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Can You Mix Fabuloso and Vinegar? (Answered)

Fabuloso is a multipurpose cleaner you can find in almost all the shops close to your house. Most people recommend using Fabuloso to clean homes and office spaces as it is a highly efficient cleaner and leaves an aromatic fragrance on the cleaned surface. 

There are different types of Fabuloso available with different types of scents.

Vinegar is a common cooking item that you can find in the kitchens of almost every home. Besides its cooking applications, vinegar is often used as a surface cleaner for built-up grease and dirt since it does a great job removing these. 

Although you can consider it an effective cleaning agent, it leaves behind a foul odor that lingers for days.

Mixing Fabuloso and vinegar

You can mix Fabuloso and vinegar to create a cleaning solution. Using a consistent ratio of vinegar to Fabuloso is crucial. You can add 3-quarters of a cup of vinegar to 1 bottle of Fabuloso. However, a mistake in mixing them will result in a cleaning solution with an undesirable flavor.

Vinegar is a strong cleaning agent but also has a strong smell. Therefore, mixing a small amount of vinegar with a bottle of Fabuloso will increase its effectiveness and also eliminate the strong smell of vinegar. You will be able to clean most surfaces with the mixed solution.

If you face issues after mixing Fabuloso with vinegar, you are advised to contact the manufacturer of Fabuloso. They will try to help you with the situation. 

However, if the solution of Fabuloso and vinegar is not how you desire it to be, you can seek help from expert housekeepers or follow along with the recommended mixture measurements.


It is completely safe to mix Fabuloso and vinegar. However, keep in mind that you have to maintain a consistent ratio between the two to make sure the product formed does not have a foul smell. Keeping the ratio the same is also important for it to work effectively.

Fabuloso is a cleaner. The Fabuloso Safety Data Sheet suggests that Fabuloso does not contain any hazardous ingredients and will not cause any major morbidity or mortality. When mixed with vinegar, the solution becomes less harmful but more effective in cleaning.

Vinegar is an acidic element, and Fabuloso is neutral. As a result, most people were concerned that vinegar will damage the cleaned surface. When vinegar is mixed with Fabuloso and used to clean, the vinegar is diluted, so it does damage a cleaned surface.


Vinegar, although found in the kitchen of most homes, is an excellent cleaner. Fabuloso is manufactured to be a cleaning agent and to make the cleaned area smell fresh. Therefore, vinegar mixed with Fabuloso is a highly effective cleaning solution.

Keeping the ratio of vinegar to Fabuloso is crucial for the solution’s effectiveness. The recommended ratio is 3-quarters of a cup of vinegar to a bottle of Fabuloso. You can experiment with different amounts to better suit your needs.

When you clean a surface with vinegar, some particles may be left behind. But, using vinegar mixed with Fabuloso will remove all the dirt, grease, and other contaminants from the surface. Moreover, it will make the cleaned surface smell fresh.

Adding more vinegar to Fabuloso will make it stronger. However, that comes with a disadvantage.

If you have used vinegar to clean any surface before, you will see that vinegar has a foul odor that lingers for a long time after its usage. If you mistakenly add excessive amounts of vinegar to Fabuloso, the scent of vinegar will overcome the smell of Fabuloso. 

As a result, your home will have a lingering unpleasant odor that will stay for days.

How much Fabuloso goes with vinegar?

The suggested ratio is 3-quarters of a cup of vinegar to 1 bottle of Fabuloso. If you use this measurement, the unwanted smell of vinegar will not be an issue. 

Moreover, the effectiveness of the cleaning solution will increase, and you can use it to clean any surface without any worries.

However, if you think the above ratio is not working, you can try changing the amount of vinegar that you want to add. Experimenting with different amounts can help you find out the perfect measurement for making an excellent cleaner. 

But, do not add too much vinegar to Fabuloso, as it will release a foul smell from cleaned surfaces.

5 cleaning hacks with Fabuloso and vinegar

Fabuloso and vinegar together make a safe and effective cleaner for any house. Mixing these two ingredients can help you clean more efficiently. Some cleaning hacks are:

Cleaning floors:

Although Fabuloso is a wonderful cleaner, adding some vinegar increases the overall effectiveness. When you add vinegar to Fabuloso, you can remove any stubborn dirt, grease, or other particles easily. 

Also, the house will smell clean and fresh due to the fragrance left by Fabuloso.

Cleaning dishes:

Mixing Fabuloso and vinegar produces a garlic-like mixture. Many people suggest using this cleaning solution to wash dishes. 

This is mainly because vinegar and Fabuloso together can remove stubborn grease and oil. Since this is a cheaper alternative to buying expensive dishwashing soaps, most people prefer using this cleaning hack.

Remove any buildup:

As mentioned earlier, you can remove any buildup of dirt, grease, or other contaminants. Vinegar alone is an effective cleaning agent.

Therefore, when you mix it with Fabuloso, you get a highly effective cleaning solution with an aromatic fragrance. Your house will be clean and smell fresh.

Remove harmful bacteria:

Both Fabuloso and vinegar can remove harmful bacteria. When mixed, Fabuloso and vinegar act together to remove any bacteria on the surface. 

Therefore, you can mix these two ingredients to clean surfaces where you can expect bacteria to grow.

Protect the cleaned surface:

Fabuloso and vinegar protect the cleaned surface even after hours of being cleaned. This is due to a small amount of vinegar on the surface. The remaining vinegar works to eliminate any bacteria that are harmful to health. 

The bacteria can come from everyday items such as air, food, etc.

These are some of the cleaning hacks you can try for yourself to clean more effectively.

What shouldn’t you mix with Fabuloso?

Although you can mix numerous items with Fabuloso to make it more effective, you should refrain from mixing these items with Fabuloso.


Fabuloso, and Lysol are both cleaners in general. People use them to clean floors, walls, and other surfaces. Mixing these two cleaners is not recommended as they are not compatible with each other. 

Moreover, if mixed, you will find the solution giving off an undesirable fragrance, and your entire home will have an unpleasant smell.


Fabuloso is a household cleaner. When you mix Fabuloso and bleach in a container, chlorine gas evolves. You will see gas bubbles forming, and you may observe the gas is greenish. 

Chlorine gas is a hazardous gas, even in small concentrations. If you come across chlorine gas, you will experience breathing difficulty and eye irritation. Additionally, chlorine gas can also result in mortality and loss of life.


Similar to Lysol, mentioned in the list, OxyClean is another cleaner. You should never mix Fabuloso and OxyClean. The resulting solution will release a foul smell, and the effectiveness will be less than the individual cleaners. 

It is also not safe to mix two cleaners.

Excess vinegar:

You can mix Fabuloso and vinegar to create an effective cleaning solution that can clean almost any surface and smells good at the same time. 

However, adding excessive vinegar to a limited amount of Fabuloso will strengthen the smell of vinegar. So, the unwanted smell of vinegar will linger around your home after you clean any surface with the solution containing vinegar and Fabuloso. 

Mix a small amount of vinegar with Fabuloso to ensure the smell of vinegar does not overcome the sweet smell of Fabuloso.

To summarize, you are advised not to mix two cleaners. Also, refrain from mixing Fabuloso and bleach. The produced solution will give off harmful chlorine gas that can result in the loss of valuable life.

Furthermore, if you experience problems after mixing Fabuloso and vinegar, contact the emergency helpline or the manufacturer of Fabuloso. With further instructions, proceed to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso and vinegar together produce a highly effective and aromatic cleaning solution. You can clean almost any surface and remove any buildup with this mixture. However, do not add too much vinegar to Fabuloso as it will overcome the sweet scent of Fabuloso and leave an unpleasant smell.