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Can You Paint Marble Tile? (All You Need to Know)

Marble tiles are considered a smooth and clean type of tiles that are used in household floors and kitchen countertops. The tiles have a very crazy finish easy to maintain compared with natural tiles. 

In this article, we will discuss various applications of marble tiles.

Can you paint marble tile? 

You can paint on marble tiles. Before that, you need to prepare the tile surface to avoid an incomplete finish or peeling off the paint from the surface. For this, you must use an oil-based primer before putting the paint over the tiles. Once the primer has dried up, you can paint the tile. 

Marble tiles are an expensive type of stone that is used in household floors, fireplaces, kitchen countertops, etc.

Although the marble tiles can provide you with a natural finished look, you can still apply different types of paints or stains over the marble tiles to make them look more attractive.

Applying multiple layers or coats over the marble tiles is recommended to achieve the best finish. For this, you need to scrub the surface using soap and rinse it thoroughly, allowing it to dry before continuing to the next steps.

It is explained if you can paint on the following types of marble tiles: 

Marble tile floors: 

Yes, you can paint the marble tiles floor. You can do it by coloring marble. But it is recommended not to go to the marble tile floor with acrylic latex floor paint. Using so will peel off the paint from the tiles. 

Marble tile fireplace: 

In fireplace built with marble tiles is an attractive place in your house. So, using paint on the marble-tiled fireplace will provide a matte-looking finish on the surface and increase the beauty of your fireplace.

Marble tile backsplash:

It is recommended to use oil-based or urethane-based paint on the marble tile backsplash. Make sure to clean the surface before starting to paint. And you can paint straight over the existing tile without applying any primer.

Marble shower tile: 

A fair directly using marble stone as the shower tile, using the paint will adhere much better. Although there are two-part epoxy paint mixtures, that can be used on shower tiles. 

Tumbled marble tile: 

The biggest advantage of painting a tumbled marble tile is the tile is porous and staining it can be easier than other marble tiles.

Cultured marble tile: 

Since cultured marble tile is a special type of tile, epoxy paint can be used to change the color of this type of marble.

The more coats you apply on the cultured marble tile, the more even finish it will get. Also, don’t forget to use the primer before putting the paint on it.

3 reasons why you can paint marble tile 

Coloring the marble tiles will not only extend the lifespan of the tiles but also make them look newer and give you a perfect fresh finish to your surface. In addition to that, painting the marble dial helps to seal any type of pores or damage is on the surface.

So, before you paint the marble tiles, make sure to put multiple layers of primer on them. Once the primaries dried up, you can go for the painting. Here is a description of why you can paint marble tiles: 

To achieve a newer look:

The first reason you would like to paint the marble tile is to achieve a newer look to the surface.

A long time after installing the marble tile in your household it might lose the finish and glass of the tiles. So, it is important to paint it to achieve a newer look to the surface.

To change color:

Sometimes the color and the texture of the tiles might make them look outdated after a certain time. As a result, you might consider repainting the surface to achieve a better look.

Save the extra expense:

Since setting up marble tiles in households are already expensive, changing them due to demands can be more expensive.

So rather than that, you can simply change the color of the tiles by painting them. This will be a cost-effective and efficient way to redecorate your marble tile surface.

When can you paint marble tile? 

Once you have prepared the surface of the marble tiles by applying primer on them, you can paint them. Before painting the marble tiles, you need to make some preparations.

First of all, you need to wash and rinse the surface too early so that no dirt can accumulate on the surface. After that, you need to apply a special type of primer that will help the paint to adhere to the tile surface properly.

Apply the first layer of primer on the marble tile and wait for it to dry. Once dried up, apply the second layer of primer on it and start painting over it after the second coat dries up as well.

The more coats you reply on the surface, the more it looks even and finished. The entire skill takes about a couple of hours and minimum skill. So, you can execute the job by yourself very easily.

What kind of paint can you use on marble tile? 

The marble stone has a complicated texture that makes it difficult to paint. However, if you have the right tools, and if you can prime the marble tiles floor properly, you can paint it using any type of paint.

There are plenty of options to choose from to paint the marble tiles. You can use chalk-based paint or latex paint to use in the marble tiles. The use of acrylic-based paints is not recommended as it tends to peel off the applied surface.

The following are the types of paints that can be used on marble tiles: 

Chalk-based paint:

Chalk-based paint is considered the best suitable type of paint to use on marble tiles. Using chalk-based paint over a marble tiles surface will provide a matte and flat finish to the surface and help to extend the lifespan of the surface.


You can paint your marble tile using elastics paint, but you need to give it a good amount of time to dry the primer before painting the base coat. Applying latex paint over the marble tiles will help them to become more durable.

Oil-based paint:

If you’re looking for a glossy finish that will provide you with a glaze and shined, you can reply on the oil-based paint. Using oil-based paint over the marble tiles will help you gain a newer look with a higher amount of gloss.

How to paint marble tile? 

It takes very little effort and skill to paint the marble tiles. Moreover, with a minimum number of tools, you can easily paint the marble tiles all by yourself. Follow the right instructions and maintain them accordingly before painting the surface.

Make sure to count the time between each paint coat application. In addition to that, washed the marble tiles floor thoroughly and let it dry before applying any primer or paint on it. The following is a description of how to paint marble tiles: 

Wash the surface:

The first thing you need to follow before painting the marble tiles is to wash the surface thoroughly. Make sure to clean the surface using plain water. Once you are done, you are ready for the next step.

Apply primer and wait for it to dry:

For applying primer on it, sand the surface thoroughly. Once you’re done sanding the surface, apply the first coat of primer and wait two hours for it to dry. Once dried up apply the second layer of primer on it.

Apply the paints:

Once that primer dries up, it’s time for you to paint the surface. Carefully paint the surface and apply as much as could you can for an even better finish.

Can you use tile paint on marble? 

You can use tile paints on marble tiles. You just need to make sure that your prime the surface properly so that the paint sticks to the surface.

Since marble tile is an expensive type of material that is used in household floors to make the surface look more attractive, sometimes the color, texture, or the outlook of the tiles make it more outdated.

So, you might think of changing the color of it. That is why it is highly recommended to use chalk-based paint or latex paints to achieve the best results.

However, using chalk-based paints or latex-based paint is less expensive than other paints, so it will be a cost-effective solution and will provide you with an excellent finish.

Final thoughts 

Since marble tiles are expensive tiles so that are used in households to make the surface look more attractive, you can use chalk paint or latex-based paint on it. It will not only save you money but also will be an efficient solution to change the color and help extend the lifespan of tiles.