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Can You Drill and Screw into Aluminum Siding? (Explained)

Aluminum siding is quite reliable in case of giving protection. A lightweight siding that would benefit the most in all terms is indeed the desired one. Aluminum siding is one of those. Giving the home full protection over time would also save costs and save efforts. 

Following the below tips and information regarding aluminum siding, you can know about the aluminum siding and if you can drill and put a screw into it or not.

Drill and screw into aluminum siding:

You can definitely drill and screw into an aluminum siding. Siding cannot be adjusted if they are not drilled and put in a place. Screws would settle the aluminum siding in place so that it does not get moved. As it is easily dented, use the drill bits which would not cause denting of the siding. 

Aluminum siding is used best for preventing all types of problems regarding the siding and to minimize the repairing of the siding. It does not get rusted easily and even stays the same for a longer time period. Moreover, it is waterproof, insect-proof, and even provides great insulation.

Does not matter if it is summer or winter, the atmosphere would not damage the properties of the siding. You can even paint the siding. As it provides so many facilities, it does not come at a low cost either. 

Apart from that, aluminum siding can also get scratched easily and get marks on it.

It needs to be handled carefully as it gets dented very fast. That’s why you can not use high-power drilling machines on it. The pressure should be enough for the siding to bear so that you can drill the screw into the aluminum siding. 

As aluminum is also a metal, you should not use any random screw on it.

Screws are needed to fix the siding in place or to put things on it. You can choose a self-tapping screw for this purpose and a drilling machine that has less pressure. You can follow the below method to proceed further. 

Take safety measurements:

You should clean the surface of the aluminum metal lightly. Do not need to rub. Wear gloves and glasses. While drilling the aluminum siding the metal would spread in powdery forms. It can easily go inside the eyes. To prevent this, wear glasses. 

Drill the siding:

Prepare the drilling machine. Take the drilling machine of your choice. The aluminum siding needs to be handled with care. The most common problem with aluminum siding is that it gets dented faster. If you put too much pressure on it while working the siding would get dented.

You definitely do not want a dented surface for your design. It would not appear great either. After preparing the drilling machine, place the drill bit on the surface of the aluminum siding. Put slight pressure on the drilling motor. It is to observe if the siding is getting dented or not.

If the siding does not change and remains good, you can proceed. If not, reduce the pressure. Higher pressure would dent the siding completely. Adjust the pressure and switch on the drilling machine. You can start drilling on the aluminum siding. Do not put too much pressure.

You can try doing pilot holes if needed. Also, utilize them properly. After drilling the hole, take the drill bit out of it slowly. Lower the pressure or completely stop the machine. After pulling it outside, you would find the hole done. You can now put screws or anything you want.

Self-tapping screws are best for aluminum siding. As aluminum is a metal, other screws might create collisions. You also use fasteners in the hole. The drilling speed should also be controlled in case of creating a hole in the aluminum siding. 

The speed would also have an impact on denting the aluminum metal.

Work at a low speed. Moreover, you should also choose the drilling machine carefully. The HSS drill bit is suitable for aluminum siding. Though the aluminum siding is strong, it is difficult to drill holes in it. Because it is soft and can change form with slight pressure.

If you can take the precautions and do the drilling with proper steps, the aluminum siding would be okay. Otherwise, it can get ruined as well. 

What type of screws for aluminum siding?

Self-tapping screws are mostly used for aluminum siding. Apart from that, other fasteners are also used depending on the need. But not all the fasteners and screws are good for the aluminum siding. You have to keep in mind that corrosion can occur as the materials differ.

You can choose screws made up of aluminum. As the material would not differ, there would be less chance of corrosion occurring. Stainless steel screws are a good choice when you are fixing things. It sets up properly and connects the materials strongly. 

But in the case of aluminum siding, you can choose if you want to use it or not.

As long as you can apply less force on the aluminum siding and make a hole, fasteners would go well. You can make pilot holes before going for the final. 

The only thing that is of concern is to use the right screws so that it does not damage the aluminum siding and makes it last longer without any distortion. 

Will a regular drill bit work on aluminum?

Almost all of the drill bits work on aluminum. Still, the HSS drill bit is the most suitable for aluminum. Well, aluminum siding is strong but soft. Using any drill bit is okay as long as the pressure is controlled. The drill bit is only put inside the aluminum siding to drill holes. 

It would not have much of an impact as the pressure applied plays a big role here.

You can use an HSS drill bit for drilling holes in the aluminum siding. It is too suitable for soft metals. Moreover, it is heat resistant. When excess heat is applied aluminum can get distorted as well. Aluminum is prone to get deformed by slight pressure and heat. 

HSS drill bits would prevent excess heat no matter what the pressure is. It would make the environment suitable for aluminum siding. You can choose an HSS drill bit to work with for a better outcome. 

Tips to know before drilling through aluminum:

Aluminum is a metal yet it is soft and tough to handle. It differs from other metals and even the siding provides much more benefits than available siding. Due to its variety of use, it is also expensive. You should handle the aluminum with diligence. 

A slight mistake can ruin the whole siding.

You can drill the aluminum siding but with proper techniques. There are some tips included below to do the job in the proper way. You can follow the rest.

High pressure is forbidden:

High pressure should not be applied to the aluminum siding. Slight pressure is okay to work with. You should always use the drill machines with lower pressure. Well, adjust the pressure accordingly. 

Or else, it would dent the portion of the aluminum. It can easily get deformed due to high pressure.

Choosing drill bit:

Aluminum siding needs a low-pressure drilling machine. And in the case of drill bits, HSS drill bits are the most suitable ones. Apart from that, cobalt drill bits can also be used. Higher temperatures can also melt the aluminum and deform the place. 

That’s why choosing the right drill bit is needed.

Safety measurements:

You must follow the safety measurements. Working with drilling machines requires safety precautions. Without wearing proper gloves and glasses, do not begin to work. It would only cause harm and you would not be able to complete the work either. 

Speed of the machine:

The speed at which the drilling machine is working needs to be controlled. The more the pressure, the work can be done faster. But aluminum is not suitable for high pressure. In case of speed, you should monitor it. Remember to create less heat. 

Slow drilling is certainly better for aluminum siding. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, aluminum siding can be drilled and screws can be put in the hole but with caution. The speed, and pressure should be monitored. Aluminum siding is good as it does not get damaged easily. But it has a tendency to become dented. That’s why drilling can be a bit tough on the aluminum siding.