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Can You Mix Comet and Bleach? (Explained)

Comet is one type of cleaning product that is pretty common to clean our households. Whenever, we want to clean our floors, or disinfect anything, we think of increasing the strength of the cleaning element.

So, we mix the cleaning element with stain remover or acidic or basic solution.

Similarly, we mix bleach with many cleaning elements. So, you might be confused about whether you can mix comet and bleach. Well, you have to know the elements of comet and bleach. Moreover knowing whether mixing them is safe or not is essential.

So, let’s know details about the Comet and bleach mixture.

Can you mix comet and bleach?

You can mix comet and bleach. Comet contains bleach that makes a powdered cleaning product. So, you can mix bleach water with the comet and make a paste. Adding bleach with the comet makes the solution more effective. But you have to mix in the right ratio. Otherwise, it might be unsafe.

Generally, the comet is a powdered cleaning product. While cleaning something, we sprinkle comet on the material and add water to clean the material. Comet also disinfects. So, using comets on floors is pretty common.

But when you add bleach with Comet, the effectiveness increases. You can’t add bleach to the powdered product. So, you have to make a paste of comet, bleach, and water. After making the paste, you can apply it to the floor or material and clean it.

You can also use liquid bleach that will help to make a paste cleaning solution. Though the comet contains bleach, adding more bleach will make the comet stronger. So, the cleaning process will be easier and effective.

You can also use comet and bleach mix as a stain remover. This mixture has multi-functional activities. For example, you can use the mixture as a disinfectant. Moreover, you can use it to clean grease, dirt, dust, etc. Besides, this mixture is an excellent stain remover.

Comet is a pretty efficient cleaning product. It takes a couple of minutes to take action to clean or disinfect. But if you add bleach with the comet, the action time will be less. So, you can clean efficiently in a short time.

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4 reasons why you can mix comet bleach:

We try to add different strong solutions to enhance the strength of the comet. But they might not be suitable always. So, we can apply mixing comet and bleach. You might not know the reasons behind mixing comet bleach.

However, here are some reasons why you can mix comet bleach.

Safe cleaning material:

Generally, many cleaning materails are not safe to mix with other things. For example, mixing bleach and ammonia-based product can be highly dangerous. So, the comet bleach mix is not that unsafe.

You can mix them to clean different surfaces. But make sure not to mix too much amount of bleach in an inappropriate ratio.


When you mix comet with bleach, the strength of the cleaning properties also increases. So, the effectiveness of the comet increases. Generally, the comet is specially made for cleaning the floor and as a disinfectant.

But adding bleach enhances the properties.

Less toxic:

We know that mixing cleaning materials produce chlorine gas and other toxic chemicals. Mixing comet and bleach can also produce chlorine gas. But the production rate is less than other mixes.

Moreover, using powder bleach with comet makes the solution less toxic.

Multi-functional activities:

Mixing comet and bleach can make the mixture multi-functional. You can use this solution for stain removal. Moreover, disinfecting is pretty effective with this solution.

Besides, greasy dirt also removes if you use a comet and bleach mixture. So, you can mix comet and bleach to make a cleaning solution multi-functional.

What happens if you mix comet and bleach?

Mixing comet and bleach has different effects. Generally, we mix comet and bleach for making comet more effective. When we mix them, the strength of the comet enhances. So, the cleaning process becomes fast and effective.

Moreover, mixing comet and bleach makes the solution ready for disinfecting and stain removal. But mixing comet and bleach has some drawbacks also.

When you mix these two products, chlorine gas might release. This gas can be toxic and unsafe to breathe in. So, you should avoid mixing comet and bleach if the cleaning is not that hard.

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How to mix comet & bleach?

Many people mix comet and bleach in a random ratio. But mixing them inappropriately might release toxic chemicals. Moreover, the cleaning process might not work effectively. So, you have to know how you can mix comet and bleach. Let’s see how you can do it.

Take a gallon of water:

First, you have to take a gallon of water into a bucket.

Put on gloves:

You have to put on gloves on your hands before putting in any chemicals. Then you have to add one cup of bleach into the water and stir the water well with a stick. Stir until the solution is mixed properly.

Sprinkle some comet:

Then you have to sprinkle some comet on the surface you want to clean.

Make a paste:

Take a little amount of water onto the comet and make a paste. Then you have to rub the surface with a brush or cleaning cloth.

You don’t have to pour comet into the whole bucket of water. You can sprinkle comet on the surface and add bleach water to clean the surface. Thus you can mix comet with bleach.

How do you use Comet cleaner with bleach?

You can use Comet cleaner with bleach in different ways. You can either make a paste of comet and bleach or sprinkle comet and add bleach later.

If you want to make a paste of comet and bleach, you have to add a little amount of water with the comet cleaner powder. Mix the solution until a thick paste is created. Then you can add the paste to the surface you want to clean.

Another way to use the comet with bleach is to sprinkle some comet powder on the surface. Then in a bucket of water, you can add bleach powder. You can add one cup of bleach powder with one gallon of water.

If you take less amount of water, you have to decrease the amount of bleach also. Then you can add this bleach water to the comet sprinkled surface and clean the surface with a brush.

Does powdered comet contain ammonia?

Yes, powdered comet contains ammonia. But not as much as a liquid comet. Comet cleaners are available both in powdered and liquid forms. Generally, liquid comet contains much amount of ammonia.

Like most other cleaning products, comet powder also contains some amount of ammonia. This amount of ammonia is essential to make this product. So, using powdered comet is safer than the liquid comet.

Moreover, don’t use any ammonia-based product with the comet. This will increase the overall amount of ammonia in the mixture that can be pretty unsafe.

Is Comet the same as bleach?

No, Comet is not the same as bleach. Generally, Comet is a cleaning product that contains different chemicals. One of their chemical elements is bleach. So, Comet contains some amount of bleach. But they are not the same.

Sometimes, people add bleach with a comet to make the comet work effectively. Moreover, adding bleach with cleaning products enhances the strength of the cleaning product. So, there might have some similarities between comet and bleach.

Even, they can be used for the same purpose. But comet and bleach are not the same. They have different chemical elements and specifications.

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What is safe to mix with Comet?

Comet is a pretty well-known cleaning product. We mix different types of cleaning products with comet sometimes. Thus we make comet more effective. But you can’t mix any random products with the comet. This can lead to the release of toxic gases.

For example, if you mix ammonia-based products with the comet, it will be highly toxic. So, you have to mix the right product with the comet. Otherwise, you might decrease the effectiveness of the comet.

Moreover, inappropriate products mixed with comet can lead to health problems. So, let’s see what you can add with Comet.

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Dawn dishwashing detergent (ammonia-free)
  • Other ammonia-free cleaners.

Final Thoughts

You can mix comet and bleach in an appropriate amount. If you use powdered comet with powdered bleach, you have to add water with bleach to make a paste. Moreover, you can also use liquid bleach to make a paste of a comet. This mixture can make the cleaning process effective and time-saving.