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Can You Paint OSB Board? (Read This First!)

Painting on various surfaces is a common thing. It can be for decorative or protective purposes. OSB board is another popular board that is used for roofing purposes in residential buildings.

You may ask if you can paint an OSB board. Let us help you find the answer you are looking for and provide you with some additional information regarding the matter.

Painting OSB board:

You can paint OSB boards. It requires a few coats of primers before you paint on it. But it is possible to paint on this board as it has limited durability and a lack of resistance to harsh elements of nature. Thus, it is crucial that you paint the OSB board if you use it for any means.

OSB board is currently the most popular board that is used as a building material in buildings. Especially in building residential buildings. It is used for load bearing applications. Thus, it is commonly used in flooring or as support slabs. It is also used widely in roofing.

But whatever the use case is, any board requires to be long lasting for the best output. Although the OSB board is strong, it has limited durability. Not only that, it cannot resist the brutal weather outside. Therefore, it is necessary to use a protective layer on the board.

Painting is a way to do that. Painting is considered to be a common and easy way to ensure that any item stays protected from the harsh elements of nature. It also increases the durability of the board.

Paint also helps in the beautification of the furniture or building element created by the board. Furniture without any kind of paint does not look good. If you paint the OSB board of the furniture with any sort of glossy paint, the furniture will look beautiful.

The same goes for roofing. If you paint the OSB board used in roofing, it will not only be more durable and resistant to various harsh elements but also look beautiful. It is a necessity to paint an OSB board for its looks. 

It is also necessary for ensuring the durability and longevity of the board.

You can paint OSB boards using a wide range of colors. But oil-based paint is recommended to be used while painting OSB boards. This paint provides a better visual appeal than other paint types. 

It also increases the durability of the board along with its resistance to other elements that may cause problems for the board.

What kind of paint to use on OSB board?

Oil-based paint can be used on OSB boards. Many experts recommend this paint if you are thinking of painting your OSB board. Oil-based paint is usually made using natural oils. This means that this paint may contain linseed oil or something similar to that.

This paint is said to be highly durable. This means that this paint will last longer compared to other paints that are available on the market. This paint also ensures that no element of the environment can damage the board. 

This means that the paint creates a protective layer that prevents any kind of harsh element from harming the board.

This paint also provides a beautiful glossy finish on it. This glossy finish is perfect for furniture that is made by OSB board. So, if you need bright and glossy paint for your furniture, then oil-based paint on an OSB board will be the best choice for you.

Painting vs staining OSB board, which is better?

Painting is considered to be better for OSB boards compared to staining. Painting is a process by which the board is covered with a coating. This coating can provide a layer of protection of some sort based on the board you are using and the paint. 

On the other hand, staining is a method to preserve the beauty of the wood by not hiding it, like painting it to create a coating.

The OSB board is said to be less durable and lacks the resistance to protect itself from various elements of nature. Therefore, this board requires an extra layer of protection from them with the help of any other external method like painting. 

Staining will just keep the OSB board exposed to the outside world.

If you consider staining your OSB board, it may cause you many problems. The board will not get the necessary protection that it needs to be more durable and lack the resistance layer. Thus, other elements of nature can harm the board without any warning.

This may cause the board to get wet. The wet board starts to rot as a result. Therefore, the condition of the board will start to deteriorate. This may result in heavy losses and you may need to change the board as a result.

But painting provides an extra layer of protection by the paint itself and the primer used under it. Both of these elements combine and create a strong bond in order to keep the board intact. 

It provides additional protection and increases the longevity of the board by sealing the pores of the board.

So, it is recommended to paint the OSB board rather than staining it. You will get better results in the long run if you paint it.

Tips for preparing OSB board before painting:

Here are few tips for you, if you are eager to prepare your OSB board before painting –

Find the A-face to paint:

The OSB board usually has two sides. They are called A-face and B-face. The A-face is said to be the one with a wax coating. On the other hand, the B-face has no such coating at all. The A-face is usually set outside and the B-face is set inside the frame.

If the A-face is not outside, you will need to swap the faces on the furniture as this side usually stays outside no matter what. After the A-face is set, you will need to prepare it for painting by sanding it properly.

Wash the surface by TSP:

This is a highly recommended suggestion. Mix 1/2 cup of TSP in a gallon of water and wash the sanded surface. This will remove any accumulated oil and grease on the surface. It would be best if you kept in mind that this will not de-gloss the A-face. 

Thus, you will not have to add another layer of wax to the OSB board.

Use stain-blocking primer when painting:

Stain-blocking primer is a kind of primer that is available on the market. Although you can use any kind of primer of your choice, this primer is recommended for painting oil-based paint. 

This prevents the surface from bleeding through the oil-paint coating that you will apply after the primer dries.

How to paint OSB board?

There are many ways you can follow in order to paint an OSB board. But if you want to know the simplest way to paint OSB board, here are the steps that we think you may follow in order to paint it:

Sand the board surface:

Sanding the board is the first step. As you will be painting on the A-face of the OSB board, you will need to sand the waxed surface a bit in order to set the paint on the surface. You can sand the surface with the help of 80-grit sandpaper. 

You can also use a sanding tool if you want. Stop sanding when you think that the surface is rough enough for painting.

Clean the board and wash the board:

After you properly sand the surface of the OSB board, you need to clean the surface. Use a vacuum to remove all the grains on the board. You may also use a brush attachment to remove the sanded bits from the surface properly.

After cleaning the surface, it is recommended to wash the surface with a TSP solution to remove any oil or grease. Create the TSP solution by adding 1/2 cup of TSP to a gallon of water and cleaning the surface of the OSB board.

Use primer multiple times:

After cleaning, take a stain-blocking primer in a tray and roll it on the OSB board using a roller or brush. After applying the first layer, let the primer dry for two hours. When it dries, apply another layer of primer. 

Keep applying the primer until you think the flake pattern is no longer showing on the surface.

Paint the OSB board:

After you finish priming the OSB board, you can apply the paint. For painting, you may use any oil-based paint of your choice. Apply the paint over the surface of the OSB board with a brush or roller. 

For best results, you may need to apply multiple layers of the paint after drying each application.

Final thoughts

You can paint OSB boards. The recommended paint is any kind of oil-based paint over a stain-blocking primer coating on the surface. This will provide additional durability and prevent any kind of element that can harm the board by blocking the pores of the OSB board properly and safely.