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Can You Drink Too Much Chamomile Tea? (Answered)

Are you an avid chamomile tea lover or are you thinking to start drinking chamomile tea due to its health benefits?

However, are you wondering about the consequences of drinking such herbal tea and wondering whether or not there is anything like drinking too much chamomile tea?

Whatever the intake amount may be, you will be surprised to know about the myriad of health benefits resulting from drinking chamomile tea. 

Can you drink too much chamomile tea?

Drinking a proper amount of chamomile tea will not do you any harm however, it is not wise to drink too much chamomile tea because it may cause some serious health issues. Chamomile tea itself is filled with healing properties but excessive intake will cause nausea, irritation, inflammation. 

Chamomile tea is a natural herbal tea that is filled with elements that can strengthen your immune system. Chamomile tea also works well to heal or cure insomnia, indigestion, acne, sunburn, skin conditions, diabetes, and so on. 

All these things can only be obtained if you drink chamomile tea at a minimal amount because if you have too much chamomile tea, chances are you will be feeling uneasy, nauseous, and disoriented. 

In addition, one cup per day or even less than that will suffice if you are willing to enjoy all the benefits that spur from chamomile tea. 

Can drinking too much chamomile tea cause diarrhea?

Chamomile tea is an herbal tea that is known for its amazing health benefits and to is benefitted from the health benefits, you should drink this tea with the recommended amount.

In addition, when you drink chamomile tea more than the recommended amount, chances are you will be having aches in your stomach which will eventually lead to diarrhea

Moreover, you will also be prone to nausea and vomiting which are some of the signs of digestive problems due to excessive drinking of chamomile tea.

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What happens if you drink too much chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea is filled with herbal and nutritional elements that not only help you internally but also externally. However, there are some bad consequences that may result from overdrinking of chamomile tea. 


There are some people who are allergic to chamomile tea or chamomile in general and this effect can multiply if the intake amount is high.

 In addition, this problem can also be prominent in people with seasonal allergies and people who are allergic to flowers like daisies, marigolds, and so on as these flowers are also from the same chamomile family.


The recommended intake for chamomile tea should be one cup per day. However, people who exceed the recommended limit can have digestion problems and gastrointestinal problems which will eventually lead to diarrhea.


One of the most common problems people seem to face when they drink too much chamomile tea is nauseousness which can eventually lead to excessive vomiting. Moreover, one can even feel disoriented. 

How much chamomile tea can I drink in a day?

Although you can definitely drink chamomile tea on a daily basis nevertheless, the amount should be minimal. Doctors even say that one cup every day will not be a problem depending on an individual’s tolerance to it. 

In addition, one tea bag is infused with half or one gram of chamomile and it has to be mixed with seven or eight ounces of water to fully enhance the flavor of this amazing herbal tea.

However, in reality, there is no exact intake dose and the intake dose highly depends on your reactions after drinking it. 

What are the benefits of chamomile tea?

This natural chamomile flower itself is filled with so many health benefits and even when infused in a tea version, the versatility and the effectiveness remain intact.

However, being knowledgeable about the benefits of chamomile tea can help you make better health decisions. 

Treats Diabetes:

Chamomile tea is known for its usage in treating diabetes. It helps to lower the sugar level and long-term intake of chamomile tea can help you to combat diabetes along with other medications. 

Treats Period Pain:

What can be more painful than the period cramps that women have to go through once every month and chamomile tea can really help with this excruciating period pain. 

In addition, chamomile tea also helps with stress and anxiety in times of menstruation and also tries to decrease the growth of prostaglandins which causes inflammation in the body.

Treats Stomach Ache: 

Besides relieving period pain, chamomile tea is also beneficial in treating or soothing stomach aches and inflammation of any kind.

In addition, motion sickness, diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, and many other gastrointestinal problems can be healed with the help of chamomile tea.

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Skin Benefits: 

Chamomile tea does not only treat things internally rather chamomile tea can also help with many skin-related problems.

In addition, chamomile tea has a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, and works as a natural bleach to lighten up the skin.

Moreover, chamomile tea can even help acne-prone skin with its anti-inflammatory ingredients. Consequently, chamomile tea helps fighting acne or breakouts, treats acne spots, and also heals acne scars.

Furthermore, chamomile tea is also said to have anti-aging properties. Chamomile tea helps with the tightening of pores resulting in fresh and healthy skin.

Chamomile tea is also known for its usage to heal sunburns and this is possible due to the antioxidants present in it.

Heals Under Eye Circles and Puffiness: 

Nobody wants their eyes to look all puffy and tired and usage of chamomile tea can help in this situation.

In addition, even the refrigerated tea bags of chamomile tea when put under the eyes can give you relief and a soothing feeling. 

Decreases Stress:

Chamomile tea also helps with reducing stress and anxiety. It is regarded as a “natural sedative” as it has the properties to make you feel relaxed and also soothes your tiredness. 

In addition, chamomile tea also has the power to help prevent sleep deprivation in people. 

Treats Sore Throat:

If you have a terrible cold, then chamomile tea should be your best friend in this scenario. Chamomile tea helps with nasal congestion and gives a soothing feeling to your sore throat. In addition, even the steam from chamomile tea is beneficial. 

What are the side effects of chamomile tea?

It is rather very common to have side effects and similar is the case with chamomile tea. In spite of being induced with thousands of health benefits, there are a number of side effects caused by chamomile tea.

Health issues:

Chamomile tea should not be taken if you are taking anticoagulant medication as your body will not react well with it. 

In addition, chamomile tea or chamomile, in general, has blood-thinning properties which can cause severe health problems. Moreover, it is rather best not to take chamomile tea if you are pregnant or have kidney diseases. 


Chamomile tea can also cause irritation to your throat and skin if you come in contact with it. This will happen only if you have severe allergies to it. 

In addition, skin rash, itching, swelling, mild rash, and redness are some of the side effects of chamomile tea. 


One of the major side effects of chamomile tea is that it causes indigestion. If you start having an indigestion problem after drinking chamomile tea, chances are there will be signs of vomiting also. 

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Can you drink chamomile tea when pregnant?

It is not a surprise that chamomile tea has a myriad of different beneficial properties. However, whether or not you can drink chamomile tea during pregnancy highly depends on your health conditions. 

You can drink chamomile tea in pregnancy but try to consult a doctor first. However, the amount of chamomile tea intake should be reduced while you are pregnant. 

In addition, you can drink this tea occasionally but not a heavy amount. The anti-inflammatory properties that are available in chamomile tea can cause problems during pregnancy if the intake amount is a lot. 

Is drinking chamomile tea every day bad for you?

Drinking chamomile tea regularly may not be a problem only if the intake is at a minimal amount because drinking it more than the recommended amount can cause many health-related problems. 

In addition, drinking chamomile tea in small portions every day can help you with skin problems, sunburns, indigestion, and it can also help you with anxiety, stress, and inflammation. 

In addition, the intake amount of chamomile tea actually depends on the person. If regular intake of a small amount of this tea does not end in indigestion, allergies, or nausea then it may be ok for you, but even after that overdoing it should not be the option.

Final thoughts:

To sum up, nothing can beat the benefits and effectiveness of chamomile tea however, chamomile tea should be consumed in a minimal amount. Additionally, you should not overdo it, as overdoing it may cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, irritation, redness, and so on.