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Can You Dye Velvet? (All You Need to Know)

Velvet is one type of special fabric. Velvet fabric is so elegant that we use this fabric in our dress, furniture, and many other places. Moreover, velvet fabric has a shiny appearance that makes anything beautiful.

Generally, dyeing fabric is not that difficult. But the different fabric has different dyeing methods and materials. So, you might be confused about whether you can dye velvet or not. Well, you have to know the ability of velvet to soak the dye.

Moreover, knowing the appropriate process to dye velvet is essential. So, let’s see whether you can dye velvet or not.

Can you dye velvet?

You can dye velvet. Dyeing velvet is pretty easy. Velvet has fibers that soak in the colors pretty well. So, you don’t have to put much effort to dye velvet. Even you can dye velvet furniture without taking out the velvet fabric. So, you can dye velvet but you have to dye the fabric appropriately.

But you might be confused about whether you can dye all velvet materials or not. You might be thinking that you can only dye the velvet dress or fabric. But dyeing velvet is so easy that you can dye it in different types of velvet things.

So, let’s see what velvet materials you can dye.


You can dye velvet furniture. Velvets are so versatile that you can use them on different furniture. But dyeing velvet is so easy that you can dye it without taking out the velvet from the furniture. You have to use a dyeing sponge to let the velvet soak up colors.


You can also dye a velvet dress if the velvet is made from natural fibers. But if the velvet is of synthetic or polyester material, it will be difficult to dye the dress. You have to use acid dyes to dye a velvet dress if the velvet is made of nylon.


Velvet curtains can also be dyed. You have to dip the curtain in the dye for some time. The soaking up time might be more than other fabrics because of the thickness of velvet. But you can dye velvet curtains.


You can also dye velvet fabric shoes. But generally, most velvet fabrics are made of synthetic fibers. So, you can’t dye the velvet shoes with natural dyes. You have to use acid dyes to dye velvet shoes.


Yes, you can also dye different types of velvet materials. But you have to know about the fibers of the velvet. If the velvet is made of natural fiber, you have to use natural dye. Otherwise, natural dye will not work well on the velvet.


Velvet yarn can also be dyed. Dyeing velvet yarn is so easy that you can dye it without taking off the fabric. The thickness of the velvet fabric will allow the colors to soak up into the velvet. Moreover, the inner will not be damaged with colors. So, dyeing velvet yarn is not that difficult.


Like the yarn, you can also dye velvet cushions. You can use any color on the cushions and cushion covers. If you want to dye the velvet cushion cover, you can take off the cover and dip it into the color. But if you don’t want to remove the cover, you can dye it with a sponge.


You can dye velvet sofa. The dyeing velvet sofa is pretty easy. Even you don’t have to remove the velvet fabric from the sofa. You have to use a sponge to press colors on the sofa. The velvet fibers will soak up the colors easily. Thus dyeing process of the velvet sofa is pretty easy.

What can I use to dye velvet?

You might have already known that you can dye velvets. But dyeing velvet with random colors might not be effective. So, let’s see what you can use to dye velvet.

Natural dye:

If your velvet fabric is made of natural fibers, natural dye will work on it well. Otherwise, using synthetic colors might damage the fabric.

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Acid dye:

Most velvet fabrics are made of synthetic fibers. So, natural dye will not work well on synthetic materials. You have to use acid dyes on synthetic or polymeric velvet fabrics.

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Procion MX dye:

You can use this dye on velvet if the velvet is made of nylon. Generally, Procion MX dye is also an acid dye. But if you don’t know the fabric of the velvet, you can use this dye.

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Moreover, if you use white vinegar in the velvet dyebath, you can use this dye.

How to dye velvet fabric?

Dyeing velvet fabric is easy and effective. But you can’t randomly dye velvet with any type of dye or process. So, you have to follow a step-by-step process to dye velvet so that the color can be durable. Let’s see how you can dye velvet fabric.

Clean the velvet:

Clean the velvet fabric well. Ensure to clean all dirt, dust, and other materials from the velvet fabric. For deep cleaning, you can wash the velvet fabric.

Place water on the burner:

Turn on the burner and put the stockpot with enough water in it. Ensure sufficient water on the stockpot so that the fabric can move easily while dyeing in the pot.

Dissolve the dye powder:

Then you have to dissolve the dye powder with a little amount of water. Then pour the mixture into the stockpot. If you want to ensure the amount of dye powder is in the right ratio, you can read the instruction on the dye packet.

Dip the velvet:

Dip the velvet fabric into the stockpot. Move the velvet fabric and stir the solution so that the dye can reach evenly. Make sure that the temperature reaches up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add white vinegar:

Then add 1/4the cup of white vinegar in the solution and stir the solution well. Keep the solution at that temperature from 30 minutes to one hour. You have to stir the solution several times in the meantime.

Remove the velvet:

Remove the velvet fabric from the solution and rinse it with warm water. Then wash the fabric with cold water and dry well.

Does Ritcolor remover work on velvet?

Ritcolor remover works on velvet but you should not use remover on velvet. Generally, Ritcolors work on velvet fabric. But when you use the color remover, it can damage the velvet fabric.

Most velvet fabrics are made of nylon and synthetic materials. So, using Ritcolor remover on velvet is not suitable. Because Ritcolor remover doesn’t work well on synthetic material or nylon. Though Ritcolor remover can work on velvet we should not use it on velvet fabric.

Can cotton velvet be dyed?

Yes, cotton velvet can be dyed. Even dyeing cotton velvet is not that difficult. You can follow the same process as dyeing other velvet fabrics.

When you dye cotton velvet, you can add soda ash. Moreover, you can use Procion MX type color. Because this color works well on cotton velvet.

But dyeing cotton velvet is easier than dyeing synthetic velvet. Because you can use natural dye also to dye cotton velvet.

Can you bleach dye velvet?

Yes, you can bleach dye velvet. But you should bleach dye cotton velvet fabrics. If you use cotton velvet, the bleach will work well. But if you use synthetic or nylon velvet fabric, bleaching will not work well on the velvet.

Bleaching dye velvet will give the velvet fabric a new rustic look. So, if you want to bleach velvet, you can do it. But if the fabric is made of nylon or synthetic materials, you have to follow a special process.

What happens when you bleach-dye velvet?

Generally, bleach dye velvet changes the color and texture of the velvet fabric. When you bleach-dye velvet, it will create a new look for the fabric. Even you can also make patterns and designs by bleaching the velvet.

Bleaching will make a rustic look of the velvet. Moreover, it will add softness and change the texture of the velvet. So, if you want to make the velvet fabric aesthetic with a new look and texture, you can bleach-dye the velvet fabric.

Final Thoughts

Dyeing velvet will make your velvet attractive. Even the dyeing process is pretty easy. Even you can dye velvet with just a sponge and colors. But you have to know the velvet’s fibers’ types to dye effectively. For example, dyeing colors might be different for cotton velvet and synthetic velvet.