least. It doesn’t matter whether you are putting it in sunlight or not. Crocs still need 1 day to dry completely.

Can you put crocs in the washing machine?

Crocs are suitable for washing machines unless it’s fuzzy crocs. Crocs are better washable manually. You can use warm water and soap to clean it. Washing machines may cause slight damage to the crocs, which may be unnoticeable. Some crocs may not be washable. In that case, wipe it with warm water.

One can put crocs in the washing to get it clean in an easier way. Cleaning is required for all materials so as for Crocs.

Crocs are suitable to wash off even in the washing machine unless it is subjected to heat. Crocs can not tolerate heat, nor can they stay in contact with heat for a long time. But washing machines do not require a high temperature unless you dry stuff.

Washing can be done with cold water. Cleaning the Crocs in the washing machine with cold water provides better cleaning of Crocs.

Instead of putting the Crocs in hot water, use cold water. One can put the Crocs in the washing machine by adding cold water. As cold water will not damage the material, neither will cause Shrinkage.

Overall, putting Crocs in the washing machine with cold water will ease the cleaning process.

Can you put crocs with fur and fuzzy liners in the washing machine?

Crocs with fur can be washed in the washing machine, yet fuzzy liners are not suggested to wash on the washing machine.

Fuzzy liners are sensitive and may have cracked if you put them on the washing machine. Instead, wipe the crocs with soap and water. That is more effective.

Even though the washing machine can clean the crocs, you may need to put it in slow mode. Otherwise, the crocs will get cracked. The least effect is, it may squeak. No one wants their crocs to squeak. That’s why fuzzy liners are not suggested to wash on the washing machine.

How to clean crocs with fur inside?

Cleaning crocs is easier, even though the crocs have fur inside. It is the same method as cleaning crocs. There is no difference. Rather, it may take some time to dry. Maybe a little bit longer.

Soap and water:

Using soap and water is an effective way to clean crocs with fur inside. Do not put the crocs in the washing machine.

You can use a soap mixture and spray on the crocs. Spray and rub with a brush or sponge. Lastly, wipe the dirt off. To give a final touch, spray water at full speed. It will clean all the dirt.

Now let it dry. You may squeeze the crocs to remove excess water. Furs will not be affected either by this method, and you can use the croc comfortably.

Does heat make crocs shrink?

Absolutely, heat makes crocs shrink. The Shrinkage of the crocs may occur if you put the crocs indirect heat.

High heat can cause Shrinkage and damage the Crocs. In further cases, it can even melt the Crocs. To prevent further losses, better not put Crocs to heat unless you need to shrink the material.

Even though Crocs can be put in heat by covering it with a couple of towels, still doesn’t provide a guarantee to prevent further losses.

Final thoughts

Finally, summing up, the main point is, you can put the croc in the washer but not in the dryer. The washer may clean the crocs, yet drying may melt it. In urgent cases, the dryer can be used but by keeping the minimal temperature. Otherwise, the crocs will cause Shrinkage and may become unusable.