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Can You Eat Eggplant Seeds? (Quick Facts)

Eggplant is one of the common vegetables throughout the world. Generally, eggplant seeds are so tiny that removing them from the eggplant is pretty irritating. So, eating eggplant seeds will be convenient. But the question is whether eating eggplant is safe or not.

Many people eat eggplant with seeds. So, you might be confused about whether you can eat eggplant seeds or not. Well, let’s see details about eggplant seeds and what the consequences of eating eggplants are.

Can you eat eggplant seeds?

You can eat eggplant seeds but in a limited amount. Eggplant seeds are edible and healthy. But the seeds are bitter than the flesh. So, many people can’t eat them.  Moreover, eggplant seeds contain solanine. This solanine can be poisonous if you consume eggplant seeds in a large amount.

Whether you can eat eggplant seeds or not depends on the amount you are consuming. A large number of eggplant seeds can cause harm to you.

But if you consume a limited amount of eggplant seeds, it will be beneficial to your health. Moreover, eggplant seeds contain the same health benefits of eggplant flesh.

Generally, eggplant seeds are pretty bitter. So, you have to add spices or seasonings to eat the seeds. Otherwise, you have to cook the seeds. Moreover, many people have allergies to eggplant and eggplant seeds.

So, if you have allergies to eggplant, you should avoid its seeds also. Otherwise, you might face the complications of allergies. For example, you might have to face swelling, difficulty breathing, hives, etc. So, you have to know whether you have eggplant allergies or not.

Eggplant and its seeds have an alkaloid called solanine, this alkaloid can be poisonous if you consume the eggplant seeds in a large amount. So, eggplant seeds are edible but you should not eat them in a large amount.

Do you eat eggplant seeds?

Yes, eggplant seeds are edible. You can eat eggplant seeds either with the flesh or separately. Many people like to eat eggplant seeds separately with spices and seasonings. Some people also cook eggplant seeds with eggplant flesh.

But you have to limit the amount of eggplant and its seeds. Sometimes, eating too many eggplant seeds can lead to toxicity. You might know eggplant and its seeds contain solanine that is not recommended to eat in a large amount.

So, if you measure and control the number of eggplant seeds you are eating, you can eat eggplant seeds. Moreover, eggplant seeds have other healthy elements like eggplant flesh.

Is it ok to eat eggplant seeds?

It is ok to eat eggplant seeds. Eggplants seeds contain the necessary nutrients present in the eggplant. So, if you eat eggplant seeds, it will not cause any harm immediately.

Some people have allergies to eggplant seeds. So, they might face reactions after eating the eggplant. So, you have to avoid eggplant and its seeds if you have allergies to them.

Sometimes, too many eggplant seeds can cause a problem in the digestive system. Moreover, eggplant seeds are bitter than eggplant flesh. So, you might not like the taste of eggplant seeds. So, it is ok to eat eggplant seeds if you don’t have allergies and are not eating too many.

Can you eat brown eggplant seeds?

You should not eat brown eggplant seeds. Generally, eggplant is flesh is white. But sometimes, the flesh becomes tan to brown and the seeds are also discolored.

The seeds can be brown for different reasons. For example, if the seeds are in touch with water, they will become brown. So, these seeds are edible. But sometimes, spoil eggplant seeds become brown. So, these seeds are not edible.

It’s pretty difficult to identify why eggplant seeds became brown. So, it’s wise to slice off the brown eggplant seeds before eating.

Can you eat eggplant with black seeds?

You cannot eat eggplant with black seeds. Generally, an eggplant that has been spoilt or that has been sitting around for too long, has black seeds in it. So, black seed eggplants are not supposed to eat.

Sometimes, the color of the flesh and seeds is discolored for different reasons. Even if you keep the eggplant and its seeds close to the water after cutting, it will become brown and the seeds will become blackish.

But if you notice the seeds are black just after cutting the eggplant, throw the eggplant away. Otherwise, spoilt eggplant can cause problems.

What happens when you eat eggplant seeds?

Like eggplants, eggplant seeds are also healthy and have many nutrients. Eggplant seeds are edible. Even you can cook the eggplant seeds or eat them raw. So, eating eggplant seeds is safe.

But eggplant seeds are bitter and allergic to many people. So, if you have allergies to eggplant, you have to face the reactions of allergies after eating the seeds. Moreover, the reaction of allergies can be severe sometimes.

Besides, eating too many eggplant seeds will be toxic to your digestive system. Because eggplant seed’s containing solanine that is not safe to eat too much. So, eating too many eggplants will provide a large amount of solanine.

However, if you eat the eggplant seeds in a limited amount, nothing will happen. But if you eat them in an excessive amount, it will cause harm to you like many other foods.

Are eggplant seeds poisonous?

Generally, eggplant seeds are not poisonous. Cooking and eating eggplants with seeds is common practice. You can also eat the seeds raw with seasonings.

When you taste the eggplant seeds, you will notice that the seeds are bitter than the flesh. This doesn’t mean that eggplants are poisonous. But these seeds can also be poisonous if you eat in a large amount.

Eggplant seeds also have some harmful compounds besides healthy nutrients. They contain solanine that is not recommended to eat in a large amount.

So, if you eat eggplant seeds in a large amount, the amount of solanine will also be larger. So, you should always measure how many eggplant seeds you are eating.

Are you supposed to Deseed eggplant?

You are not supposed to deseed eggplant if the seeds are soft and fresh. Generally, soft and fresh eggplant seeds that are not discolored are safe to eat. So, if you don’t remove the seeds before eating, they will not cause any harm.

But if you notice that the seeds became brown or blackish, you should remove the seeds. Seeds that are spoiled or have been sitting for a long time become discolored. So, eating them might cause digestive problems.

Moreover, some people don’t like the bitter taste of eggplant seeds. They can deseed eggplant before cooking.

What is the healthiest way to cook eggplant?

You can try a lot of different eggplant recipes. But you might want to eat the eggplant after cooking it in the healthiest way. One of the healthiest ways is baking the eggplant before eating.

You can put the whole eggplant in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Then you can cut the baked eggplant and put the eggplant’s baked flesh on the toast.

You can also add spices and seasonings to the baked eggplant. This will provide the healthy nutrients of eggplant with low fat.

Moreover, you can also roast the whole eggplant with olive oil. You need to preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzle olive oil on it. Then you have to roast the eggplant for 20 minutes.

How to remove eggplant seeds?

Many people like to remove eggplant seeds because of the bitter taste of the eggplant seeds. First, you have to slice the eggplant into two lengthwise using a sharp knife. Then you have to use a metal spoon to remove the seeds.

You have to hold the spoon with the thumb near the base of the handle and scrape out the seedy flesh of the eggplant. You have to scrape the soft and core portion of the eggplant that contains seeds.

Keep scraping until all the seeds are not removed. You can use the remaining flesh of the eggplant now.

Final Thoughts:

You can eat eggplant seeds since they are not unsafe to eat. Generally, eating a balanced amount of eggplant seeds will not cause any problem. But if you eat too many eggplant seeds, it will cause solanine toxicity to your digestive systems. Otherwise, you can eat eggplant seeds raw or cooked.