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Can You Modge Podge Over Vinyl? (Answered)

DIYing is totally 2014 and some things are just better off when handed off to professionals. But sometimes, if done properly and with the suitable tools; a diy project can help save a lot of money. But is modge podge over vinyl one of those? Or is it just a gimmick?

Can you modge podge over vinyl?

Modge podge can be poured over any surface that is solid. This includes vinyl. It will seal the vinyl and will become clear once it dries completely. Most vinyls are vintage and modge podge acts as a protective barrier. You can take it a step further by choosing dishwasher safe modge podge.

Vinyls are usually rare and can also cost a pretty penny,especially if they are vintage. So, it makes sense the owners of these want them to be protected. And this is exactly why most people want to seal them with a protective film over them.

Modge podge isn’t the only way to do this. polyurethane polyacrylic spray and epoxy can give a similar result.

But modge podge is way cheaper and easier to use then the other options. Anyone can do it and a whole lot of modge podge isn’t even needed. Two small dollops can cover each side of the vinyl.

But despite all of the advantages of using modge podge over vinyl, we must remember that vinyl does not come in only one form, it has a few variations.

And it is important to know how they react to modge podge before you embark on your DIY journey with modge podge and vinyl. Because you definitely do not want to ruin a sought after vinyl due to ignorance.

Printable vinyl:

Modge podge can be applied on printable vinyl. Dishwasher safe modge podge is used to seal and protect printable vinyl. Sealing this will ensure that dust won’t adhere to the vinyl and it also keeps it protected from abrasive damage.

There are a few varieties of vinyl and the longevity can depend on the brand. Cricut printable vinyls, for example, are temporary while Htvront Vinyl printable vinyl tend to be permanent. The good news is modge podge can work on both.

Cricut vinyl:

Cricut vinyl can be sealed by using either modge podge or Minwax clear polycrylic water-based protective finish.

Modge podge is the option most people tend to go for as it is cheap, easily accessible and can be used by people of almost all ages. Cricut vinyl is temporary and can be removed without leaving a residue and modge podge does not disturb that.

Removable vinyl:

Removable vinyl is mainly used indoors. Some of the purposes are wall decals, signs that are hung up inside the house, stencils and just about anything you would like to remove in a year or two.

Modge podge comes in handy when sealing these removable vinyls which makes it a staple among people who use vinyl for their crafty projects at home.

Vinyl stickers:

Vinyl stickers take modge podge well. Modge podge is a great option when it comes to sealing vinyl sticks. It dries clear giving the vinyl stickers a glossy finish and also creates a barrier that works to protect the sticker underneath.

A vinyl sticker shop has commented that they use modge podge to seal over a thousand vinyl stickers each month and it works astoundingly well for their stickers.

Glitter vinyl:

Modge podge is honestly such a versatile product that it is even used on glitter vinyl.

There are many sealants but modge podge becomes completely transparent as it dries which makes it such a perfect option to use when it comes to sealing glitter vinyls because the glitter on the vinyl need to shine through.

Can you mod podge on vinyl mugs?

You can apply mod podge over vinyl mugs as a sealant. It is normal that cups are washed after every use, sometimes by hand but mostly in the dishwasher. And this causes the vinyl to peel from the mugs as they are washed over and over again.

This is why, many people use dishwasher safe mod podge on vinyl glasses to avoid this. And unsurprisingly, the mod podge preserves the vinyl on the mugs and helps it stay intact.

3 reasons why you can and cannot mod podge over vinyl

Mod podge is a very useful and versatile product and we have learned that it works over almost all different types of vinyl without damaging it. But below we have tried to explain exactly why it goes over vinyl and also why it is such a great choice compared to others in the market.

Reasons why you cannot:


Many polycrylic protective sealants cause the vinyl to become discolored or even brittle but mod podge does not pose this risk. Instead, it seals and protects vinyl without disturbing it.

Reasons why you can:

Dishwasher safe:

When dishwasher safe mod podge is used to seal vinyl stickers, it prevents it from lifting at the edges with time.

Prevent dust:

Mod podge helps to keep the vinyl in good form and prevents dust adherence and scratches on the surface of the vinyl.

Do you mod podge over vinyl on these surfaces?

You must be well acquainted on how mod podge reacts over different vinyl, by now allow us to give you a brief look on how mod podge can potentially work over vinyl in a variety of different surfaces.

Because some surfaces and mod podge pair seamlessly while others may not take it too well.


Mod podge will work over vinyl on wood surfaces. If the wood does not have a base coat of paint or varnish, it can be difficult for the vinyl to adhere to it as the saw dust and debris can stick to the vinyl and stop it from sticking to the wood and the wood can also be uneven.

Mod podge can be applied on the wood before the vinyl is stuck to it and it can again be applied over the vinyl and wood to work as a seal.


Mod podge can again be used when working with canvas. You will have to begin applying mod podge over the entirety of the canvas and let it dry before sticking the vinyl on top. The layer of mod podge will help the vinyl adhere better to the canvas.


Dishwasher safe mod podge works wonderfully over vinyl on glass and also ceramic. The edges can get frayed and start to lift off the glass over time but when it is sealed using a layer of mod podge, it will help the vinyl stay put.


Vinyl on plastic cups are quite popular among the youth and both mod podge and epoxy can be used to seal the vinyls. Mod podge dries clear and makes the colors look more vibrant and adds a shine to it while ensuring it does not peel off easily.


Vinyl on resin with mod podge works well too. But when working with these three, always remember to let the mod podge dry fully even if it takes an entire day because if it doesn’t dry properly the resin and vinyl will end up looking cloudy and the shapes and colors will be blurry instead of vibrant.

How to apply mod podge over vinyl?

Mod podge pairs well with vinyl and it also helps when applied over vinyl and the process is quite simple which you will know once you take a look at the step by step list we have made for you to follow when applying mod podge over vinyl.

Clean the surface:

Clean the surface of the vinyl to ensure there is no dust covering it and with the help of a foam brush you can begin to apply a coat of mod podge over it.


Give it ample amount of time to dry. It will dry clear and you can add another layer or two if you think the first isn’t enough. But try to apply all the layers in thin coats.

What do you use to seal over vinyl?

Mod podge can be used to seal over vinyl. It is also the most affordable and easy way to seal over vinyls, not to mention how transparent it becomes once it fully dries.

But there are also other good options such as polyurethane polycrylic spray which is very easy to use and also trusty good ‘ole epoxy.

Either of these products can be used if you want to apply a seal over vinyl to create a protective shield over it to keep it safe from damages such as scratches and wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

Mod podge can be applied over vinyl as a seal to protect the vinyl and also when vinyl is added on to surfaces such as wood or glass, mod podge is applied prior to the application of the vinyl to prepare the surface to ensure that the vinyl is able to stick to it properly.