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Can You Cut Fairy Lights? (Read This First!)

Fairly lights are mostly used for indoor and outdoor decorations, but nowadays, people use this type of string lights for decorating at Christmas as well as for using it all year long in the bedroom.

Although you will need adjustments to fairy lights according to the measurements of your, let’s say, for your Christmas tree or even for hanging beside your bed.

So here we are finding out the answer to the questions: can you really cut your fairy lights, or can you adjustments to your fairy lights.

Can you cut fairy lights?

Fairy lights can be cut down according to your desired length if the bulbs in fairy lights are connected in parallel and are connected to a battery or USB-powered as well as receive equal bolts at the same time. So while you are shortening the length, there will be no overload or burning out bulbs.

Can you shorten fairy lights?

Fairy lights can be shortened easily by cutting the wires with a pair of scissors. It will not hamper the power connection between the bulbs of the fairy lights as long as the bulbs are connected in parallel connection.

Also, the fairy lights are made in such a way that the bulbs get equal bolts at the same time as well as they have a direct connection with the battery or they are USB-powered. In this way,  whenever you cut the fairy lights, the bulbs will still work but make sure to cap the two ends of the wire with wire connectors.

Can you cut fairy lights to length?

Yes, you can cut the fairy lights to length, and it will not affect the power distribution inside the wire as long as the whole circuit is connected to a parallel connection. But you will need to cap the two ends of the fairy lights with wire connectors.

Also, if you have LED fairy lights and if they are battery connected, then you can cut them to a shorter length as fairy lights are connected in parallel rather than series, which is why there will be no barrier in power distribution along the wires.

What happens if you cut fairy lights?

If you need readjustments to the decoration of the fairy lights, then you might need to cut the wires of the fairy lights. Therefore, you might wonder what will happen if you cut the fairy lights. Here are some of the things that can happen if you cut the fairy lights:

  • If your fairy lights are connected in series, then cutting wires could be a bad idea. Because in series circuits, if you cut the wires, then the bulbs will go out, and you might get electrocuted.
  • In some series circuits, sometimes the bulbs will still be fine for a while, but they won’t work for long.
  • In parallel circuits, the fairy lights will work fine whenever you cut the wire short but make sure you cap the ends with wire connectors.
  • The fairy lights in parallel circuits receive equal amounts of voltage, and also they are directly connected to the power of a battery. Therefore, if you still cut the wires in short, the bulbs will still work fine.
  • The bulbs will not get overpowered or burnt out if they are USB-powered or connected to a battery.

Finally, it can be said that before cutting the wire in your fairy lights in order to make the lights short, then first check whether the lights are connected in parallel or series because you have to face more consequences if you cut the wires of fairy lights which are connected in series circuits.

Also, in parallel, you have to be more aware while you are cutting the wires because you never know what happens after when it comes to dealing with current distribution.

How to cut fairy lights?

Well, you will need to be careful while cutting fairy lights as you are dealing with power; therefore, we recommend you to follow the following steps:

Be cautious about the wire adjustment objects:

Once you proceed, please ensure that you have the tools like cable cutters, outdoor/waterproof line connectors, plus duct tape available on your side.

Since you’ll be dealing with electrical cables, you should proceed cautiously. If you’re trimming and mending the wires, ensure the wires are not connected to the power, and just don’t connect anything till you’re confident that the risk is low and all the cables are well secured.

Identify the specific section:

Specify each flank of each strand’s sections. If you’ve already had to change a Festive light bulb, then you will notice that when one burns off, the rest blow out with it.

Start the process:

Start removing a lightbulb and identify the origins and endpoints of where the bulbs burn out. While cutting ordinary exterior dangling lights, removing a part at a time is the preferred technique.

Seal the cut wires fully:

Remove the disconnected strand where there are two lines and seal every cut cable via an exterior line connector once you’ve recognized each segment. Make absolutely sure that the uncovered cable is covered by waterproof black tape.

How do you fix cut fairy lights?

The fastest way to fix the cut fairy lights is by using the light keeper pro to detect the default bulb and then repair it quickly. When cutting the wires in a series connection, the best approach is to remove the entire series connection by cutting the lights anywhere there are two wires.

The cable connectors are then used to cover the two disconnected wire endpoints. Chopped the cables between the lights and seal the heads of the two wires using wire connectors in parallel connection.

Also, if you have copper-wired fairy lights, then the steps of fixing them are much more simple. You have to just light both ends of the cut wire until it turns black and then hold both the ends together and twist them. This twisting will make sure both the ends are again properly connected, and there will be current flowing through the wires.

How do you shorten battery-operated fairy lights?

Shorting battery-operated fairy lights is much easier, but first, you will need to do a test. Cut the wire of the first bulb and observe whether all the other light bulbs still work or not. If they still work, they are connected in parallel, and if they don’t, they are connected in series.

After completing the test, if the fairy lights, you can cut the wire to your desired length are connected in parallel but make sure you leave five or six light bulbs to the controller’s end. Finally, you are good to go to light up your battery-operated fairy lights.

How much can I cut fairy lights?

Firstly you will need to find out whether your fairy lights are connected to series or parallel. Because if your fairy lights are connected to series, then the bulbs will burn out immediately as soon as you start to cut your fairy lights.

However, if your fairy lights are connected in parallel, then you can cut the lights to your desired length. That means you can cut the wires of your fairy lights as much as you need.

Sometimes, the bulbs might go out even though they are connected in parallel, which is why make sure you have checked the battery connection for each bulb by lighting them up before cutting the wire.

How long should fairy lights be?

Well, it depends on your choice of how long should be the fairy lights be because there are lots of options available in the market when it comes to choosing long or short fairytale lights.

There are 6/7 inch tall fairy lights available in the market. Also, there are C6 lights which are the smallest lights which are ⅓ inches tall.

What do you do when your fairy lights are too long?

You will need to cut the fairy in short if your fairy lights are too long. But first of all, you will need to determine whether your lights are connected in series or parallel connections.

For series connection, the preferred way to cut the lights is by removing the full series connection by cutting the lights wherever there are two cables. Then use the wire connectors to cap the two disconnected wire ends.

For parallel connection, cut the wires between the lights and cap the ends of the two wires with wire connectors.

Final Thoughts:

Fairy lights can be shortened in many ways, but first, you have to identify whether the bulbs are connected in series or parallel. Also, in the end, after cutting the wires, you have to make sure that you have capped the two disconnected ends of the wire with a wire connector for safety reasons.