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Can You Put Bathroom Wall Panels Over Tiles? (Explained)

Wall panels look great, are durable, and are cheap. The use of wall panels in the walls of the bathroom increases its beauty many times. Someone wants to install a wall panel over old tiles in a bathroom. Others don’t like the idea. It’s time to clear things up.

Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles?

It is possible to install bathroom wall panels over tiles. Installing the wall panel does not require the removal of tiles. Installation typically involves glue or sealant, which makes it very simple and cheap. Wall panels fit well over the tiled surfaces.

Wall panels are popular for decorating walls. They have a lot of features that make them popular. The price is cheap, it’s easy to see, and it’s easy to change. You can install wall panels even if there are tiles on the wall. The glued panel fits right with tiles.

Due to tiles on the wall, the surface of the wall is already flat, so bathroom wall panels can fit perfectly. Due to the gap in the tiles, the coatings can connect in those spots. These PVC panels are waterproof. As such, it is safe to use on tiles.

Can bathroom panels be fitted over tiles?

Bathroom panels can be smoothly fitted over tiles. Though an uneven wall will not hold a wall panel. The wall panel needs to fit parallel to the wall by rubbing the wall smooth and flat.

By placing it on tiles, the walls do not have to be re-parallel and smooth. It is parallel to the tiles when laying them out. Above the tiles, the surface is smooth. So, when the wall panel is mounted on the tiles, the panels fit very well. 

Each tile is square in shape. This leaves only a small gap along the walls. This allows the panel to fit better. Since it’s glued, the gaps let the glue attach well to the tiles.

Are shower wall panels better than tiles?

Tiles are better than shower panels in some ways. They look more stylish. These are also easy to install in comparison to tiles in a shower in which you have to place a lot of them one by one. A shower panel can go there all at once.

Even with the price, shower panels are better. They were less expensive. They’re also more durable. These are durable and permanent. They’re waterproof, so their color won’t fade.

 However, because they’re made of PVC, they’re not as fragile as tiles. Tiles used to be a popular wall material, but they’re declining. People are switching to shower panels. Shower panels are easier to install, more attractive, and cheaper.

So, considering all the facts that have been mentioned above, shower wall panels are better than tiles in most cases.

7 reasons why you can put bathroom wall panels over tiles 

You can surely put bathroom wall panels over tiles, some reasons have been discussed below –

Save money by not removing the tiles:

It’s easy to put up wall panels on tiles. Because it’s so easy to put wall panels on tiles, you don’t have to take them off. It’s expensive and time-consuming to break down tiles and clean cement coating to make the walls reusable. 

Placing the wall panel on top of the tiles will make the whole task of removing them a lot easier.

Fits great with tiles:

Wall panels fit very well with tiles. Upon installation, you won’t even realize there are tiles under them. You won’t have to smooth the walls if you put wall panels on tiles. The tiles have a smooth structure, so it’s easy to put wall panels on them.

Doesn’t need cement to install:

When you use cement to install tiles, you run into two major problems. Firstly, it costs more, and secondly, it takes longer to set up after laying tile. We don’t see anything wrong with panels. They can be installed with glue. It’s much cheaper and takes little time to set up.


The panel is made of PVC, so you can cover one side of the wall with just one piece. And since it is made of completely artificial material, there will be no water leakage through it. The tiles below it will be fine to use since there is no leakage. 

It won’t get wet. The walls will last longer that way, and they’ll be more durable.

Easy to install, low cost:

Bathroom wall panels are much cheaper than tiles. Because it’s so cheap, you can reinstall it whenever you want. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require cement. The process of installing it is so easy you can do it too.

Innumerable and attractive designs:

Shower Panels are attractive because of their beauty. These look awesome. You can get wall panels in lots of colors and designs. There’s not much variation when it comes to tiles. It’s also great because you can put it anywhere in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Easy to clean:

Wall panels are easy to clean. It doesn’t grow fungus since it’s plastic. No matter how long you use it, it won’t change much in Outlook.

How to choose the best bathroom wall panels to install over tiles?

You may already have tiles installed in your bathroom and on the wall. When you want to install a panel, you need to think about a few things first. Here they are.

Fits well with tiles:

Use a wall panel that fits easily and well with tiles. You can get a lot of different types of wall panels. Some don’t fit over tiles. You have to do some research and find out which one works with your tiles. PVC paneling is best for bathrooms, according to experts. 

It’s lightweight and easily fits over tiles.

Waterproof and leakproof:

Choose a waterproof wall panel for the bathroom. You need one to keep the water out. Most of the conventional panels on the market are waterproof. Most PVC panels are waterproof. And fiberglass paneling is waterproof, too. These won’t leak water on the walls or tiles.

Budget-friendly and durable:

Wall panels of all types are easy to install and remove. You should keep this in mind when choosing. Also, try to choose budget-friendly wall paneling. In the market, you’ll find a lot of expensive wall panels that aren’t worth it. 

You have to think about design, outlook, and durability.

How to install bathroom wall panels over tiles?

Installing a wall panel on tiles is super easy. Check out the steps here.

Things you will need:

You should first pick the wall panel that fits your taste and budget. Then you’ll need a kit to install it. There’s a clear adhesive sealant, tape, sanding pad, tile spacers, and silicone finishing tools in this kit. 

In addition, you’ll need a caulking machine, a tape measure, a blade, and a tooth saw.

Take Measurement:

Installation starts with measuring. Grab the full size of the wall panel you’re installing. Measure it vertically and horizontally. Put the wall panel on parallel support. Put the front-facing side at the top. Use a pencil to mark the size. Cut the panel according to the size. 

The best way to do it is with an electric saw.

Finishing up the edge:

The edges of the wall panel are uneven after cutting. Rub the edges with a sanding pad and make it as smooth as possible. Turn the panel upside down. Rub it on the back with a sanding pad to make it a little uneven. This will make the glue stick better.

Put the corner piece in:

Sealant parallel to the first corner of the wall. You can use any sealant here. Put the corner pieces in parallel. Place tile spacers some distance from the floor-to-wall junction. Later, you’ll remove these spacers and sealant will be applied. Sealant the insides of the corner pieces now.

Put the panel together:

Apply sealant to the back of the panel. You don’t need to cover the whole thing. Just apply it at a certain distance. Now seal the edges well. Move the panel to the wall and apply it parallel to the wall. Start with the corner piece. Do the rest as you go. 

Be sure to press the lining firmly against the wall after it’s done. Seal the corners with sealant after that. Then remove the tile spacers. Then seal it all up.

Final Thought

Bathroom wall panels are an excellent alternative to tiles. However, if the tiles are already installed on the bathroom walls, the panel can be installed over them. The wall panel will fit perfectly over the tiles. This is a relatively inexpensive option.