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Can You Iron Fleece? (Read This First!)

Fleece is a fabric that is used to make warm clothes. Most of the winter clothes are made of fleece fabric. A fleece jacket is very fashionable to wear for the youth. Today, we are going to discuss if one can iron fleece or not.

Can you iron fleece?

Fleece material and fabric can be ironed by using special techniques and methods. Fleece material and fabric melt if the heat is high. One can iron fleece with the help of the fleece setting of the iron. An additional cloth needs to be put over the fleece while ironing to prevent it from melting.

Fleece fabric is usually wrinkle-resistant. So it does not need to be ironed a lot. But if your fleece clothes start showing wrinkles, then you will need to iron them. In that case, you will have to follow the correct ironing instructions.

Every type of fabric requires different types of heat while ironing. You have to know the temperature that is applicable while ironing fleece. After washing, you have to take your fleece clothes out of the dryer while they are moist in nature.

Fleece fabric has to be iron in low heat. The high temperature will greatly damage the fleece clothes. It is best not to iron fleece fabric at all. So ironing fleece fabric is not recommended and avoid it if possible.

There are different types of fleece fabric and materials. Let’s discuss if they can be ironed or not.

Polar fleece:

One of the components of polar fleece is polyester. That is why polar fleece does not get wrinkles easily and it does not need to be ironed. However, if by any chance polar fleece gets wrinkles on them, you can iron polar fleece.

But as usual, you will have to make sure that you have switched to polyester or fleece, or rayon setting.

Then you will need to take your polar fleece material out of the dryer while it is moist. If the fleece fabric has become dry, then you can spray water on it and it will be ready to be ironed.

You will need to put another cloth over your polar fleece to stop the fleece from melting.

Polyester fleece:

Ironing Polyester fleece is similar to ironing polar fleece. Just like polar fleece, polyester fleece does not get wrinkle easily. But if it gets wrinkled, you can iron your polyester fleece while it is moist.

Do not forget to put another cloth over it before starting the ironing process.

Blizzard fleece:

Blizzard fleece is one of the most inexpensive fleece materials. That is why clothes made from blizzard fleece are becoming more popular day by day. Blizzard fleece is usually free from wrinkles. But you can iron them with a cloth over them if it develops wrinkles.

Anti-pill fleece:

Anti-pill fleece is pill-resistant and is usually used to make fleece blankets. Anti-pill fleece does not get wrinkles easily. So this kind of fleece fabric rarely needs to be ironed. But you can iron it by putting a cloth over it using low heat.

Can you iron a fleece jacket? Can you iron Nike tech fleece?

The fleece jacket is very fashionable winter clothing. Especially, young people prefer the fleece jacket in the winter. Nike tech fleece is quite a popular fleece jacket. You can iron a fleece jacket means you can iron Nike tech fleece too.

The fleece jacket is very wrinkle-resistant. But if it develops wrinkles on it, you can get rid of it by ironing the fleece jacket.

To get wrinkles out of it:

Getting wrinkles out of a fleece jacket involves multiple steps. They are –

Take out while it is moist:

You will need to take out your fleece jacket from the dryer while it is moist. Ironing a dry fleece jacket will cause the fleece to melt.

Spray water on it:

If your fleece jacket seems dry, you can spray water on it to make it moist.

Apply low heat:

The fleece jacket needs to be ironed using low heat. You will need to check the setting of your iron and switch that to the fleece set. This will bring the perfect heat required for ironing the fleece jacket.

Put a cloth over it:

Applying the iron directly on the fleece jacket will melt the fleece fabric and ruin your jacket. So you will have to put a cloth over your fleece jacket and then apply the iron indirectly. This will bring a more subtle result and get wrinkles out of your fleece jacket.

How to use iron on fleece fabric?

Fleece fabric is very fragile in nature. So it can easily melt due to excessive heat. Special measures have to be taken when ironing on fleece fabric. They are:

Moist the fleece properly:

After you have washed your fleece fabric, you will have to take it out of the dryer before it is fully dry. If by any chance, you forget to take it out of the dryer, then you will have to manually moist the fleece by spraying water on it.

By doing this, you can make your fleece fabric ready to be put on the ironing board.

Change the setting:

You will have to check the setting of your iron and change it. The iron setting should be set at fleece. If there is no fleece setting on the iron, you can switch to the polyester setting or rayon setting. It will bring down the heat of your iron.

Cover the fleece fabric:

You can not at any cost apply iron on a fleece fabric directly. It will melt the fleece fabric and ruin your clothing. In this case, you will have to cover your fleece fabric with the help of another cloth. You will have to put the cloth over the fleece fabric and iron it gently.

It will protect the fleece from melting.

Can you iron vinyl on fleece?

Yes. You can iron vinyl on fleece. Ironing vinyl on fleece is a great way to customize your fleece fabric and material. There are certain types of vinyl that are good for ironing on fleece. They are flocked heat transfer vinyl and glitter iron-on vinyl.

Before ironing vinyl on fleece fabric, you need to check if the fleece fabric has any unwanted fuzz on it. After removing the fuzz, you can iron vinyl on the fleece and customize it.

While ironing vinyl on the fleece, the temperature of EasyPress has to be set at three hundred and twenty degrees. You will need to press the EasyPress on the fleece fabric for about twenty seconds.

Can you iron patches on fleece?

You can iron patches on fleece. Ironing patches on fleece is an amazing way to customize your fleece fabric.

Iron letters onto a fleece blanket:

You can very easily iron letters onto a fleece blanket using appropriate tools and items. First of all, you will have to select the type of template you want to iron onto the fleece blanket.

Then, you will have to cut out the letters and organize them on the part of the fleece blanket you wish to customize.

Next, you will have to change your iron setting to rayon. Do not forget to put another piece of transparent cloth over the letters. It will prevent the fleece fabric and the letters from melting. You will then need to slowly iron the letters onto the blanket and let it cool for a bit.

After the design has cooled down, you can sew the letters permanently onto the fleece blanket. This design process will make your fleece blanket more beautiful.

Can you steam fleece?

This is a very tricky question. There are some people who suggest using a steam setting of the iron and there are also some people who forbid it. But technically speaking, you can stem fleece fabric and material.

But you will have to make sure that there is some distance between the iron and the fleece fabric when you are steaming it.

Steaming the fleece fabric directly with the iron will melt the fleece. You need to avoid steaming one area for a long period of time. If you maintain these things, you can certainly steam fleece.

Final Thoughts

Ironing can be done on fleece with the help of special measures. Fleece fabric needs to be moist in order to be ironed. Fleece fabric and material are ironed to get the wrinkles out of it. It is a very delicate process and one misstep could ruin the fleece material.