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Can You Mix Oxiclean and Bleach? (Read This First!)

OxiClean is one of the most common household cleaners. So, you might be familiar with it. We also use Oxiclean for stain removal. On the other hand, we also use bleach for many cleaning purposes. But OxiClean might not be sufficient to clean effectively every time.

Especially, when you want to make the cleaner strong enough to remove stubborn dirt or stains, you might want to mix OxiClean with other materials. So, you might be confused about whether you can mix OxiClean with bleach. Before that, you have to know the safety and consequences of mixing these two. Let’s see what can happen if you mix OxiClean and bleach.

Can you mix oxiclean and bleach?

You can’t mix OxiClean and bleach. Mixing these two materials can be dangerous. If you mix OxiClean with bleach, the OxiClean will break down into hydrogen peroxide. Bleach will react with hydrogen peroxide and will create poisonous gases. So, you should never mix OxiClean with bleach.

However, whenever it comes to cleaning with OxiClean, you might not always be satisfied. Many people make DIY cleaning solutions for effective cleaning. Thinking from this perspective, you might think that you can mix bleach with OxiClean.

But you should never do this. First, mixing OxiClean and bleach can be highly dangerous. When you use OxiClean for cleaning household products, you might not feel whether OxiClean is safe or not.

Because using only Oxiclean might not harm any product. Moreover, it might not create any health issues. But when you mix other liquids or cleaning agents with OxiClean, a dangerous reaction might occur.

For example, if you mix OxiClean with bleach, it will become unsafe and toxic for your health. Even this solution can damage the product you are cleaning. When you mix these two elements, the OxiClean breaks down into hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide will react dangerously with bleach. This reaction will create a toxic and poisonous gas. Poisonous gas will lead to serious health issues. You could face an instant medical condition. Moreover, if you continue to mix these two elements for cleaning, it can lead you to long-term health issues.

You might know that OxiClean is bleach-free. This product is made free of bleach. Because bleach can create harmful reactions with OxiClean.

You might think that mixing bleach with OxiClean might make the cleaner stronger. So, you can use it for effective cleaning. But the result will be the opposite. Because you should not use any product that can be dangerous to your health and the environment. So, you can either use OxiClean separately or use another solution.

Is it safe to mix oxiclean and bleach?

No, it’s not safe to mix OxiClean and bleach. You should never mix OxiClean with bleach. Because the combination of these two can result in dangerous reactions,

Generally, when you mix OxiClean and bleach, the hydrogen peroxide in the OxiClean reacts with the bleach and creates a dangerous situation. These two elements will create a poisonous gas. This gas is highly toxic to human health and the environment.

If you breathe in this toxic gas, it can cause instant sickness. Moreover, it can lead to long-term health issues. The mixture of OxiClean and bleach will also create heat. Because, as you might know, chemical reactions can produce heat.

This heat can cause other dangerous situations. Moreover, when you apply this mixture to a surface, the surface will also be damaged. Because the instant and fast reaction of the mixture will harm the surface. So, it is never safe to mix OxiClean and bleach.

Can you mix oxiclean powder and bleach?

No, you can’t mix OxiClean powder and bleach. You might think that these are both cleaning agents, and mixing them will not cause any problems. But mixing Oxiclean powder and bleach will create some toxicity problems.

You might know that Oxiclean has harsh chemicals in it. But only OxiClean will not create any toxic fumes or reactions. But when you mix OxiClean with bleach, the chemicals of OxiClean powder and bleach will react. This reaction will cause more harm when you apply it to a surface.

Moreover, toxic gas will be released and a lot of heat will be produced. So, if you want to mix OxiClean powder and bleach, the main purpose of your mixing will not be achieved.

Moreover, it will cause some toxic reactions. Even toxic gas is dangerous for the environment. So, you should not mix OxiClean powder with bleach.

Three reasons why oxiclean and bleach should not be mixed – What happens if you mix oxiclean and bleach?

Now that you know you can’t mix OxiClean and bleach, you might want to know the reasons. Moreover, you might be curious about what happens if you mix OxiClean and bleach. So, let’s see the reasons why you can’t mix OxiClean and bleach.

Chemical reaction:

One of the important reasons why you should not mix OxiClean and bleach is their chemical reaction. You might already know that OxiClean will break down into hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide reacts dangerously with chlorine-based products like bleach.

Mixing these two will create a chemical reaction. We know that the chemical reactions of harsh chemicals are not safe. Moreover, chlorine gas reactions are not safe for humans or the environment. So, you should not let this happen by mixing OxiClean and bleach.

Toxic gas:

Another serious issue is the release of toxic gases. When the hydrogen peroxide reacts with the chlorine particles of bleach, they will produce toxic gases. This toxic gas is not safe at all. You can experience health issues if you breathe in this toxic gas.

Moreover, if you stay a little bit longer in this poisonous fume, you might need emergency medical care. So, OxiClean and bleach should not be mixed.

Heat production:

Heat production is another disadvantage of mixing OxiClean and bleach. When the reactions occur between OxiClean and bleach, the chemical reaction will produce heat. This heat can damage the product you are cleaning.

Moreover, the heat produced from the mixture is also not safe for your health. So, you should not mix these two.

What can you mix with oxiclean?

OxiClean is a sensitive cleaning agent. You can’t mix any random element with Oxiclean. Moreover, OxiClean is a pretty effective cleaner. You can clean surfaces and remove stains from them. You don’t need to mix anything at all with Oxiclean.

But sometimes, you might want to know about other things too. Because cleaning with Oxiclean might not be satisfactory for you. If you want to mix anything with OxiClean, you have to ensure that the product does not have bleach. So, let’s see what you can mix with OxiClean.


You can mix water with OxiClean. Water will not create any harmful reactions with OxiClean. Even the broken OxiClean will not react dangerously to water. Moreover, water will dilute the OxiClean. That’s why mixing water with Oxiclean is safe.


You can also add detergent with Oxiclean. Another cleaning agent is detergent. Generally, detergents will not create toxic fumes or heat with OxiClean. So, you can mix these two.

But you have to make sure that the detergent doesn’t have bleach. Because the bleach contents of detergent will react with OxiClean and cause poisoning of the solution.

Baking soda:

You can also mix baking soda with OxiClean. The baking soda will also help clean and whiten different surfaces. Moreover, baking soda will not cause harmful reactions with OxiClean. But while mixing them, try to add the appropriate amount of baking soda.

Can OxiClean be used with bleach?

No, OxiClean can’t be used with bleach. Because bleach is not safe for OxiClean. Though both of them are cleaning products, using them together can cause dangerous situations.

Generally, OxiClean is safe to use alone on different surfaces. But when you use it with bleach, the OxiClean breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. Then the chlorine content of the bleach will react with hydrogen peroxide.

As a result, toxic and poisonous gases will be produced. Moreover, the chemical reactions between these two will produce a huge amount of heat. This heat can lead to other severe situations. So, you should never use these two elements together.

Moreover, you should never mix OxiClean with any material that contains bleach.

Final Thoughts

Mixing OxiClean and bleach is not recommended at all. Because the toxic fumes released from the reactions between these two can be serious. This fume is harmful to humans and the environment. Moreover, heat production is also a matter of concern. So, you should never mix them.